Windows Phone 8X by HTC launching November 15th


  • patricm h m

    Good looking phone lots of great phones coming out what to do what to do

    • Nexus 4


      NEXUS 4 FTW!!!!!!

  • Tony the Tiger

    Did you guys notice an HTC clock/weather tile flicker every time when the displayed times changes on it? I’ve seen it in a couple of videos already, and that’s a bit disappointing.

    Other than that, HTC looks really good design wise, though it does resemble a Nokia quite a bit.

  • Hooligan

    a nice looking phone, suppose it’s not coming to fido.

  • zzZZzz

    Hope it will come to Virgin as well as its big brother. Need to replace my One S 🙂

  • MonkeyPaw

    I’ll hold off until Windows Phone 9 comes out for Christmas 2013. By then there will be a Microsoft/Bing branded phone; it’ll come pre-loaded with a bunch of apps for free with a free Netflix trial.

    Hopefully by then they’ll have killed Internet Explorer. All my memorable experiences of it involve it not working like it should — incorrect rendering, annoying, slow…

    I have lost all patience with Microsoft trying to kill off an open standard or forcing a cludgy thing and expecting it to become the standard since Microsoft made it a default

    I have not looked back since I ditched Internet Explorer (Chrome) or Office (LibreOffice), and I doubt I would be the only one afraid to get myself trapped again. Freedom is exhilirating

    • Tom

      Yeah, that’s one of my problems too. I was very disappointed when I heard that MS would be blocking competing browser on WinPhone 8. I really want the option to run Chrome or Firefox.

      Maybe Goo or Mozilla will come out with a pseudo-browser (like Google did for iOS) that at least lets us sync our browser stuff even if it doesn’t have great tech like SPDY.

  • Aaron

    Nice. I actually was speaking to a Bell rep earlier and they said the same. Nov.15th with LTE. Just need to know the price and colours.

  • Is this Bb10?

    N4 puts WP8 to shame!

    • John Doe

      Care to elaborate?

  • noknok

    Nokia Lumia 920 for me please

  • hunkyleepickle

    Nice, hopefully they can do a better job with this ‘launch’ than rogers has done with the Lumia 920. No information, no website updates, extremely limited stock in a limited amount of stores, with no way of knowing which stores, only in Black etc. etc. etc. Bet Nokia/MS is kicking themselves for letting Rogers have the ‘exclusive’ now!

    • Looper

      That’s because Rogers didn’t officially launch a Lumia yet. It is coming next week. Then you will see it on the website, and in stores.

      Whetever they did up to now was somewhat of a pre-launch, probably to test the waters or something. The phone came unlocked, but once it officially launches, I expect it to be locked, because that’s the oligopoly’s way of screwing Canadians.

  • tardis

    And yet not a peep on Bell or Rogers website about any Windows Phone devices. Same old iPhone 5 plastered to their landing page. Rogers already released some nokia Lumia 920’s and they don’t even represent it on their website. Kind of dissapointing. Time to move iPhone ads to the side and make way for the new devices coming out!

  • Moazzam Pathan

    My Birthday!

  • patricm h m

    HTC one x + for me

  • colonel gustov

    The 2 companies we dont want to carry the new WP8 will carry them :(( lets hope the others step up and sell this phone

  • Jebus

    Im curious… Which of the three windows devices will people choose… Samsung, HTC or Nokia and why?

  • gwydionjhr

    I wish they’d tell us what colours they are going to release. If Rogers hasn’t announced anything other than Black for the Lumia 920 by the 15th I’ll be grabbing the 16GB 8X from Bell (provided Bell has something other than Black).

    I listened to the Verge Mobile Show the other day, and two of the guys would not shut up about how much they loved the 8X.

  • Grim22

    I was planning to get the Lumia 920 from Rogers. They have fustrated me in the past few days with such lack of communication both directly and in thier stores. Nobody hasa clue when and if they will be getting any supply. I decided I will go to Telus and get the Ativ S.

  • dv

    Is it a penta-brand phone?

  • Calvin

    Dang, everyone just needs to be more patient. Just relax and wait for the launch.

  • francis

    I really hope Virgin gets the 8x ideally in yellow and or red or I buy the 8X from Bell since it will work on Virgin.

    • Peter

      Will not work, if you buy it from bell, it’s locked Bell.

    • DaRazorback

      Peter, Virgin is Bell. You can take any phone from Bell’s inventory and it will work on Virgin by simply putting in the Virgin sim card. Nothing else has to be done out of box.

    • John

      Bell phones will work on Virgin just fine, but Virgin won’t work on Bell for some reason.

  • Zaafir Siddiqui

    What about the HTC One X+? And tell me Bell is getting it. They should get it because they don’t even have the HTC One X.