Sony Xperia T and HTC 8X dummy devices trickle into Rogers, launch imminent


  • Dony

    Is this BB10?

    • Remo

      When do you think you’ll have your first kiss, Dony? Don’t be sad. Even the ugly duckling turned into a swan one day! 😀

    • phreezerburn

      No, you’re looking at the iPhone 6 and 6.1 in blue and black.

  • BigBear

    Need info on Samsung Ativ S release… I’m getting ancy….

  • Dave

    Who cares, Rogers is a horrible phone company

    • yosud

      i can just tell from previous experience that rogers will mess up the pricing of the 8 and 16gb htc 8x real bad (the outright price mainly).
      In my opinion all 3 windows phone 8 flagship seem really good, each with their own pluses and minuses.

    • UVSoaked

      It doesn’t really matter if they are a horrible company, more by their popularity.

  • Antoine

    Pretty ho-hum

  • X87

    The infamous blurry camera strikes again!

  • Kid.Canada

    *Picture taken with an iPhone*

  • I Expose Myself to Children

    If you watch the reviews, HTC’s clock widget “blinks” whenever the time on it changes. I don’t have a severe OCD or anything, but that right there is a major concern! If I were to pick that phone up, there is no way I would be using that widget. It would annoy me to no end.

  • stylinred

    i cant stand why they use dummy devices give me the real thing to look at and hold and try

  • Mark

    Really exciting! I hope these devices will launch this week or next week. And please Rogers, please have some damn CYAN NOKIA LUMIA 920 IN STOCK from the start!

  • pedro

    8X all the way. Finally!

  • jjt

    Held the 920 and 8X dummy devices in Ottawa.

    Gotta say, the 8X feels way better in the hand compared to the 920.

    If only it had Nokia apps and/or HTC actually gave a crap about their phones after launching them.

    LE SIGH.

  • hunkyleepickle

    i am so close to flipping the big bird to rogers, and passing on the 920 or 8X. They have fubar’d the launch of the lumia so bad, i am this close to just getting a nexus 4, riding out the last 6months of my contract, and never going back to rogers again. Not that any of the big 3 are much better, but i’m so incredibly sick of Rogers and their teerrrrrible public relations, lack of information, half assed launches etc etc etc….

    • hp

      At least you got something, all telus has is the ativ and while the hardware is nice to me it looks but ugly, metal colored phones stopped being cool along time ago, plus it just looks cheap, telus still has not announced anything else so it looks like ill have to buy a 8s unlocked from bell.

  • Osama

    Why do I feel like the only loser whos been waiting for a phone (Xperia T) that should have been released a year ago… 🙁 oh man, I hope its $99 on a 2 year (like AT&T), even still, this phone is so outdated but the N4/OG has such a crappy camera, and its LG, ugh man! Can you put ICS on an IP5?