Rogers to launch new “Simplified Pricing with unlimited talk, text and internet” plans


  • deltatux

    This looks too good to be true… unless they come with $50, $65 and $80 price tags…

    We’ll see how it actually pans out.

    • Anonymous

      No voicemail and caller id included = no deal!

    • UnSimplified

      The thing to keep in mind:
      Rogers want to make $73 per month the Nuw ARPU.

      Enough sad …or said or said and sad!!

      When will the CRTC come and rescue us and make 3yr con illegal?

  • Andrew Small

    Oh sweet! I don’t give a *bleep*!
    Wind HMP here.

    When I see competitive pricing from the Big3, I will pinch myself, then wake-up. It won’t happen, especially on Rogers.

    Let’s see how they price this, hahah!

  • Ron Mexico

    And of course CID and VM is missing from the list of features.

    These will priced at $60, $70 and $80 CID/VM extra

    • Gene

      Fido 1GB Canada unlimited is….wait for it…$80!!

      We actually could see 3 digit pricing on these plans

  • Bilal Akhtar

    Won’t be surprised if they all start from $60.

  • js

    hey everyone! new, low prices!

    (oh and btw the system access fee is now $20/mo)

  • Jebus

    How much is caller ID and VM from Rogers? Are they the only company now in Canada that doesnt include these features with their plan?

  • Darth Paton

    Won’t be surprised if they start from $120

  • Peter

    And monthly terms will cost less, right? Because I’m not subsidizing a phone? Why are you laughing? Stop laughing!


    • BMaloff

      Bell gives you 10% off if you bring your own phone

  • Anon

    New simplified plans! Starting at the low low price of $80 for an amazing 1 GB of data!

  • AppleStockHolder

    $60 starting is still decent

  • squirrel_masher

    They say talk is cheap, looks like the commodity is data and texting these days.
    Would be quite a coup for Rogers to remove the competitive advantage from Wind/Mobilicity with a price match.
    Or for the big 3 to start a price war that started to get Canada to match pricepoints from Europe.

    Sigh… still dreaming.

    • WirelessBoy

      Why would they price match? Coverage areas are much bigger than Wind/Mobi, that’s like saying that you are going to price a Porsche at the same price as a Yugo.

      I would go for the Unlimited Canadian LD, much Larger Coverage area than Wind and Mobi combined, sure, take your Unlimited in a small area, I will take the Unlimited Canadian LD any day, if I go outside of my Local Calling area I get Unlimited Talk as well because with Rogers there are no Roaming charges, just LD and that plan would cover it.

  • Vinny

    Only 2 years late…Swing and a miss Robbers.

  • telecom yogi

    Makes me laugh! This is copy of what Verizon, AT&T and TELUS plans.. Market dynamics more than anything else..

    • Ron Mexico

      Telus has unlimited talk plans?

    • Greg

      @ Ron Mexico

      Of course they do. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if all of the Big 3 do. You’re just gonna have to fight to get them. They’re Loyalty/Retention plans meant to match Wind in extreme circumstances.

    • razkoe

      Verizon and ATT offer service in Canada?

    • John

      @ Greg

      Yes this is true. I have a $35 Unlimited calling plan with Rogers that I fought for with retentions but my total bill still adds up to $72+tx (w/6GB data, VM, etc). My credits ran out and retentions are not willing to give any more as I’m on contract. Wind can’t be beat if you spend most of your time in one of their zones. If you’re regularly in and out of their zones that’s another story.

  • J

    Different wording, same high inconsistent pricing.

  • Haters

    I feel like they could offer a $50 unlimted everything with vm/cid and people would still complain because it’s rogers and WIND DID IT FIRST DAMNIT.

    • S.T.F.U

      People wont complain if the prices are set right, ofcourse that wont happen as we know robbers..the filth of the filth..

      We cannot compare Wind to Rogers since they don’t offer the same coverage but Rogers is unreasonable and the same goes for the other big 2..

      Look at Teksavvy, they offer unlimited Bell and Rogers services but Rogers and Bell wont do that for their own customers.. dooooooouchbags

  • andy

    I see them posting it at a very competitive rate, and I mean really good. See, if they can price it at a really good rate, the customers will come. Even if arpu is low, they can claim the customer base.

    The people will come.

    • Ron Mexico

      No because that will just lower ARPU and their competitors, Bell and Telus will just match the plans as always.

  • andy

    So even if a company releases unlimited plan, you still mock them? Is unlimited not good enough for you?

    Wind and mobilicity released unlimited plans, but you praise them for their doing?

    I smell hypocrisy.

    • Ron Mexico

      They’re only releasing unlimited talk plans now because these same companies have Canadians so conditioned to low minutes no one talks on the phone anymore, its text, email, IM and data now.

      Lets see unlimited data plans like Wind/Mobi/Public then I’ll be impressed

    • skullan

      Yes, mocking the fact that they will likely release unlimited where this will likely be priced at $65-70, $75-80 and $80-85.

      Unlimited in all, but not as competitive as we would want.

    • d3v14n7

      “Lets see unlimited data plans like Wind/Mobi/Public then I’ll be impressed”

      Ron Mexico

      I’d be more impressed to see actual unlimited Data plans from Mobilicity, Public Mobile and Wind… Sadly, they’re not really unlimited, you get throttled after 5GB to the point where it’s basically unusable.

  • Canuck

    Start 65, 75, 80 and 15 extra for CD and VM….. What a f@#&f* joke…

  • prufrock

    Rogers: playing games with list-modifying adjectives, I see.

    To any normal speaker of the English language, the phrase “Unlimited Talk, Text, and Internet Plans!” would indicate that all three nouns are unlimited.

    Is it so hard to say “Internet plans with unlimited talk and text”?

  • John

    Am i on crack, or is rogers offering unlimited plans??!

    • Torluda

      The 1 & 3 GB are only unlimited local calling, that is pathetic.

  • bigshadyray

    If the prices are $25 $40 $60 will u switch?

    • Ron Mexico

      NO! Bell and Telus would match 🙂

    • andy

      LMFAO @ RON. Not until they launch through marketing, otherwise through their retention team for now.

    • UnSimplified

      at $25, 40,60 I would switch! But once you wake up from that nice dream, you fill find thst the plans will be:


      One plan Under ARPU one at the desired ARPU and one Above ARPU!

  • Ron-C

    probably will cost, an arm and a leg, and maybe another leg. They’ll let you keep one of your arms so you can work to pay for the plan.

    Buuuuut…if it’s a good price and good deal, then early Christmas present for rogers customers.

    • UnSimplified

      Actually Rogers offers different payment options:

      An arm and a leg
      Your soul
      Your first chilborn
      or one night with your husband
      or $73 per month!

  • Jerry

    I have an unlimited plan with Rogers but its 50 for unlimited calls Canada wide. Still pay 16.79 for the CiD and voicemail plus 30 for 6gb. Still ends up at a 100 per mth. Hope this is cheaper, don’t need all that data.

  • Gene

    fido unlimited local with 500mb is $50.

    me thinks $65 and up

    “Thank you, come again” *Apu Voice*




    or not…

  • zzZZzz

    No doubt they will start at 60$, probably without cid and vm

  • Plan Shopper

    I just switched out of Rogers last Friday. If this does turn out to be something good, I hope Virgin Canada will bring it to “compete”.

  • caha

    Doesn’t wind/mobilcity/public have unlimited data with throtling data after 5gb?? I keep hearing about throttling data plans on AT&T and such companies in the USA. I’d say either way the Big 3 have plans pretty good. $86 and I have:
    200 mins CANADA WIDE
    6GB Data, callerID/VM(discounted to 0.00), Visual VM,my10 CAN,
    and of course the usual stuff otherwise unltd text, evenings & wkends. $86 is pretty solid of a price for a company that

    • Gene

      You Sir, are the reason these companies get away with this crap.

      WIND throttles at 5gb for 40 freaking dollars.

      Pay an extra $10 and they will throttle at 10GB.

      Unlimited canada wide plus 10GB for $50. Enjoy getting hosed!

    • John


      Your plan isn’t that good. do some research and you’ll find that you can get a similar plan for way less that what you pay.

      Secondly, I have a hard time believing that Rogers doesn’t throttle 3G. I had Rogers cable internet at home and was throttles like CRAZY. I didn’t even realize it until I switched providers, was supposedly downgrading my speeds and ended up with MUCH higher d/l speeds. Rogers are scammers.

    • TP

      Good for you.
      The only reason Rogers does not throttle your data is because the more you use it over 6GB, the more money they suck from your blood.
      Wind/Mobilicity throttle data after the soft cap because they do not overcharge you for using more.

      Rogers still keep making money because their customers have this kind of brainwashed mindset.
      They are screaming out loud that they are proud of getting overcharged.

    • TJ

      You may need to go talk to Rogers about your “deal”. I get all of the same features for $66. $60 for the plan and $6 VM&CD. And I spent all of 5 minutes on the phone with retentions to get my discounts.

      The thing with Rogers is they are incredibly flexible with what they’ll do for discounts as long as you pay your bills. The problem is they have the lowest credit requirements of the Big 3 and inflate their prices up front to compensate for the number of people who default after signing a contract.

      Sure they could probably increase their requirements but their subscriber base wouldn’t grow quite as much and that would make their investors & shareholders unhappy.

  • anona

    Unlimited? Long Distance? 5GB? If this is under $70, sign me up!

  • crimsona

    Can’t see the lowest plan being under $60, possible even $70

    You will pay through the nose to get unlimited calling at Rogers..

  • screamer

    Everything in Canada is a joke. We have to pay for caller id and voicemail. That should be service! Than incoming calls are still need today for. How do I know “how is calling me?” Than overpriced is it anyways! I found all the big three have the same price! Somebody should do something!

  • Ed

    Fido has something similar for $57 you get unlimited everything except 1gb of lte. And that’s with the value pack included as well! (Caller id and the usual stuff.)

  • Ghart

    The Internet 5GB is probably gonna be $100+, shame.

  • Tipster Roger

    Yes wireless internet is going to be rogers new lingo for data.

    • danada

      Since it’s new they can charge more, right?


    im just gonna go ahead and say whats on everyone s mind….

    F*** ROGERS


    Koodo has unlimited talk text Canada wide with 1gb of Internet and also includes voice mail, caller ID and conference calling for $60. – KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada)

  • Johnny

    Comes out November 7th to be exact, and the 1gb plan is $65. Not sure of the pricing of the others.

  • Thank You Wind Mobile

    You should thank Wind Mobile for this.

    If Wind Mobile hadn’t come to Canada the price fixing and price gouging by the Big 3 woud have continues unopposed.

    The Big 3 were like gas stations , I am sure lot of price fixing was going on between the Big 3..and the competition bureau never cared.

  • Adrian

    5GB is not “unlimited”. I was expecting a bit better. Unless the pricing turns out to be a lot better than normal plans in Canada. All we need is one Provider to give pricing like they do in the states and everyone would go to that provider.

    • Adrian

      My bad I misread the title. But I still think pricing in Canada is way overpriced.

  • Mark

    I left Rogers in january and theres no way they will ever get my money again. They only care their ARPU and shareholders.

    BUT for the people that are still with them and have the special retention 6GB data plan + voice and text for like 55$-60$, I think it’s still pretty good compared to their expensive crap data plans they have now.

  • Doug Page

    Customer relations gave me and a bunch of my friends who asked for it a unlimited plan with unlimited Canada wide calling/Text/CID/VM/Call manger/ and all the other standard stuff that goes along with a plan for $60 a month and I kept my 6Gigs of data for $30. I have had this way over a year now. It’s even better with LTE in Windsor.

    • Mark

      So what was your monthly bill? the way I see your post it looks like you were paying 90$+tx a month, which to me is pretty expensive.

  • FKname

    Does anyone really need unlimited talking and messaging on their phones?

    100…300..500 minutes (doesn’t include incoming calls)
    100…200..500 SMS
    caller id
    voice mail
    0.5..1…2…5 Gb data

    that what most people are needed.

    Price tag: 20..40$ max! without sub-phones.

  • dave

    200 day time minutes
    Unlimited rogers to rogers/Fido
    Evenings and weekends (6pm)
    2500 video/picture messages
    Caller id, voice mail, conference call, who called
    6gb data
    $56 after tax + tip

    I’m happy with that and I’m sure my Nexus 4 will b too,I would be shocked if these are priced anywhere close to this.

    • abc123

      Nexus 4 does not have LTE so good luck with that.

  • Richard Russell

    It just doesn’t make any sense how rogers still is #1. I left for wind as soon as they expanded into my neighbourhood (2 years ago) and have been happy ever since. Before that it was a decade of frustration: Overcharges, high prices, bullshit like price increases, having to change plans to upgrade are over.

    • David

      For people who don’t follow the industry, Rogers still holds considerable brand power. They still are viewed as the cream of the crop amongst average consumers. They also offer the ability to bundle wireless with residential service in some of the largest markets in the country including Toronto and Ottawa. This ability to receive one bill for everything is appealing to many average consumers who don’t read mobilesyrup.

  • Robbers is finished

    Never and ever get tricked by Robbers’ deception. I got deceived last year during christmas with their Samsung Tablet promo on employee pricing and still suffering. I will send my detail story to the owners of MobileSyrup so they can share this with all.

    Screw you Robbers. You will go bankrupt in a matter of few months. Both Wind and Mobilicity are going to destroy Robbers’ rip-offs soon.

  • Kanye’s sock

    this site is so crazy biased its sick.

    as soon as anyone says ONE positive thing about the bigger companies, he gets a bunch of dislikes.

    If you guys dont like the big 3, then dont worry about them and their prices. Stick to your cheaper “better” companies. But you get all bent out of shape when there are changes.

    • WirelessBoy

      Well said! This is definately a Wind/Mobi fanboy site. That’s ok, I just laugh, what people forget is you get what you pay for, if you buy a Mini don’t expect to get the same performance/price if what you really want is an Aston Martin. You can’t even compare Wind/Mobi with Rogers/Bell/Telus, maybe Chatr/Virgin/Koodo.

      I never thought I would hear anybody talk about Roaming in Canada untilWind/Mobi came along, LD yes, but not Roaming, these new plans will fix the LD issue and make it almost in line with the Nationwide plans AT&T etc. offer.

    • Gene Fern

      Enjoy being ripped off. Me? Oh no, thank you. I much rather spend the money that I have saved on things that my family needs, and save or invest the rest.

      No hard feelings, boys.
      I just manage my finances in a smarter 😉

  • TKG26

    Wtf is local talk? I live in Ottawa and I’m outside the local talk area.. But I am far from rural… It’s clear the prices hide what we all need to know. I how much will it cost for normal non local calls that are not long distance. I and will cd and vm be 8$ a peice

    • Andy

      Since this is a training doc, not all details are available before launch date.

      Wait until launch date for more details.

  • Alex

    I pay 145$ a month for 2 rogers lines (before tax)
    2 gig data
    400 daytime minutes
    6pm evenings and weekends
    16$ a month for caller ID
    unlimited texting
    Rogers My 10 + unlimited between couple.

    I would be happy with this if it was 40 to 60 dollars less a month.

    • Brent

      145 bucks for only 2Gb of data?? wow you are getting hosed son! I enjoy paying 45 bucks AFTER tax to be able to use up to 5gb of data! the big 3 are a joke in this country… Notice as soon as they introduce LTE their big 6gb data plans disappear???!!?? Since they know if you can download at 25mb/sec you are going to have a ton of overage charges in a major hurry! my GF just picked up the new NOTE 2 a few days ago on TELUS, Ill admit I’m stupid impressed with it. I was consistently getting 30mb/sec on the speed test app. she luckily has been a customer for years and has a pretty decent plan with she has negoiated a few times over the years.. her bill is 55 bucks + tax for a plan that includes 5 gigs of data. so thats pretty good I think

      But these new plans are a complete JOKE!

  • guy

    I couldnt care less about local minutes. I have 200 and use about 10min/month. For me Its all about texting (which is data) and data. These plans are not going to be cheap. International rates and 2 year plans are something canada is not going to see for a while, especially when the big 3 are implementing LTE and other super expensive technologies across one of the largest countries (by physical size) on this planet for a tiny population.

  • Nick

    i vote for 99.95 for 10GB unlimited talk and include VM/CD… hey i can dream can’t i?

  • Slype

    Nice try Rogers. You are the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing. You are only doing this because you are losing customers to Wind and you know it is only going to happen faster and faster because you just plain suck at customer service. Your phone service is good but the way you treat people should be brought before the Hague (okay, a bit strong but they really don’t treat people as humans).

    We all know that your plans will be exorbitantly high and that they will not include Caller ID and VM. For this, you suck the big one.

    • Andy

      According to Q3 financial results, Rogers went up in customer base, and 2nd best quarter of any other quarter in Rogers’ history to have the most smartphone activations.

      Doesn’t seem they are doing this because of fear.

  • duw

    I’d say $60, $100, $140. No VM/CID of course.*1*2*3*4

    *1 – Pic msg $10 extra.
    *2 – limited to 3.6mbps. $10 to unlock
    *3 – 5GB only for 3 years, half on mtm.
    *4 – Your phone must be red.

  • Baban

    Ask BELL or TELUS. They already know the pricing.

    • Ron Mexico

      You know it, Bell and Telus internal doc leaks will be later in the week.

  • TKG26

    With Telus I have
    unlimited text
    5 gig o data
    That is a reasonable plan.Still feel it should be $50 but i can live it, Finally i can use my smartphone the way it was meant to be. I feel i am a heavey users and my first mont of use i used 1.5gigs so im well within my limits and enjoying my GS3

  • aregularonhofo

    Please do not compare Wind Mobile to the other new entrants, Mobilicity is a complete joke and Public Mobile is a bottom of the barrel Telco…both Mobilicity/PM have no real future in Canada and offer little to genuine customers who permanently wish to leave the incumbents. Personally, I have nothing against the Big Three or their service, however the CRTC/Government/Voters have allowed the monopoly to grow and the rates for use are simply absurd…the overall plans hurt individuals and business in general. We need a more open market and the only way to achieve this is through real competition. Having said this supporting phony Telcos like Mobilicity full of opportunists lying to subs is actually worse than what Rogers/Bell/Telus have done to us, everything from Mobi’s pathetic CEO to their lying dealers shows we only have “one” newbie to promote…regardless what BS fanboys claim Wind Mobile is our only option to achieve lower rates with their nation-wide goal having full financial backing and making Wind weaker will serve no purpose for long-term changes. Boycott Mobilicity who use their customers with lies and start supporting Wind by promoting them on any social site you go. Also do not support sites like who is full of hypocrites and lacks technical integrity.

  • bigshadyray

    Watch this be photo shopped…lol

  • Tim Gunn

    Paying more than $50 for cell phone plan should be illegal and so are the 3 year contracts.
    I wish Mobilicity and Wind would fix their reception issues so that more people would start changing(including myself)

  • demon

    BEWARE !!! “Internet” is not the same as “Data”. You are limited to web browing only. Just like “Petro Canada Mobility” which based on Rogers cell network. Sucks!!!

  • rileyfreeman

    depending on price these plans are not bad. its ridiculous that u have to wait for special times to get 5 or 6gb data plans.

    if there is no vm and caller id then its the same usual crap

  • Mike

    I don’t understand why everyone is so whiny… These plans even priced at $100 for the unlimited Canada wide calling is a good deal! It’s one of the best cellphone plans that is practical in the world! Just compare it to the American counterparts… AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, they all charge WAY MORE than companies like Fido and Virgin currently do! No one will ever be happy! Also, WIND SUCKS! The whole damn point of a MOBILE PHONE is that I can use it wherever I go in my own country. I like my Fido plan, and I am willing to pay an extra $30 a month for the capability to use my phone wherever I please. These plans are good (Unless the price is over $110ish) and I am surprised to see Rogers come out with something like this. It’s the start of something new! Now we wait to see what Bell and Telus come out with to match!! =D

    • Wat

      Please be trolling!
      Not a single thing in your post is correct, nor true.

      And holy crap! You’re prepared to pay $100 for your plan? Rogers LOVES having brain-dead customers like yourself…

      I am speechless…

    • abc123

      Well, at least his last statemtent is true…. the part about waiting for Bell/Telus to match. That’s exactly what they’ll do, just match. Not price it lower, just match it the same.

    • Brent

      Mike you sir are just a complete moron! You are the reason we have such garbage mobile phone plans in this country. I live in Toronto, where I spend 85 percent of my time , 14 percent of my time is spent in windsor (where wind just setup shop, so my phone now works btw). which means I spend roughly 1percent of my time outside Winds coverage area! I’d have to be a complete i***t to spend an additional $360 a yr to use my phone 1% more! Not to mention when I head over to buffalo or Michgian I don’t even bother turning my data off cause I enjoy 20c/min calls to canada, 15 cents per text message and only $1 a mb for data! you go ahead an enjoy your $10/mb rate that rogers is charging you. So if you are in Michigan and need google maps while driving for directions, It will cost you around 20 bucks to get your fat a*s over to Outback Steakhouse for dinner!

      I used to have Fido, and never had an after tax bill of less than a 100 bucks! and that plan is still not as good as winds $40 plan! Lets see I can pay $1200+ a year for FIDO or $540 on Wind! Is rogers worth and extra $660+ a year plus? I don’t think so.

      AS for call quality and dropped calls I can’t tell a difference between FIDO and Wind. they are both good in that respect. With Fido my data was consistently a bit faster, but not enough so to justify paying double for the service. If and when WIND ever gets LTE, ppl will be flocking to them in droves for sure..

  • nl

    Any guesses if Bell might come out with something like this? I’m thinking of eating the early termination fee on my Bell contract and switching to Koodo’s $60 unlimited talk/text “no long distance charges ever” plan with 1 GB of internet and all the calling features.

    It brings me great shame and embarrassment to admit that at the reduced $60 a month I’d break even with the giant ETF fee in just a matter of months…

    Got until mid-November to figure this out.

  • Alex

    No voicemail or called id?

  • The ONE

    I think that people here are either a little too eager to pull one way or the other. YES!!! the Big three are not as economical. you GET more for your money! They are running a business!!!!!! Making money is the name of the game. You want them to be match Wind, Mobilicity… WHY? Just go join those companies. The reason you “47%ers” want to see these major carriers drop to WIND levels, is so that you get so much more from them. You know that’s the only reason. Who wouldn’t want that? But guess what these are the PREMIUM brands, you GET MORE your buck! Pay for it. Otherwise stop BSing yourself, and stop B!7CHING, and go and sign up with WIND. I’m a big three customer, and investor. I still expect my returns, I still expect cutting edge technology from my Carrier as a customer. Do you really think that if Quiff mobile, and Mobiletiny had the advantage of the Big Three, Their investments into their massive Networks, the worlds largest Single Carrier coverage, their prices would be nearly as low as they are? NO they are TRYING to come up with some way to pay for their failing business models. And don’t get your panties in bunch, by responding with how BIG they are world-wide. I’m specifically talking about CANADA. lets discuss.

    • Brent

      You are about as sharp as a spoon sir! Explain to me how wind has a “failing business model?”. Wind launched in Toronto in December of 2009. They are now over 500,000 suscribers in less than 3 years. By years end they will prob hit the 600k mark! They are starting from scratch, building a new network from the ground up. which isn’t an easy overnight job you mor*n!!! Rogers (Cantel) launched in 1985, so they have had 27 years to build their network!! If their network was not more expansive and overall better than Wind’s they would be a complete joke of a company!

  • Anon

    where is page 2?

  • Josephine

    Plans comes out tomorrow.
    5GO:$85 canada wide.
    No VM, CD !

  • TG

    If you never leave the city, discount brands can be good. Personally I travel a lot and I need my phone to work in remote places. The discount brands don’t work where I need them too.