Sony Xperia T – The Bond phone – available November 14th


  • Peter

    Sick phone!!!!!!!

    May take one of these.

    • Babu

      All these crap phones are now DOA. Nexus 4 FTW!!!!!!

    • UnSimplified

      Shaken or Stirred- This phone is dated with ICS and wouldn’t buy this phone for more than $250!

      The Nexus 4 at $360 is the “M” or the Boss of all the phones for Q4 and Q1 and or until the others drop their prices.

  • Sean

    Shame the phone I’m getting comes out on the 13th. Also it seems the majority of carriers have it so why don’t wind and tel us have it… seems weird

  • Peter

    Hope the battery is good thought.

  • Peter

    No telus on this one? WTF

  • Osama

    this is my next phone. I was very pleased with the Xperia X10 despite the long time it took to update it and it broke down after 2 years. But it was updated like 4 times and the camera & screen quality was way ahead of its time. Come on, I been waiting forever for a phone, I will call Robbers now!

  • Jason

    who in their right mind would get this after the Nexus 4 was announced for $300 ($309 for us)?

  • Osama

    @Jason: Someone who prefers Sony to LG, expandable memory to non-removable, a camera button vs no button, LTE vs HSPA+, a decent camera vs a crappy camera… Dont get me wrong, I would go for the LTE LG OG if the camera wasnt so weak… I do desire that quad core and 2GB RAM, but Sony cameraphones are 2nd best only to Nokia. Obviously the camera is critical for me.

    • roman

      Sony makes the BSI camera sensor for the Nexus 4.

    • UnSimplified

      And SMALLER battery at 1850 vs Nexus 4 2100mAh
      And ICE Cream Sandiwch from 2011 vs Android Jelly Bean 4.2
      And Slower upgrades…via BELL vs Over the air Upgrades
      And 1GB RAM vs 2GB RAM for the N4
      And heavier phone
      And Smaller screen at 4.5 Vs 4.7 for the N4
      And Dual Core Vs Quad core for the N4
      And Adreno 225 vs Adreno 320 for the N4
      And Locked vs Unlocked for the N4
      And $200 MORE!!

      Things the sony has over the N4:
      LTE, 13MP vs 8MP,SD card slot, camera button is this is worth $200 more, this is the phone for you.

  • Drew

    13MP!! About time!!!!!!!!!! wow!!!!

  • Google Fan

    sony sucks

  • Scott

    I really want an unlocked pentaband phone for travel, so I’m looking at either this or the Nexus 4. Nexus gets the pure Google software but at only 16GB it just doesn’t have enough storage for me. This one looks good as long as Sony gets it updated to Jellybean.

  • poutine


    Thank you for your post!

    Every time I took a photo with the camera button, the picture was horrible. (X10)

  • Blas

    First Sony phone that has interested me in a while.
    However I’ll probably get the TX variant, for having an accessible battery.
    The Walkman software appeals to the audiophile in me while the camera appeals to my inner shutterbug.

    Also this model I’m pretty sure doesn’t have LTE. The TL does.

  • Osama

    @unsimplified: bigger screen will mean more consumption, so doesnt matter how much juice the bat holds, its how it uses it. Also, this phone will get 4.1 early next year probably, I can live with 4.0 for a while anyway, im using 0.0 now, so…and im not buying it outright anyway, so it will actually be cheaper with Robbers

    @poutine: the shutter button was stiff, it would shake when pressed thats why the pics were bad, but the trick was to use your fingernail, it never shaked when you did that cause it took less force because your nail is more stiff than your skin. The new Sonys have a softer shutter button now.

    @Blas: The Robbers version will have LTE

    • OWL CITY and Carly Rae Jepsen

      Will these be sold unlocked at the SONY store? Anyone know?

  • Osama

    @Roman: the sample pics are out there, N4/OG downgraded the mediocore 13MP into a 8MP nightmare (Samsung 5MP cameras blow it out the water)