Rogers goes live with Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X online reservations


  • iphoneee

    Finally a phone that doesn’t have apple maps!!! the line is sooooo long to buy this… 🙁

    • Win8

      The price of the 820 (with SD Card) and the 920 (No SD Card) is the only thing that matters for the success of the phone.

      With the current nexus dropping from $350 to $300 in November (when the new nexus comes at $350-400)

      if the price the 820 higher than $299 and the 920 higher than $399 the phones will be DOA…just like the E71 and E72 (released too late) 610, 800 ($530 now at Telus LOL!) and the 900 (price is $550 but its software had a life of 5.9 months LOL!)

      Poeple that wanted an 800 or a 900 got it and paid too much and got too litle. The only way to entice new customers is with a low introductory price.. a very attractive price!

      We will find out next week when the price comes out. Good Luck Nokia, hope Rogers doesn’t do you a “TELUS” when they priced the 800 at $530! and killed the phone.

    • Andi

      They won’t be priced low. Both 820 and especially 920 are excellent devices, and their price will reflect that. $299? Keep dreaming.

  • Mischa Price

    I don’t think it is fair that rogers is getting all the flagships of windows phone 8 i feel like they don’t make egnoughf windows phone to be able to have phone with carier exclusitivity

  • skinnypig

    Why only black 920? That seems like such a stupid move. Can someone with a twitter account ask Elop about this? 😀

    • Win8

      Isn’t the point of getting a Nokia a phone that is not black or grey?

    • Ramon D.

      Rogers should have picked up an additional RED color as well. But they have’t done so, because, you know, it makes too much sence…

    • Alpha

      The carriers order the colours. Blame Rogers for being black & white. Or maybe blame Rogers’ customers for buying only black & white phones. 😛

  • superfly

    Why do they even bother posting preorder without at least a price. Everyone is whacked in the head.

    • Win8

      How could you pre-order something without knowing the price???
      This is not Canada ordering F-35s jets!!

    • Eluder

      Because you don’t pay anything on a reservation up front (aside from the refundable $40) and can cancel it anytime before it’s shipped.

  • Miguel

    8X – I can’t wait!

  • BD

    #10 on the list, November couldn’t come sooner enough..

  • Peko

    And still no Note 2 reservations? WTF Rogers…long overdue for HUP, and you keep us hanging with THIS?

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    The only purpose of reserving this is to bypass the 2 dozen people standing in line at any given Rogers location, at any given time disputing charges and over-billing.

  • Malik M

    I’ve been trying to reserve this all morning but the system keeps whacking out. Has anyone else has a problem? I keep getting an error at the end of it.

    • drtolson

      I’m having the same problem — hangs on the ‘Reserve’ button – the very last step. Phoning Rogers wasn’t any help either. Can’t even get through to their instant Chat line.

    • Malik M

      I don’t understand what’s up with Roger’s system but they weren’t even able to help me. Online chat representitive tried to do the reservation for me and it didn’t work either.

      I guess i’ll be waiting for these babies to arrive in store before being able to pick one up. 🙁


  • Juda

    Just Want Nokia to Take Back It’s Places! And I’m Sure They LCD Light won’t F..kup Your Eyes Like The Adroid Phones Them!!!!!

    • Ron Mexico

      Try that again, in English

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    Why is Rogers being so conservative with the colour options? Blue and Black only?

  • Michael

    One of the biggest appeals of WP8 phones are the bright coloured bodies. I still can’t wrap my head around why Rogers is selling only the black Lumia, and black and blue 8X.

  • nathan

    aw yeh can get the 8x in more colours than the 920. stop living in black and white, eh nokia? just black is fine?

  • wooot

    Whats the price?

  • Craig

    is Rogers really worried that they will sell out on launch day? Makes me laugh

    • Nexus

      Hope Nokia, MS and Rogers “stopped” the pre-release and are having Emergency meetings to re-calculate a new price.

      Hope the commons sense prevails and the meeting goes like this:
      If we price it wrong, it will be another Fail for Nokia and they might not recover from that
      -If we price it wrong: MS might loose their chance to become the #3 mobile ecosystem
      -Let’s price it equal- lower than nexus in less colors and sell them by the millions, that will represent:
      Mindshare for W8
      Sales for Nokia
      Subscribers on 3 yr (Thanks CRTC! 😉 for Rogers.

      …or price it at $450 or more and loose EVERYTHING!

  • Dan

    Number 24 on the list. My wife is reserving the iphone 5 with rogers as well, but she’s like 3500th on the list. I’m in the WP8 and Nokia corner, but they’ve got a mountain to climb to catch up.

    There is something to be said about pricing, but honestly, with these top of the line smartphones, it’s more about hype and anticipation than price. I want the lumia 920, and my wife wants the iphone 5. If one or the other cost $100 more, I doubt it deter either of us.

  • BD

    Just read the latest from Globe and Mail, looks like they just cut the price of the Lumia from $186 euros to $160 euros per phone based on upcoming Christmas competition and the current economy outlook.

  • Mike Darling

    I am #8 for reservation of nokia 920 🙂 which isn’t any indication and… yeah at least i will be able to get it!

  • Airbus

    Is there a option to ship to my home instead of pick up in store?


  • Nick

    If you go to the BestBuy US website the Lumia 920 is up for pre-order at $149.99, rogers is usually very similar in pricing, only difference is we get stuck with 3yr contracts instead of 2. let’s hope rogers doesn’t over price the phone…or i’m not going to bother renewing and waiting for WIND to get the phone.

  • Amin

    I am fine with the black color as well. It is an awesome device with some good hardware and that is why I am interested in this device.

    It is the price that matters the most. The price should not be more than $150 for me to buy this phone on a three years term.

  • Lumberjack

    Anyone been able to get the reservation system to work on Rogers website? I’m fine with a black one but keep getting an error in red text when I hit the final “Reserve” button. They say its either my account (which a phone CSR confirmed is in good standing) or their system. Seems odd that their system would be down for a straight 2 days! (Well, it is Rogers, I suppose we shouldn’t expect too much from their internet services).

  • Amin

    I was able to reserve one. Did not get any error.

  • Lumberjack

    Just worked for me today. Several fails yesterday … Amin, when did you reserve yours?

  • Amin

    I did mine on 21 October and was at 97 in the queue.

  • Devin

    I reserved mine on the 21st and am 132nd in line. Can’t wait!

  • David

    Why is rogers not advertising the Windows Phones on its website. Their home page is still covered with iPhone 5. No sign of Windows Phones.