Rogers to exclusively launch the Nokia Lumia 920 “in November”


  • Alex Davies

    Way to shoot yourself in the foot Nokia. Carrier exclusivity for the 920? Really? Also you should thank your partner for going with an image of the black model in their press release. It’s not like you’ve been trying to promote all the exciting colours the 920 comes in or anything.

    • Ben S

      like, what the hell? i’ve had my iphone for three years, and was so tempted by the Lumia, in some small part by the colours, i won’t lie, but largely for WP8 and that camera. and now, i’d have to re-sign with Rogers to get it in Canadia?
      nope, nope, nope.
      first runner-up: HTC 8X, if it comes to other carriers, that is…..

    • 1234APPLE

      4.5″ IS SMALL GET THE GS3 4.8″


    • NokiaLesson

      Nokia hasn’t learned the lesson!
      Nokia in North America (Canada, US and even Mexico) has been a flop more than TWO times.

      They gave the exclusive to Telus of the Lumia 800 and they KILLED the phone with the high pricing!; Rogers had the 90o at a similar price and that should have sold more, but the hardware was not enough to convince people to move into the Windows Platform; then MS announced that the 800 nor the 900 will be getting Windows 8 and that KILLED the phones and the brand AGAIN!

      Right now, Nokia SHOULD see themselves as new entrants (same goes for RIM and their one yr olde hardware) and provide their phones with a wide distribution and compete with price, but since Nokia burned their bridges trying to dismiss operators and retail their phones with NO subsidy ( followinf the eueopean model) now there are only a FEW operators willing to sell (susidize) Nokia phones; they buy them at ridiculously LOW prices from Nokia and even if they don’t sell well,they simply send them back to Nokia at the end. Its a win-win for Operators and a Loose- loose a bit less situation for Nokia!

      Nokia should go the Google way and retail their phones directly themselves with no subsidy but with AGRESIVE pricing! They are making less and less models now (still too many if you ask me, but still) so they should be able to make some $ if they sell them by the millions.
      The Lumia 610 should go for $150; the 800 $250 and the $900 no more than $300

    • Spikedlemon

      I guess I’ll just have to wait for the 8xx or 7xx.

      But if Rogers has the will to push Win8 into the business world where RIM currently resides: it would do well for Nokia.

    • phreezerburn

      They literally just killed it for 30 immediate users and another 70+ next year when the iPhone contracts are done for those crews. Rogers coverage in Saskatchewan, where the mines and money is in Canada these days, is beyond laughable. Sure Saskatchewan hasn’t an enormous population but trades from across Canada are flocking to work here and they certainly won’t suffer sending in their crews with a smartphone they have to drive an hour south just to use.

      I’m sure RIMM is sending Nokia a “Thank You” card right now.

  • Mr. Miyagi

    Sucks!! It looks like because of this exclusivity crap Nokia won’t be having my business…

    • NokiaLesson

      Does anybody know if you could root the phone, perform a system wipe and FLASH ANDROID in it???

      I would consider a Nokia 920 running a Jelly Bean ported from the XDA forums!
      The hardware is identical to other phones out there (except for the camera) so I wonder if you could just erase the phone and Flash Android?
      W8 is the things that stops me.
      Nokia: you list the OS battle, now you are struggling for survival, The poeple will BUY yoru phones running android, what are you waiting for ??

    • John Marshall

      They’re probably waiting for Android to stop sucking, buddy.

  • 04Dawson

    If I was off contract or had money, I’d seriously be looking at this device.

    • NokiaLesson

      4.5″ screen and 185 Grams???
      I’ll Pass!!

  • nrj4life


  • errrrrik

    Lets hope for an aggressive price !

    • NokiaLesson

      Regardless of their specs that phone is competing with the $350 Galaxy Nexus (maybe the Nexus 2 will drop the price a bit more) so if they release it at more than $350-$400 it won’t sell in big numbers!

      Nokia’s in North America are a “Niche -phone” they have to stop thinking that their phones are greatly desired here, they are not! and if they want to sell a lot of them they better price them at a price we can’t refuse!

      $300 for the Koodo/Virgin S2??
      $350 for Nexus Galaxy?
      $350 for the 920?? – I would give it a try!

  • Wat

    I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  • zzZZzz

    Well, my interest for this device just dropped to sea level values.

  • George K

    Thanks Nokia. It was going yo be difficult deciding between the cool features of the 920 and the preferable size of the 8X. Your carrier exclusivity just made thedecision for me.

    • CB

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. HTC said Bell is getting the 8X.

      I’ve always wanted a Nokia (since N95 days), but they never have phones on the carrier I’m with.

  • TP

    Nokia hasn’t learned anything from Samsung’s success.

  • Paul

    So, we will get colour choices in what, say, roughly February? It’s almost as if Rogers doesn’t even pay attention to what the market is asking for.

    • mtlCan

      This is great news! Great news for HTC. Microsoft has already manifested their love for the gorgeous 8X and 8S line of phones. And with today’s announcement I’ve made my decision to go with HTC.

      Seriously, carrier exclusivity is the last thing Nokia needs to somehow survive, and the last thing Microsoft needs to somehow make a dent in the Android/Iphone market.

  • paulysworld

    Hey, all good, just gonna buy it outright, unlock it and insert my Wind sim in. All good!

    • John Marshall

      How DARE you even make this constructive suggestion and not just bellyache along with the rest of us! SIXTEEN THUMBS DOWN FOR YOUUUUUU!!!

  • Nick

    It does suck that rogers is the onle one to get the phone. It’s already listed on Nokia’s Website and Black looks to be the only colour. WHY ROGERS WHY?!?!?!?!?!?! At least i’m at my renewal date with Rogers….time to upgrade from my unlocked Lumia 800 to the 920

  • UVSoaked

    It seems like this is a surprise to some, when it shouldn’t be. The Lumia 900 was exclusive to Rogers, and with Rogers having the most Windows Phone users in Canada, of course they are going to keep fighting for exclusives for the top WP phones. Also because AT&T got the 920 exclusively too, which Rogers is arguably the “Canadian AT&T” since they usually get the same (popular) phones and same exclusives.

    • Randy – 1

      It’s a surprise only in that it’s such an incredibly bad move from a business standpoint.

      Yes, we all knew the history and that this was a very real possibility. But the realities of the precarious position of both Nokia and Windows Phone in the current market would make any right thinking person understand that they’d both want to get this phone into the hands of as many people as possible. One carrier per country certainly doesn’t do that.

      With this move, Nokia has resigned itself, and likely Windows Phone (pending HTC’s business plan), to continue to be nothing more than bit players in the wireless world.

    • freestaterocker

      Rogers is TOTALLY the Canadian AT&T. Death Star Logo, check. Identical exclusivities dating back to original iPhone, check. Sh¡tty service, especially in rural areas, check. 3 for 3! Still not gonna stop me from buying the cyan or white as soon as available and unlocking to use on Bell…

    • phreezerburn

      Rogers had the most Windows Phone users but what models is that made up from? I know many in Ontario who purchased cheap 610, 710 and Raider phones for their kids while they ran with the iPhone 4s or the Galaxy S2. I’d love to hear the numbers they think they’ll move through Rogers.

  • Slype

    Yup. I was seriously considering getting it if it was usable on Wind’s network but this just killed any desire for me to get it. Too bad, it looked like it could have been good too.

    I think I am actually going to hit up their twitter account and mention it to them. They need to know how reviled Rogers is in Canada.

    • Mr. Reliable

      Nokia Canada has an excellent working relationship with Rogers. While the trolls on the tech sites may dislike Rogers, the reality is that Rogers sells a ton of their phones consistently.

  • NorOntByndWrlss

    This sucks for Canadians but is good for me as a sales rep!

    • sicpuppy

      How can it be good ? .Rogers will overprice it , no one will sign a contract .Exclusivity actually hurts , specially in the case of this Nokia .

  • Ron Mexico

    What a bunch of i****s. I guess Nokia doesn’t want to put it in as many hands as possible. No doubt they’ll give a carrier in the US exclusivity as well. Same for the UK, etc.

    Nokia will be done by this time next year. They don’t have the management to save them. Exclusivity? Lol

  • Mr. Reliable

    Bell was never going to buy into Nokia anyways. And Telus probably want to upgrade their 800 to the 820 anyways. So all of you guys who were going to ”buy a 920 at launch, but unlocked” and whatnot, well, you werent going to get it from Rogers anyways.

    • Eddie

      Yeah I wasn’t going to buy from Rogers and am buying this unlocked in yellow already have mine on pre-order.

      Unlocked is far better than a contract so stop bitching people and buy the phone unlocked and use your current carrier and are not charged any cancellation charges for contracts!!!

      Black in Canada only is Appauling!!! Especially after advertising these colors…
      The Gray is very tempting to me but think the yellow wins out.

  • Slype

    @Ron Mexico

    Yup, they gave it to AT&T. They just doomed their chance at getting a footprint in North America again. Any positive buzz that was generated with the introduction with this phone has been squashed by the ton of paper known as you monthly rogers bill.

  • Mike Darling

    yeah!!!!! well not for people not with bell, but glad i have some idea closer when this will be in my hands.

  • Slype

    @Mr. Reliable

    That’s not the point – the point is to get the phone into as many hands as possible so they can get their mojo back in North America. I’m with Android right now but I would have been happy to make the switch to this phone for a while and give it a shot because it looks pretty darn good. Within my circle of friends/contacts, I’m seen as a ‘leader’ in tech and tend to be on the bleeding edge. If people saw me using this phone, they would wonder why I’m using it and express an interest in it.

    Now that won’t happen because someone at Nokia thought carrier exclusivity was a good idea to get their product into as many hands as possible which is what that company needs right now. I’m really rooting for Nokia but this move is making it hard for me to support them.

  • shadyguy

    The Galaxy S2 and S3 sells like poptarts because their is no exclusiv- why does no one in a suit at nokia see this.

  • Francis

    Bell doesn’t care at all for Windows Phone, they’ve told me numerous times they have no interest in them, including upper management. Those other than Rogers will carry the other phones in the Lumia line anyway, Samsung has an exclusive with Bell. Its normal for companies to make their halo product an exclusive.

    Frankly, I had a hard time switching to Rogers for my Nokia Lumia 900. Paying $60 per month, 6gb, 200mins, my10, early weeknights and weekends. My experience with Rogers has been great and seems the polar opposite to anyone on this site. I don’t regret switching at all, especially from the $200 in credits I’ve gotten from Nokia and Rogers since joining them.

    • Kilo

      I have no problem with 920 being on Rogers ….but only in BLACK comeone now …… this Rogers fault or Nokia’s

    • phreezerburn

      You from Ontario by any chance? Rogers blows dead goats out West. Worst coverage and service ever.

  • Keith

    Rogers is clearly showing the best support for Windows Phone and the only one carrying the Nokia flaship devices so it may be time to switch to them anyway. I’m not sure I’ll swithch yet but I will be getting the 920 in cyan or red one way or the other.

    • mtlCan

      Promotion of the Lumia 900 by Rogers was vitually non-existing. In contrast, AT&T poured a lot of money into promoting Nokia’s new phone half a year ago.

      Don’t expect anything different this time with the 920.

  • John Marshall

    Oh, b***h b***h b***h, people. Carrier exclusivity probably gives Nokia greater return on its phone sales, and they don’t deliberately do it just to make all your lives miserable. Me, personally, I’m just glad Windows Phone 8 is coming out in Canada at the same time as the rest of the world. Hopefully the 820 (on Telus, admittedly) won’t be far behind!

    • Braumin

      I don’t know – seems like pretty simple math:
      you can make $100 per phone by locking it to this carrier, or you could make $80 per phone, and quadruple your market

      Nokia is on the verge of being killed off and sold out to other mobile players for their patents. They need their product in the hands of as many people as possible.

    • Kevin

      So you are saying that you wanted the Lumia 920, and instead of picking a different top of the line WIndows Phone (8X, Ativ) or a top Android or Iphone, you will settle for the 820? A phone built with last year’s specs? Hard to beleve. And if its the truth, I would say you are certainly in the minority. Thats why this is such a problem for Nokia.

    • John Marshall

      Last year’s specs? It has exactly the same processor and RAM as the 920, as well as its Bluetooth and NFC capability, it just has a lower-resolution screen. If the 820 has “last year’s specs”, so does the 920.

      I might get the 920 anyway, at least until the release dates of those other phones are less theoretical. The 820 just has everything I want in a phone, especially because I had a Lumia 800 before and liked it quite a bit.

    • Kevin

      Seeing as the two of the major selling features of the 920 are the large, gorgeous HD display that is smoother than anything out there on the market and that you can use with gloves on, and the PureView camera technology that Nokia is selling so hard, neither which are a part of the 820, ues I would say that very few people would view the 820 as a viable alternative to the 920.

  • Seb

    Instant buy for me. I’m switching from Telus just for this phone!! Will cost be 400$ to cancel my contract but I don’t care I have the money.

  • Braumin

    Nokia – this is disgusting. Rogers doesn’t even offer service here.

    Nokia is in no position to dictate who can have their devices. No one is going to switch carriers for a Nokia phone right now. They need to get over this exclusivity they have been launching at us since getting into Windows Phone.

    This makes me sick. I really really wanted the Lumia 920. Now I guess I have to look into the HTC 8X. HTC doesn’t seem to be so into carrier lock-in like Nokia seems to be.

  • Zoomus

    Was really looking forward to the 920, now that its Rober$ exclusive, I just might wait for the new Nexus lines. Wow Nokia still manage to screw up, take the shades off the future is not that bight.

  • Kevin

    What is the definition if insanity again? Didn’t giving Rogers and AT&T exclusivity fail miserably just last year?

    A) This phone isn’t going to be popular enough to drive people to switch carriers, especially since HTC and Samsung will most likely have top phones on Telus/Bell/Wind. There was only one iphone, thats why they could get away with exclusivity. There are several Windows Phones
    B) Because Nokia has beeen failing miserably, I doubt they were in a position to make big demands to Rogers/AT&T in exchange for exclusivity. So they probably shot themselves in the foot for a small payday.

  • ??

    Even prepaid service is bad at Rogers…my friend just dropped them so you can be sure I won’t switch to them. Will probably go with the note 2 with it’s huge battery! no City Lens, no PureView,no w8 for me. Even Videotron will get the Note 2, how come Nokia doesn’t see this.

  • Miroslav Satan

    Big fail. I was hoping the 920 will be available to other carriers. Rogers only? No thank you.

  • gunshoe

    Perhaps the other carriers weren’t interested? Maybe Rogers offered a great deal for exclusivity? Just because it upsets the consumers with other carriers doesn’t mean it was a bad business decision. The plan could be to garner momentum with Rogers until the demand forces the other carriers to get their hands on the phone as well.

    • BD

      I agree with gunshoe, maybe the other carriers weren’t that really interested as they are boasting huge figures from Apple and Android. I for one live in Manitoba and considering we only have Roger, MTS and Telus as the major players, I’ve been with Rogers for 6 years because of the newest phones available (which MTS does not have), Better reception (Way better than Telus), monthly costs are comparative.
      That being said, that’s just my opinion.

    • Kevin

      With the exception of the iPhone, this has never ever happened. And it most recently didn’t happen with Rogera and AT&T with th Lumia 900. Yes, it most likely that the other carriers weren’t interested in paying the price Nokia wanted, or wouldn’t commit to the marketing push that Nokia wanted. Clearly Nokia is the one who needs to compromise in this case. The only way to succeed is to get your phones into as many hands as possible.

  • sicpuppy

    Am guessing Rogers signed a huge check to Nokia .
    Here’s to another major north american Nokia fail .

  • blackprince

    Man I was really hoping Telus was going to get this phone now Ihave to buy it outright and unlock it.

  • Gordon

    It’s available in black only according to the specs on Nokia’s site. 🙁

    Also, many of the specs are missing when comparing to the US Nokia site. I hope we aren’t getting a striped-down version with bands and other features removed/disabled.

  • George R

    That sucks!! The best new phone on Canada’s worst carrier!!I will have to buy an unlocked International model from Negri Electronics or Expansys.

  • John Marshall

    Maybe the 900 didn’t sell well because everyone is holding their breath and stamping their feet about it being exclusive to a certain carrier. Instead of going out and, y’know, BUYING THE PHONE, they’re more content to whine. They don’t have any understanding of how complex carrier-hardware provider relationships are, between exclusivity agreements, distribution channels, Nokia actually being in dire straits and therefore not really being able to provide product for every single carrier until it’s back on their feet again, they just think Nokia are being stupid doodie-heads that didn’t listen to their really smart consumers.

    I don’t like it much either, but at least I’m aware that there’s probably a very good reason for this. After the phone’s been around for a few months, it, or its successor, might migrate to another carrier. Just try and stay calm, people.

  • iphoneuser

    Carrier exclusivity is the worst thing you could do to yourself as a company.

    Nokia are the biggest i****s in the world.

    • KingK

      Yeah that was real bad for Apple and AT&T.

      You kids are so smart, maybe you should start your own companies.

      No one cares about your opinions and no one is going to be selling the 920 for $300 out right.

      Canada is a small market which no one gives a s**t about.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    how much is will rogers price the 920 on the prepay?

  • jimmy

    The Galaxy Nexus was exclusive to bell for 1 month. Hopefully this is also a short term exclusive.

  • Tom Zolnierczyk

    Rob(g)ers only? That’s a disgusting company with overpcices services!

  • montrealer

    And I bet it will only come in standard black in the first few months. Nokia’s marketing department, wake up! If you’re showing colors as one of the attracting points of the phone, well make sure you offer them.

  • armrob

    i was so looking foward to this phone. this is a sign of desperation by Nokia. they think they can have the same success Apple had with AT&T and the original iphone. this is not 2007 and Even Apple recognized it was a bad idea. the 900 didnt have much success here partly because Rogers never advertised it. u only see Iphone and Android in any rogers store.
    even unlocked it would still not make any sense because they will price it very high and also lock some features like internet sharing as they did on the lumia 900. big Fail nokia. lets hope the HTC 8X does better.

  • pacalis

    Odds are they haven’t been able to make enough for a wider release, so decided to release early and exclusive vs. broader.

    That’s not a good thing. It’s just what I think happened.

  • mrdeeds72

    I’m pissed since I’m locked in with Bell. Unlocked 808 Pureview or HTC 8X, here I come. I hear Jolla is coming out with a new device soon!

  • Crocography

    Incorrect specs, please correct in article Mobil syrup:
    “4.5-inch display (1280×720)” — NO! the display is “4.5-inch display (1280×768)”


    wish this were on Wind.

  • dimsumwonder

    In the States, AT&T will be getting it first then Verizon will begin selling it later. This happened to, I believe, the Samsung Nexus S where Bell had exclusive rights for a bit before other carriers were allowed to sell the phone. This case could potentially be the same for the Lumia 920 in Canada, seeing how Verizon in the states will begin selling it once the exclusivity period is over.

  • Henry

    All I can say is goodbye to you Elop and/or his Canada division team.

    Carrier exclusive when a company is trying hard to get themselves back into the smart phone market. Check

    Only available in Black when the rest of the world marketing team have been showing off Red, Yellow, Cyan. Check

    Instead of focusing on exclusivity, spend some time on advertising the Lumia 920 software features. People nowadays care about the software just as much as the hardware spec.

  • Geoff

    They are hoping that by offering exclusivity to Rogers that Rogers will push for their phone. So Rogers advertising will show the Lumia and Rogers employees will be trained to try to sell it. It’s possible that being “the” phone with Rogers will help it to stand out from the proverbial crowd with at least one carrier, compared to being obscured with all of them.

    Personally, I’m not sure if I agree with the decision but that could be simply because I can’t get the phone now. I will admit that getting the salespeople suggesting your phone can make a huge difference when you aren’t the obvious choice.

  • villain

    well HTC 8X it is… I don’t live in one of the 3 places rogers has good service and not accepting EDGE in the least

  • Aaron

    Only black is the big crime for me. At least get red, it is your companies colour. Pathetic!

  • Zorbsie

    Only black? Boo! I so wanted the red 920. Might wait and see if they’ll annouce a later date for another colour. Can’t believe they are limiting the selection like that.

  • Mark

    I can’t believe Nokia is messing up again! I don’t know how they coordinate all these operations with the carriers but the way I see it, the Nokia Lumia 920 will not have the effect it should have if they do it this way!

  • workinwireless

    Its probably a 6 month exclusive, just like the HTC one X.

  • Phil

    I was looking forward to the yellow Lumia 920 for weeks now. The whole point of these phones was beauty, design & function. Black only will kill sales!

  • w00t

    This phone looks so thick, like a brick!

  • Keith

    Well if Rogers is only carrying black then that rules out swithing to them. What horrendous Windows Phone options we have in Canada. The Lumia 920 running Windows 8 will arguably be the best devices out there and yet we will only have 1 bland, black choice of colour on 1 carrier. I’m digested with the state of Canadian mobile industry.

  • Plazmic Flame

    Another exclusive and a sea of pissed off potential customers. How does exclusives make any sense in 2012/2013? Hope they fail and fail hard so they can learn from the error of their ways.

  • Swizzlerz

    bad bad bad … Carrier exclusive for the 920… for Rogers??? That didn’t help you this time they only want black….. THANK YOU FOR MAKING Htc and Samsung look a whole lot better. wouldn’t waste money on the CRAP VERSION the 820 if it comes to telus now.

  • RWalrond

    You all need to tweet out and let Nokia and Rogers know that Canadians are not colour blind!

    @RogersBuzz @nokiacanada Hey Rogers and Nokia CANADIANS ARE NOT COLOUR BLIND! #Lumia #Colours #Canada

    • Danny

      Yes I tweeted Rogers as well, let them know how upset you are about the no color options! Get on facebook as well.

  • Chew

    I also think it was a bad move… for Nokia.

    For Rogers – well played. I want this phone bad enough to consider switching to your “service” to get it…

  • Geof Harries

    Bell, PLEASE offer a Windows Phone. You carried the ancient (and heavy and ugly) HTC HD7 for way too long as the only Windows Phone on Bell, then killed it and replaced it with…nothing.

  • kevin

    more then likely a times exclusive, and ONLY for the black model.

  • Thomas


  • Jesse


    Why couldn’t Nokia realize how much Telus has latched onto the Lumia 800 and run with that? Blah.

  • abed

    Ben la, tabarnak

  • Big Daddy

    I wonder if this phone will be available unlocked from the new Microsoft Store opening in Yorkdale (in Toronto)?

    I believe the US Microsoft Stores did sell unlocked phones last generation. If so, that’ll be the option for me.

  • Jenny S.

    At least since I was planning on buying one outright (will NEVER get a financed phone on a term again) I can just get an AT&T one unlocked. Yay?

  • Laser

    Rogers should have exclusivity to just the black model – and the other colours get the rest!

    • Laser

      oops.. the other carriers get the rest. BOOM

  • brad

    Very dissappointed with Rogers for only carrying the Black Lumia 920. It is like they want the phone to fail.

    I don’t know why Nokia allows an exclusive carrier to only offer one colour.

  • stylinred

    the Microsoft Stores going up this holiday season may carry the Lumias unlocked like they do in the Microsoft stores in the states

  • Mark C


    No way will I ever go back to Rogers just for a[n awesome] phone.

  • Kevin

    I probably wont wait for this phone anymore, buying a iphone5 or gs3, htc. very disappointed.

  • mike

    i have no plans on switching to rogers so hello htc8x

  • TM1600

    I am on iPhone 4 now and would certainly buy a Lumia 920, if they had it on Telus. Too bad.

  • mr man

    Im from ontario, Rogers kicks a*s here. If they suck out west then its the same as telus out here, the blow donkey dick here in ontario. My problem is, color options. No colors No Sale.

  • beyond

    Who cares? Stop whining! If your with rogers , get it, if you’re not buy an unlocked version. If that’s too expensive get another phone. Its only a phone people, and will be outdated ina few months anyway.

    And to all those complaining about lack of color, do you honestly expect us to believe that you were seriously considering getting the red or yellow? Majority of people would choose neutral colors especially black which is why it is the first choice from a sales perspective.

  • Sarah

    Black only? Ironic and hypocrites considering Nokia actually made an Ad mocking Apple about the iphone colorless and boring black and white only options, joke is on you Nokia, at least apple offers white too, to your black only option, lets hope HTC isn’t lying about having colours too, else I am sticking with my iPhone 4S, sad since I really wanted a yellow WP8 on Fido.

  • David

    Rogers should at least start advertising the Windows Phone 8 on their website. I could se no signs of that till now. Their home page is still filled with iPhone 5.

    I think they do not want to push these phones just for the success/sales of iPhone.

  • out2late

    Just grabbed the new 920 from Rogers ($149 on 3 years, plus $50 mail-in-rebate). Opened Nokia Drive and it says that its not available on my phone. Seriously going to resolve this!!