Rogers and Microsoft detail Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 suite of devices including Samsung ATIV Smart PC


  • iphoneee

    I see apple maps in Windows phone 😀

    • Richard


  • Netbug

    Is the ATIV Smart PC tablet a Windows 8 or Windows RT?

    I would assume it’s RT. They’re quite different.

    • Pete

      Smart PC is Windows 8, not RT. The Ativ TAB will be RT, but won’t be coming this year, from what I understand.

    • Daniel Bader

      The tablet PC is a Windows 8 tablet running x86 Intel Clover Trail.

    • blackprince

      Any Windows Tablet with an Intel chip will always be running Windows 8. Windows RT only runs on ARM chips.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    I don’t think anyone cares about Roger’s bloat ware. The first question people will have is ‘why is this garbage on my phone’, followed by ‘how do I remove this garbage from my phone’?

    • Ron Mexico

      Don’t forget “why am I using this garbage network to serve my wireless needs?”

    • Sean

      As it is a windows phone you can remove whatever apps you want

    • Francis Thibault

      well at least with WP8 and WP7 you can remove it not like some other OS…

    • blackprince

      All it takes is a simple long press in the app list, press delete and GONE!

  • Brett

    Now get us some Release dates on these Windows phones so I can start saving!

    The 8X Will probably be my windows phone of choice mainly because HTC worked so well for me on Android. Will definitely be looking to Nokia for a good windows device as well. But in the end I will be picking up whatever gets the most positive criticism.

  • Danny

    Please find out about Lumia 920 color options!!!!

  • No BBM

    There’s no BBM on it. FAIL!

    • wtv

      BBM and all the BlackBerry ecosystem sucks. Absolute pure utter horse s**t.

  • Miroslav Satan

    If the PC is SIM locked to Rogers, no thanks.

  • Bilal

    I wonder if Rogers is going to integrate Rogers One into the WP8 OS, like Skype is… Microsoft kept integration open to all VoIP providers, not just Skype.