Bell gives the Galaxy Nexus its “End of life notice”


  • Sean

    Well when they give it an outright cost of $650 and Google says it is $350 and mobilicity says $300 no wonder…

    Any ways I look forward to seeing the new nexii in the next two weeks, the Galaxy Nexus is a great phone but it’s time for it to go EOL. I love mine but other then stock Jelly Bean it’s just an average device

    • Nexus

      This just proves how:
      “Upgrades are King!”
      The Nexus had an OK battery, mediocre camera and no SD CARD!
      nevertheless is almost one yr olde and has TONS of support from the XDA forums (Custom ROM) that have been enhancing the battery and performance of the phone. At the same time it was one of the first phones to get Jelly Bean and the next upgrades to come.
      This phone has indeed another year of life, and will keep on getting faster and offering better performance. At $300 or less,it will keep on selling a few millions more.

      Having said that: Why would you get anything that is not a Nexus or a Samsung (the second fastest phones to get upgrades)??

      And at the same time why would you get anything that is not a Nexus?
      Hope Google CANADA starts selling their phones directly in November.

  • Robin

    bummer, I love this phone.

  • tdee

    i’m so sad that the next nexus we see will be lg…

  • Collin

    good news for people who want to get one, prices outright should be getting slashed to liquidate the stock

  • Short Life

    What a short life! It was a big phone and very useful, but apparently it’s out of fashion now!

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    Not surprising, Bell would rather put this phone out to pasteur then sell it at its MSRP of $350. THey must preserve their way of locking the peasants into 3-year contracts while still paying $200-150 for the patest phone. Shameless.

  • Kid.Canada

    Can they do a clearance sale for 20% off at least??! Oh who am I kidding, its Bell we’re talking about here…

  • Cody

    I’m holding out for the HTC J Butterfly to come to NA, Nexus or not that will be my next phone.

  • wooot

    And they still sell it for $650, lol

  • Abe

    Good phone, im still using it. If it wasnt for Jelly Bean though i would have moved on to something else by now. Ill probably get a new phone after christmas sometime to replace it.

  • Craig

    by far the best phone I have ever owned …..

  • jay

    Still the best phone on the market.

  • wat

    RIP samsung

  • Disappointing phone

    The volume on this phone is very poor. You can crank it up to max volume and you still cannot hear the audio from, say, a YouTube video that sounds very loud and clear on any other smartphone (even lower-end ones). Samsung has acknowledged the problem but not provided a fix.

    Anyone want to buy mine (currently has Jelly Bean, that’s the only benefit to this phone that I can see)? 🙂

    • HighClassFrenchCricket

      yeah ill buy it, post the ad link. meet me at yonge/sheppard toronto today at 5:30 ill be wearing the canada goose, herschel backpad, levi 69s and timberland air force 1s.

  • roman

    Still the best phone on the market, until next week.

  • John

    The only Android phones worth buying are the Nexus series until they figure out this fragmentation garbage.

  • Dro

    If someone were to send the phone for servicing, does that mean they will receive a new one as a replacement instead of a refurbished product?

  • Mike

    Love my GNEX, this baby is gunna last me atleast another year. If you don’t by into the spec hype this phone is hands down the best phone on the market. Although they skimped on the camera a bit, I don’t really mind I have point and shoot and a DSLR for pictures.

  • Mike

    On another note I wish Bell would go on EOL notice.

  • Jon

    Got mine just a few months ago from the google play store for $300. Best phone I’ve ever owned and still one of the best at the top of the market.

  • billywilliams

    Does this mean that this version won’t be receiving any new updates.Last week I received the 4.1 jellybean with yakjuux version. I noticed that if you change to yakju there is an update. Does anyone know if yakjuux version will be receiving it. I am a noobie so I don’t know how to change to yakju.

    Any help will be appreciated

  • Mojo

    I bought this for my wife about a month ago. Would have been nice if we waited until the new one comes with a better camera.