TELUS saying goodbye to the Activation Fee and Renewal Fee October 15th


  • aaa

    WOW not gonna lie, all of our complaning has finally paid off, one thing at a time. wish rogers would do this too!!!!

    • skullan

      Considering how poor the plans are with the big 3 now, I’d say they have been planning this for a bit.

    • skippypaccino

      Now Bring On the REAL 2 Year Contract. A phone gets sluggish after 2 years. 0 to 199 is fair price for a phone on a 2 year contract.

    • Whopping

      Come with me, Telus: Become my customer and I will CHARGE YOU $35!! Or Renew your contract and I will charge you $35 AGAIN!

      -This charge never made any sense, they simply never make any sense I always talked to them and got it credited back, it was simply stupid and the CRTC should have cancelled that years ago.

      Buy a phone, change it and and I will Charge you $25 EVERY TIME!
      -This Charge was from the CDMA era, now you just swap your SIM CARD from phone to phone as many times as long as your phone is unlocked; the only time when you need an Exchange is when you lost your SIM, have a new SIM (For LTE for example)

      -How about banning 3 yr CONTRACTS??
      -How about STOP CHARGING THE SAF for old accounts?
      -I wonder if all phones will include the SIM card or now you will have to pay for the phone PLUS $10 for the SIM CARD?

  • Kyouya

    This is why I am still with Telus…for now.

    • Cody

      The better of the 3 for sure. Now activation fees are dead, kill three year terms!

  • Ryan

    I know we all hate the big 3, but have to admit, telus has initiated some interesting things. Fair subsidy/cancellation policies, removing SAF, caller ID on all plans, Koodo with only canada-wide plans and now dropping the activation fee.

    • Bob

      @Ryan AFAIK, caller ID is not standard on Telus plans yet. Costs $8/month extra.

    • telusJIM

      @ BOB

      Actually, they are. All new activations and existing customers processing an upgrade are eligible to select our current plans – and yes they do ALL include Call Display.
      Only older plans may still require the $8 Add-On,

      Please take a moment to research before posting false information.

    • Whopping

      -There is NOTHING fais about 3yr subsidies!
      -up to $650 off on 3 yrs and $100 on a $200??
      -If you have a plan with SAF YOU KEEP PAYING FOR IT!
      They simply increased the newer plans and don’t charge you separately
      -When they “Included” CID all their plans went up $5, and they still charge you $10 for 100 MB LOL!

      Now, If TELUS is the first one to offer 2yr max, then I would tip my hat, but: Why would they do that, when nobody is Forcing them (CRTC is Missing in Action)

  • ELNY

    ABOUT TIME!! Even if the others follow, good on TELUS for leading the pack!

  • astudent


    • Brad F

      @astudent No, praise Telus’ marketing department.

  • John Marshall

    Ooh! With this development, I hope Telus is going to announce the Lumia 820 now more than ever, because I’m more encouraged to stick with them after this development.

  • Rich

    I didn’t even know there was a renewal fee, so I was more blown away by its existence rather than its removal.

  • Treatz


  • BreathLess

    Hope Rogers follows very shortly as I’m about to do a hardware upgrade.

    • skippypaccino

      Wait till xmas. Thats when the best deals are. Plus some new nexussss. They should make every phone 0$ on a 3 year contract and give us real 2 year contracts.

  • m82a1

    i think i signed with a good company then..

  • Ryan

    I am disappointed Rogers wasn’t the first to do this. So much for being a leader. Good on Telus for making a great move for consumers like this. As long as they cost doesn’t just get moved into hardware.

    • Pegger

      Rogers has never been a leader on prices or cutting fees, they’ve always reacted to others. Hardware they were typically the leader, not so much anymore.

    • Jon

      When has Rogers been known for being first at anything consumer friendly? As everyone was abandoning the SAF fees, Rogers decided to “do us a favor” and added a Government Regulatory Recovery Fee that’s not even required or collected by any government agency. They’ve finally given up on that this summer.

    • Porilaisten

      In fact, Rogers’ renewal fee is $35 where Telus’ was $25.

  • Beso

    just wait … Rogers and Bell will follow very soon! lol 😀

  • Old Customers

    Is this good for the old customers, who may still have perks like Birthday Calling?

  • Alex

    This is a noob question, but why does Mobilesyrup often have crappy screenshots accompanying the news articles? Especially on articles about new voice/data plans, usually there’s a screenshot of an internal memo from Rogers/Telus/Bell/etc explaining the info, but the pic is always cropped so the details are not all visible. Why even bother with a pic then?

    • Porilaisten

      It’s to protect potentially confidential/proprietary information. And also the identification of the person who took it.

  • Potent Potable

    About damn time.

    So when will they stop charging for texting and LD — two features that cost them a fraction of a penny?

    • Whopping

      LONG DISTANCE texting is a Cash Grab!
      a text (SMS,MMS) is simply data, it would be the same as having a data plan and sending a text from the website of the operator in New Zealand: data is data and is Web based, there should be no extra cost!

      That’s why the BIG 3 have not the Fave 5 or Friends or Family or whatever! if you are on Rogers and call your friend 9 who is on Rogers too) sitting next to you, is no different from calling from Halifax to Vancouver! ,that is why every operator is offering this feature. Of course this guys are segmenting it and they chage you $5 for Local $8 for Provintial and $10 for NAtional, Friends service!

  • jonny

    They never actually reduce costs, they just move them around to make it look like you are getting a better deal, when usually you actually end up paying more.

    They recently just upped fees on a number of things like voicemail. That extra $4 a month you have to now pay is significantly more over a 3 year span than the renewal fee.

  • Pegger

    About time they got rid of this bogus cash grab fee. The others will be forced to follow.

  • Frank

    Still no 5$ for unlimitd international Text!!! Bell has had it for months! Fail for the but A for this!

    • Red Foreman

      Telus does offer intl txt packages at 5 10 and 15$.. call client care, the Telus “my account” app or do it on the website.

      5$ 30 intl txts – all incoming are considered domestic and wont be charged if you have unlimited SMS on your plan.
      10$ 250 txts – imcoming free
      15$ 500 txts – incoming free

      and voicemail is included in the plans. if you want a bigger voicemail, of course your going to pay more. but its still much less then bell or robbers.


  • Squint

    Nice! They must be in a good mood now that they got on the 100 best employers list.

  • Jon

    Telus continues to lead the big 3.

    1. Stopped charging SAF (or making up a new GRRF)
    2. free Call Display and Voice Mail in all plans
    3. factory unlock iPhone (for a fee, but at least it’s a start)
    4. now, no actviation fee

    What they need to work on

    1. receiving text while roaming should be a fee since you can’t control not getting a text; most carriers don’t charge for this
    2. Call forwarding fee. Really?
    3. lower data costs
    4. lower LD costs — seriously why does it cost 40+ cents to call LD in Canada

    • Whopping

      1. Stopped charging SAF (or making up a new GRRF)
      -If you have and Accound with SAF, they still charge you that! all new plans are MORE EXPENSIVE because they include the SAF in them. THE NEVER STOPPED CHARGING THE SAF!

      2. free Call Display and Voice Mail in all plans
      -All plans increased about $5 when CID was included and $4 when VM3 was included.

      3. factory unlock iPhone (for a fee, but at least it’s a start)
      -You PAY and OWN the phone and still they charge you $50??

      4. now, no actviation fee
      -WE have to see if they keep including the SIM Cards with the purchase of the phone. If they don’t, then basically they are adding a $10 charge. The good thing is that if you are with them you won’t need a new SIM unless you loose it or want an LTE SIM CARD.

  • Atron84

    In my experience, Rogers is not a leader but a follower of the worst order.

    • 2dfx

      That isn’t true. Rogers has always been leaders in screwing over customers by renewing their contracts if they have so much as a question about their wireless service, and leaders in providing some of the slowest networks possible.

    • skippypaccino

      Rodgers is my Hero! Long Live the anal shaft. OURAH!!!

  • Ron Mexico

    No such thing as a free lunch from the Big 3, get ready for plan price increases or some other fees to increase to cover the cost of these losses on Telus books. Guaranteed.

  • alex

    Have to say telus is always best of the big three in consumer friendly

  • Yeria

    I remember cancelling everything with Rogers when they renewed my contract even though they told me there will be no extra fees for renewing.

    The guy on the phone was on his knees – understandably, because they were about to lose $300 a month customer – but I told him I’m still leaving because that’s the only way they will learn.

    I’m glad at least Telus is doing something to eliminate the trend.

    • Mike

      I’m sure the guy on the phone wasn’t on his knees. It’s not like he owns Rogers or gets a cut of your monthly bill.

  • aviking

    Well done Telus.

    Now help us make a dent in 2 year pricing…please!

  • Sam

    They should advertise and reap the rewards for the short period of time before Rogers and Bell follow and if they don’t follow too bad for Rogers and Bell as their will be consiquences.

  • Mike

    Big whoop.

    The activation fee with wireless carriers is like the freight and PDI they charge you at the car dealership. Sure it exists, but when you insist hard enough they always waive it. I have never once paid an activation fee and I’ve set up 7 new accounts with the big 3 carriers. Twice with Rogers, once with Bell, twice with Telus, twice with Fido. Paid 0 activation fee in total.

  • jay

    Activation fee was always a bit silly to me. glad telus is doing this.
    Hello customer,
    We’d like you to pay a fee to us which will allow you to pay us monthly for three years (and allow us to you bend you over when we choose to)

    good job telus

  • Zudeo

    Holy s**t, I’m goin’ to Telus in a year!

  • Kelly

    Go TELUS! I hope Rogers follow suit otherwise I’m jumping ship and going to TELUS! I’m not on contract with Rogers. 🙂

    • Arshad

      The best part is that Telus will even pay a customer $100 for signing up with Telus if you bring your own device in and you don’t even have to go on a contract to get that!

  • LJK

    a great start!

  • mauricio

    good work Telus, but Videotron is still better than you

    • Porilaisten



  • deltatux

    This is awesome and kudos to TELUS but something makes me wonder if they would somehow roll the “activation fee” and the “renewal fee” into the monthly price of the plan… seeing how skeptical I am of the Big 3….

  • MattyMattMatt

    Virgin had this, but then re-added it for new acts on voice/data. I hope Bell follows suit. Honestly, activation fees are dumb, especially for new customers.

  • rip rim

    We all know what this mean. The prices for monthly plans will increase shortly.

  • Khristopher

    They all did this once before, and then started charging it again. Hopefully this time it lasts, but I don’t have much faith. Hence why I’m with WIND.

  • CulBlu

    Telus is good but they all still stink. The Big 3 love raping us canadians. Go with Wind, they are the best but just to get the story straight Fido has had no service activation for 2 years plus FYI 😉

  • AWSGuy

    My expeiance with Telus was amazing compared to Bell. Bell -LEARN from telus please!

  • haxor99

    Way to go Telus!

  • replytonew

    Telus always first on innovation in new policy that good for customer.

  • John

    Now if only Telus can do 2 year terms on smartphones. Also, if telus launched a unlimted voice+5-6GB of data for $55-$60 I would jump on that like that.

  • Wind Mobile does it again

    You need to thank Wind Mobile again for this. Even if you are not on Wind Mobile and are with the Big 3 , you are enjoying lower fees and plans due to Wind Mobile.

    The Big 3 always acted as a cartel and never reduced fees till Wind came along 🙂

  • Cell Guy

    Now you have the pleasure of paying for your SIM card instead… goes from one pocket to another…

  • Telus is lesser of the 3 evils.

    Robbers is the worst then Bell and then Telus.

    Telus is no saint , Wind Mobile , Mobilicity are still much better..but Telus is atleast trying 🙂

  • Telus is lesser of the 3 evils.

    1. 2 year contracts for subsidised handsets 3 yrs anymore
    2. Free call display ( like Wind Mobile )
    3. Unlimited data plans for a reasonable price ( like Wind Mobile )
    4. Unlimited talk and text for a reasonable price ( like Wind Mobile )

    Should be on Telus’s list now 🙂

    • Quinn

      Call display is included……… God, it’s amazing how little research is actually done before people comment.

  • Kevin

    Just a small step. Credits to Telus but activation fees are a small issue.

  • JumpinJack

    SIM cards are only needed for new and not always on renewal. I would rather pay $10 than $35 or $25!!!

  • skullan

    Considering how crappy I feel the plans have gotten since 2009, I feel that they can afford this.

  • Nicholas

    It’s about Effing time, I love the bs reasons they give for charging it too. Rogers told me that it’s for the cost of restocking the stores….what cost? there is no cost….

    • Quinn

      Shipping costs…?

  • ag


  • Andy Warhol

    For clarification, SIM cards are now $10 for everyone (including new acts and renewals), but you aren’t forced to get a new one unless your new device requires it (microSIM, LTE device, etc). The SIM card was previously included with the activation costs. Either way, $10 is still better than $25/$35.

  • zo

    what you need to think is what will go up so they can make money for doing this. Think about it… its business they need to make more off us so something will go up a plan or plans features etc… no company gets rid of fees without adding something else later on..

  • Ron N.

    I thank Wind for this. They were the first ones to bring actual competition to Canada.

  • Otter

    And my predictions will come true shortly enough.

    That the 15ish years of atrocities, price gouging and price fixing, will all be forgotten, and people will think that its because Telus/Bell/Rogers “finally are growing morals” and “good on them”

    And all the new companies that were unfairly treated by
    the media/CRTC rules, and the naive public, will be left in the dust. Enjoy the crumbs from the table!

    We should not be satisfied until the CRTC is held responsible for the blatant conflicts of interest, those that are able to learn to live without their cell phones, or at least the bigger packages should do so, and the smaller companies, while they are new, and fumbling along making mistakes and learning as they go (hey… didn’t Rogers make a whole bunch of mistakes and have crappy service when they first came out too?) should be supported, despite it may not be what your used to.

    OH wait! I There’s a new phone comming out! I have no money now and my credit card is maxed… but whatevs! its free! just sign!

    Enjoy the status Quo!
    (wow… you can just TASTE the cynicism can’t you? Could make a hearty soup out of this post! *wink*)

  • Neil

    Get rid of 3 year contracts, max should be one year.

  • Francis

    Working at Telus, I can tell you guys that they can’t charge lower then 0.40$ / minute for long distance because Telus is using Bell line for long distance calls, and Bell is charging Telus for long distance calls

  • Jebus

    Telus will be increasing the fee to have your phone re-connected as in your phone was turned off because you didnt pay your bills on time / a lowlife.

  • Rafael

    I’m 4/5 getting Rogers, 1/1 with Bell to credit me this BS $35 fee. It is a PITA making several calls just to get them to waive it.

  • Falooda Tablet

    blame fukin crtc becoz they won’t let big 3 lower costs as it will kill the competition

  • montrealer

    Renewal Fee or hardware upgrade fee is the most ridiculous fee i’ve seen in my life. They were charging existing customer a fee for taking a contract with them?

  • PumaYaYa

    Of the big three, Telus is probably the lesser of 3 evils.

    But more needs to happen, such as:

    Call display included with every plan, after all it’s just a checkmark.

    No more long distance. It doesn’t cost more to call from here to the house next door than from here to some place on the other side of the country. The notion of long distance when it comes to a wireless nationwide network is ridiculous. You’re connecting to the same network, no matter where you are in the country, why does long distance even exist?

    Better data plans.

  • PR

    really? ive never had to pay an activation fee

    who the hell Pays a company so they can start paying them?

    (activation fee for paying monthly)

  • Brad

    Love ya Telus

  • brunes

    Anyone who pays an activation fee for any kind of ongoing agreement is a sucker. I always demand this to be waived and have never paid one. I am not going to pay a fee for the privilege of paying a company money.

  • John

    For all those still complaining, apparently the unlock fee was also reduced to $35 from $50 – Keep in mind you can do most things online so the majority of these fees are either one time or avoidable.

  • Ken

    I left Telus about 2 years ago because of there feeing me to death and with all there other charges so I decided I might as well leave my wallet with them till my 3 year agreement was up. Anyways moved over to Mobilicity and I get all the goodies I need for one low price of $44.80 thats tax included. If I need to roam outside my zone I paid a small fee and I have no contract and still better I have control of my account. There is lots of negative comments about this carrier but after being charge up the ying yang I’m am now a happy camper with Mobilicity.We need more cell carrier in Canada and I think the big 3 need to be forced to give customer a better bang for there buck.

  • Michaelprotects

    Absolute rubbish. Just drop into any Telus store and buy a phone. You’ll see they charge you $30 for “account management” which is no different than the previous activation fee.