Galaxy Premier GT-i9260 leaks, not a Nexus after all


  • Promesu

    oh my another ‘slightly different’ model by samsung. seriously, Apple does ONE product each year. Samsung releases a new piece of junk every month. They’re just mass producing lower quality garbage and you kids are eating it up and for what? because you have some pointless hate on for a company you’ve probably never even given a chance. pathetic.

    • lol

      best post i’ve seen today. It’s so true.

  • jbarns

    why another product? I thought they were sticking to Galaxy S3 on all carriers?

    This will just confuse people more..

    • kenypowa

      Galaxy S3 is the premium line; there are a lot of Galaxy phones that’s not S3.

      That being said, it’s amazing how this spec constitute as mid to high end device.

  • andy c

    no lTE? touchwiz and updates from samsung?

    why get this over the nexus?

  • deltatux

    I don’t see why HSPA+ is a bad thing, for most people that’s just enough.

    Heck, I rather take HSPA+ over LTE on the premise that HSPA+ uses less battery than LTE. I usually check websites, maps, emails, Facebook and Twitter, don’t really need LTE for that…

  • junkie

    What the hell is going on in android world, just give us our usual nexus. We already have Note2, S3 and One X. we dont need more samsung phones

  • jonny

    why even bother making lower end devices….
    for the same price you can just get last years top of the line model.

  • Mike

    I don’t get why people are complaining. If it’s not coming to Canada, what do you care?

  • Michael Grabowski

    What’s the point?
    My Galaxy S2X from Koodo that came out last year has exactly the same specs save for the 720p screen and the Bluetooth 4.0.
    Oh wait, I know what the point is…to charge people who want JellyBean instead of sending it out to perfectly capable year-old devices.
    Damn it all.

  • yannickwolfe

    The android world has been confusing for the average consumer for a while now.

    Too many models of phone, too complicated naming scheme etc..

    Samsung just seems to follow in the same line with the Galaxy SIII, SII Mini, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Q and now the Galaxy premier.

    • jPhoneUser

      no average customer reads tech blogs and tracks all devices available. average consumer goes to shop and gets the device he wants. mostly goes to his carrier and asks for an upgrade.

  • Weston1975

    This is a nicer phone than the Nexus plus a micro sd slot and 8 mp camera! I have to admit I hate these new phones without the ability to expand the memory.

  • MattyMattMatt

    Damn, sounded good until I saw the speed of the thing…

  • TrickyD

    This isn’t even coming to Canada and people are STILL complaining about it. If you werent going to buy it anyway who cares about the specs?

  • TrickyD

    Haha looks like Mike beat me to it!

  • Sanjiro

    This might be a decent option for WIND/Mobilicity if the price is decent, their networks rarely go over 2MBps down/1MBps up, so not a problem if it’s only 14MBps HSPA+. I would expect this to fetch around the same price as the galaxy nexus, so maybe around $350. It does have a better processor and microsd, but i’m guessing it won’t come unlocked and touchwiz is more sluggish than stock android, also the galaxy nexus is pentaband, not sure if this will have it.

  • Zod

    Aren’t these specs pretty much the same as an s2? Give or take a little processing power and screen size?

  • Stuntman

    If you are going to come out with something different, at least make something with a landscape keyboard slider.

  • Cell Hell

    I wish my Galaxy Nexus had a micro sd slot. I have no room for music, especially since I value quality and prefer FLAC. I still have to carry my Clip Zip.

    That and the awful battery life are the two major flaws I deal with. Other flaws have been made less by jelly bean.

  • germaican

    Hey Samsung, great that you have a new product running jelly bean. I have a product that looks to have even better specs than the one above. It’s called the g3. It’s waiting for an update. Maybe you should put just as much time if not more into taking care of your current customers. This creates brand loyalty. A reason why people call apple customers iSheep. They are loyal to their brand and they even receive updates altogether.

    • Tomatoes

      Well, let’s look at it objectively. The iphone 4s didn’t get IOS 6 until 11 months into it’s lifespan. Iphone 5 probably won’t get IOS 7 for even longer than 11 months.

      You got your GS3 in June at the earliest and they are giving you an update in November at the latest.

      With the tight schedule Google puts on their OEMs releasing a new OS every 3 – 6 months or hiding their new OS and releasing it right after their OEMs finish skinning the older Android OS, I would say Samsung cares a lot more than you think they do.

    • germaican

      Wow, that’s the biggest load of BS I have ever heard. A lot of people are waiting for the update. 4S did get the update and so did the 4. They all get them at the same time is my point. Samsung needs to streamline the update process especially when it improves the functionality of their phone.

  • Nick

    Isn’t this virtually identical to the SIIX..aside from aesthetics ?