Rogers to launch their mobile payment service “suretap” on October 15th


  • AppleStockHolder

    Wow Rogers first to launch among Big 3. Damn!

    • NFCforDummies

      I will use the NFC in my phone to share apps and contacs but NEVER for banking!!

      If you have to have a CIBC account to use this: can anybody mention ONE benefit of this over “tapping” your debit card at the counter? I do that all the time!

    • anona

      1 less card to carry around, you’re less likely to loose your phone then your card, even if you loose your phone it always has a PIN protecting it, a card doesn’t always use a PIN, the credit card number on the phone isn’t visible in plain site like on a card.

      Just some of the benefits.

    • Jim.Shorts

      This is a mess. There needs to be a standard across all banks and merchants.

      Rogers/CIBC will do their thing, Telus/RBC will do theirs, and the list goes on. Not good.

  • Plazmic Flame

    More of a “Simulation” than a “Demonstration”, lol. Will be awesome when it’s in use. Makes ordering food real quick, love using my NFC credit card in Tim Hortons as people watch in awe, lol.

    • Rio

      Not having to carry around all your cards 🙂

  • EAK47


    That’s great for the 9 people using a 9900 or 9360 and they’re with CIBC across Canada…

  • mike

    How is this different than my BMO nfc sticker on the back cover of my phone that is had for the last 2 years? When people see me tap my phone to buy things, their minds explode.

  • Claudiu

    Yeah, but that means trusting Robbers enough to give them full access to my Credit Card details. That’s a tough one to swallow …

    • anona

      CIBC handles the credit information.

  • T

    Cash is king!!!

  • Ron Mexico

    Who cares? No way I’ll let Rogers control my purchases.

  • Kozbit

    Wouldn’t it increase the likelihood of getting the phone robbed? Especially if you are showing off the capability in the public.

  • S600

    Google Wallet? Any bank, any SIM, any NFC phone. What have Rogers, RIM & CIBC accomplished apart from artificially controlling a market?

    • Sean

      Agreed I really want Google Wallet here in Canada it seems like the perfect NFC wallet

  • Jesse

    Of all phones to use this with Blackberry?!

  • wewewi

    Are those LTE sim card, btw??

  • lei

    Before I do any mobile payment, I need to make sure, Rogers do not mess my bill anymore.

  • Matt Kim

    So does it mean everytime i purchases by using my phone will automatically get charged with fee just for using it. I bet rogers is trying overcharge bank fees just for ppl using it because its so unique that no one gives a f**k.

  • MER1978

    I don’t think a cellular company should be allowed to attach banking service to cellular service.

    Only companies that agree to design this for full mobile platforms should be allowed to do this… my phone has NFC and actually I already bank with CIBC through PC… why shouldn’t I be able to do something like this?

  • James

    We need Google wallet in Canada

  • EAK47

    @Wewewi: not they are not, there is no LTE Blackberry phone, only a tablet, well a wannabe tablet.

  • jihnjacibs

    … Yeah, much easier then using an actual credit/bank card. /sarcasm. Pulling out a wallet and inserting card is a better option then pulling out phone, unlocking it, opening payment app, waiting for sync, entering password and waiting for transaction to complete.

    I can’t be the only one who wonders why this is necessary. We won’t be not carrying wallets as we use them for id.

  • Shaggyskunk

    Why not just stick a nfc chip in your hand – don’t have to carry anything – lol

  • InfinitiGuy

    Seems only Blackberry is trusted enough to accomplish this type of service. With all the negative energy towards Blackberry, it’s still the most secure device available today.

  • anona

    I’ll stick to my Google Wallet.

  • OgtheDim

    Until there is a standard, businesses will not invest in NFC.

  • Joe Public

    ios, android and blackberry all applied to do mobile nfc payments only blackberry was cleared by banks and major credit cards to use Nfc payments. Android has light years to go to be trusted with personal data as every IT security firm has said its riddled with holes. Your wallet would be more secure in a gazebo for a week in a city of gypsies