Rogers and CIBC launching “suretap” later this month, will bring mobile payments to Canada with NFC-enabled BlackBerry devices


  • jva9

    you need another sim card? really?

    • NFCforDummies

      NFC is SUPER-Symple (TM) all you need is:

      An NFC capable phone,
      PURCHASE/get the right SIM
      HAVE a data plan
      have a min of 10% battery left
      Not being in a conversation
      Not downloading data at the time of purchase
      And that’s it!

      Those olde days where you had to go though the hassle of taking your debit card-and pay, are gone!(that you could put inside the case of your phone)

    • jack

      hahah i dont know if that was a sarcastic post, but damn that’s alot of work

  • TestMe

    You need to be a Rogers Wireless Client? really?

    • Cam C

      Or just wait until your service provider provides a similar service. Seems like a simple concept….

  • qu3becker

    You need a Blackberry device? Really?

    • NFCforDummies

      9360 is worth around $20 bucks

      9900 is worth around $50 bucks

      You simply tap the phone to let know the clerk that you are paying, leave the phone on the counter and leave the store.

      On the back-end of the process the clerk dumps the phone in the recycling bean and they ship them to Indonesia and South Africa, the only countries where they still like BBs

  • picks

    Still waiting for Google Wallet to hit our side of the border

  • HO

    So, this is good for 3 ppl…wonder who are the ones involv…never mind..

  • Yeria

    Retarded. Why should Rogers bless our phones so we can buy things only with CIBC credit cards??

    Rogers is a mobile service provider and just that. They should just provide an access to the Internet for the monthly payments I make. Why the f*** should they be allowed to care if I’m paying for things with my phone unless you’re a bank?

    Seriously, all these gate keeping done by ISPs should stop. It’s blocking innovation.

    • NFCforDummies

      Retarded?: yes, but it makes sense!
      It used to be called Triple play, but now that EVERYTHING IS DATA, they call it Triple Dipping:

      You pay a monthly fee to CIBC for your debit card
      You purchase/get the NFC-SIM-card and pay for DATA to ROGERS
      You buy more expensive phones with NFC.

      Gone are the days when you would lost your phone and your pics!
      Now you lose the phone the pics and up to $50!

      ….The crazy alternative is to use the debit card that you already pay for, it requires no batteries is power proof and you can leave it inside the case of your phone and use the Tap feature of the debit cards, I do that at the Supermarket all the time…I know it’s Crazy!!

    • Hardened


      Simple Google search will tell that that:
      Rogers has applied as a mobile payment vendor themselves (CIBC/MasterCard their partner),
      This means for purchases under $50 you do NOT need your credit card.

      Some things that hopefully will change are:
      Reduced Fees for using this method vs your credit card!
      Google having less power over your transactional data, along with AirMiles etc etc.

      Changes for the future:
      1 system payment for Products/Services including GoTransit, TTC (and other Canadian public transit systems),
      No more excuses for YOU to pay your mobile bill on time,
      (although I’m VERY curious if this will work ONLY on WiFi; doubtful as it’s nowhere NEAR as secure is RIM’s NOC).

      To BB haters … RIM’s NOC is the most secure transport medium which has NEVER been hacked! When it comes to your hard-earned Spinach trust it you will NOT be complaining then!

      BTW: RIM is still huge in Indonisia, Africa, India, Asia, Latin America, S. America, Egypt etc.

  • J C

    Over before it began.

    • NFCforDummies

      O.K. Last comment this SENSELESS thing is the:
      “Answer to a question nobody asked”

      It will be the 3D- of the mobile industry!
      Debit cards with “Tap” feature already exist on the current infraestructure now:
      Google wants your consumer behaviour
      Rogers want you to buy/get a SIM card and Data plan
      The Banks might charge you more for Bankingwith NFC accounts

      OR you can use your debit card!!

  • Derek

    still waiting for google wallet…

  • gwydionjhr

    Hmmmm, NFC enabled SIMs… pretty sure that’s the standard WP8 is going to use. I guess we’ll find out soon!

  • NFCforDummies

    Carriers are involved because they want to increse the ARPU and NFC requieres a data plan.

    And there is no !##$% way that you want to use NFC on the wifi of the starbucks or the supermarket!

  • Brian G

    Lets’ get real. The Canadian banking industry is not going to let Google bring Wallet here. Issuers need a TSM for NFC payments and Rogers is going to liaise that for them and give issuers access to the phones. Have any other questions?

  • Joe Public

    The banks and credit card companies only cleared Blackberry for being secure to use NFC payments as they also stated Android isn’t secure to protect personal data. This Monday another report came out about Byod tablet and there again Android failed with zero personal data protection even apples ipad came in second to the playbook. At least blackberry can get something right.

  • James

    We really need Google wallet in Canada to stop this bullshit