Update: Samsung Galaxy Note II available in Canada on October 30th


  • Paulman Chan

    YESSssss! Hopefully this means Rogers will be coming soon, too 🙂

    • Nexis is the bestist

      Phuk the note and phuk sammy.
      Get a nexis phone.

  • Kevin W

    Still waiting on a release date on the One X+! Looks like I’ll be waiting til November at least.

  • Cody

    Well htc has 19 days to announce a phablet or I’ll be picking a grey note 2 up!

    • JesseS

      My thoughts exactly…

  • Paulman Chan

    Btw, one of the biggest changes from the Note to the Note II is the switch to a non-Pentile matrix that is supposed to be really good 🙂 Also, LTE, of course.

    • mmm

      I thought note in NA always had LTE lol


      I have the original Galaxy Note & it has LTE so that’s not new. The G-Note 2 screen has less ppi so it’s slightly not a fine but the whites look much better on it.
      The main advantage of the G-Note 2 over the Original is the Processor obviously but the 2gb of RAM will be a great thing with so many features running & especially because of the split screen multitasking which will be a killer feature but also a RAM hogIm sure. Can’t wait I’m switching providers just to get my hands on the his second killer device. Anybody want to buy a 2 month old Galaxy Note? Lol – KID ANDROID ( Team.Android.Canada)

  • Hilman

    Might need to get this, my Galaxy Nexus is getting old lol.

  • Beso

    I hope it doesnt come with Telus preloaded bloatware! or Rogers one as well ….

    I guess the price will be around $650 for no term and probably $200 something for 3 years

    • John

      What telus bloatware?

    • crimsona

      Galaxy Note 1 was $700 at Rogers, $730 at Bell, $780 at Telus as per the MobileSyrup posting from feb 12. This may have changed after release, but I don’t expect that much difference…

    • jay

      My telus galaxy s3 has no bloatware. So I think the note 2 should be okay! 🙂

    • Will

      I’ve had annoying Rogers bloatware along with crap service, but will switch to Telus or Bell once the Note 2 is out.

    • everythingsablur

      Have you owned a TELUS-branded Samsung Galaxy device before? There’s practically no bloatware to speak of. My S2X came with nothing that was TELUS specific other than wallpapers.

  • aaron

    I want to know what the model number is. I need to see how ROM development for htis will be.

    • J


  • nely

    haha I found out before mobilesyrup

  • Max

    F*ck I want this phone! It’s just too damn big to hide at work 🙁

  • Cell Guy

    According to the Metrotown BB mall store, pre-orders start tomorrow at BB & FS stores.

    • Cell Guy

      Forgot to mention on Telus, Bell & Rogers.

  • Blaise Petric

    This phone has some really cool features that I would LOVE to have but I’m not sure I’m ready to give up a 1 handed phone experience.

  • Deke

    Will Samsung be bring Angels back to the Eaton Centre for the launch?

  • Roger

    J’ai très hâte d’acheter le Galaxy Note II.
    J’en rêve!

    • Pruowd Canandian

      Deport this trater now!
      And dont forgot qeubek!

  • Roger

    J’ai bien l’impression que Telus va avoir le Galaxy Note II avant Bell.

    Je vais donc passer de Bell à Telus sans hésitation.

    Je veuxxxxxxxxxxx mon Galaxy Note II.

    • Pruowd Canandian

      Go back to gibberishland trator!!
      deport now!!

    • Jim.Shorts

      Sad case this guy…

  • Ron Mexico

    Take my money already!!!!

  • Me


  • Ron Mexico

    No LTE? Boy you is crazy!

  • Mardos


  • Mark


  • astudent


  • EAK47

    Roger, you’re on an English website, why the hell don’t you speak English?

    BTW, don’t except to see a bloatware on that. Telus are the best for this, there is no bloatware like Rogers who put their crappy music, ringtones, apps and stupid stuff to download…

    – A guy from Quebec City.

    • Sly

      Quebec City ? Me too 🙂 cool!

  • Sly

    Being the proud owner of a Galaxy Note, i will not update my cellphone right away, but, if someone hesitate because of the size don’t. It’s actually big (that’s what she said) but its easy to manipulate with one hand. Don’t know if the extra size will change that… we’ll see. Oh and @Pruowd Canadian : Vas donc chier calisse (in good ol’ Quebecois)

  • yeow

    This is definitely a tempting device, especially when you compare it to the LG nexus rumours. Key point will be if custom roms end up supporting the stylus in the end. Hope so so.

    Any one know if custom roms Ended up supporting the stylus for the note I?


      I also have the original & I’m 6’7″ 300lbs with some big mitts & I feel nd the original just slightly too big to handle with 1 hand very comfortably(playing portrait mode games), but I hear that the G-Note 2 is or feels slightly narrower which is awesome. They did this by making the bezel on the same design of the screen thinner, which I’m sure thought was impossible since it’s so thin on the original but they’ve done it & I’m dying to see it. I highly recommend either the original or 2nd to everyone because really it’s not hard to get use to using 2 hands & the extra screen real estate makes gaming a dream(I like it better than tablets I’ve had).

      Oh a to those who say oh its too big Nexus for me, it’s not because it’s too big its because you can’t afford a $1000 for a phone lol jk – KID ANDROID ( Team.Android.Canada)

  • Plan Shopper

    Enjoy your whole 90 days of warranty.

  • Justin

    Does this mean smaller regional carriers like MTS, Sasktel etc will also get it!!! would be nice

  • saltorio

    I’m very interested in this phone. Hopefully it gets decent subsidized pricing from Rogers.

  • deli

    Already using it on Bell’s network!! Kudos to MobileDNA. Anyways, it is the BEST device I’ve used and I have used every Galaxy S series and Note 1 and various HTC and LG and Motorola these last 3 years.

    I am waiting to see if Mobilicity/Wind will get LTE enabled because T-mobile’s will. that will be awesome to get pentaband+LTE.

  • Ericson

    Did anyone get it today?

  • bert

    ummmm k uhhh i went to the store and they said that its not out yet?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Tony

    Coming out November 12th!