Maluuba for Android: a “Do Engine” with brains, brawn and a future


  • iphoneee

    is this compatible with apple maps?

    • Geoff

      Roads aren’t even compatible with Apple Maps.

  • Kevi

    Holy crap, the UI on this app is absolutely gorgeous.
    I quite liked Google Now, but with the way Maluuba handles my requests, I really don’t see myself wanting to bother with Google Now anymore.

    Unless Google gives me a miracle and somehow supports Maluuba as the *new* Google Now.


  • BS

    Looks a little bit like the interface formerly-known-as-Metro.

  • Cnote

    I’ll give this a shot. thanks for the tip

  • nrj4life

    I haven’t heard of this before. Just tried it out and it’s pretty sweet. I can’t comment on Google Now because I’m not on Jellybean *sigh* but this is great for those who aren’t either.

  • Andy

    HOly crap. I searched “best movie right now”, and it even showed coming soon.

    Siri couldn’t do that next to me.

  • Yeria

    It seems to be a pretty sweet app..but it still can’t match Google Now suggesting me with relevant information whenever I open it. Google Now shows me information even before I type or speak. Can’t beat that!

    Having said that, I think Maluuba answers questions a lot better than Google Now can at the moment, so maybe I’ll use Maluuba to have questions answered. It is true I don’t need my phone to “speak” the answer to me.

  • Nik

    Bet they get sued by Apple the moment they see any sort of mainstream success…

  • ASH

    I just installed the app, and I gotta say, it takes my breath away with its smoothness, and capabilities. I tested numerously, perfect responses almost every time. Extremely useful!

  • mauricio


  • Tim3tripp3r

    I just started using this app and I’m throughly impressed.

  • Craig

    Is this a joke review? Downloaded the app and right out of the box tap and ask for weather tomorrow….. Silence then error msg it couldn’t understand me? No matter how I spoke it couldn’t do any requests I tried even by altering and slowing my speech nothing worked. Pretty bad advertising for an app.

  • Acco

    They lost me as soon as I asked “When is the next BC Lions game?”. It can’t understand queries like that. I’ll return to Google Now/Voice Search for now.

  • Toto

    What happened to S-Voice then?

  • taa5926

    It was wonderful for about 5 minutes (used on an iPhone 4) now I can’t use the mic and it doesn’t verbally respond. I get a message that I am not authorized to use the App! I paid the $.99 for it… Now it is worthless!

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