Google now lets developers offer free trials with its Play Store subscription services

Google has expanded its Play Store offerings to allow free trials when purchasing a subscription to something. While mainly used for magazines, which aren’t yet available in Canada, the new policy will allow developers to add at minimum a 7-day trial to whatever product or service they’re selling. It will show up as a purchase of $0.00 in your Play Store invoice, which helps keep track of what content you’re consuming.

The free trial is available for apps, games and books, and will automatically begin billing the user after the allotted period using the credit card on file. This could mean that apps like Rdio could offer a free trial from within the Google Play Store, making using the service frictionless.

By cancelling the trial before the end of the allotted time, you will not be billed for that period; forget to cancel and you’re in for a month.

Check out all the details over at Google’s Developer Policies.

Via: Android Authority