Here’s the complete pricing of the upcoming Rogers Motorola RAZR HD LTE


  • Nib

    It’s nice to see moto has caught up to the competition. Hopefully their nexus phone will be equally competetive

    • BBMer

      Mhh.. its going to be MOTO-tough!
      $600 for the Moto; just the same prize of the S3!

      S3: is Lighter, has double the RAM, better Front Camera,
      16GB/32 internal storage vs 12GB for the Moto.

      MOTO: LOOKS better with the Kevlar and has a 2530mAh Battery vs a 2100 for the S3.

      Sorry but just for support alone and reselling value I would go for the S3!
      $100 is what kills the Moto! price it at $500 and I would get it; at $600 I will get the S3 in Brown this Xmas!

      Right specs (MOTO is the only manuf that cares about putting a good battery in a good-spcced phone!) wrong price!

  • Frank

    If one of you Canadian carriers get the MAXX, I’ll switch. K thx bye.

  • Raven66

    I was waiting for this phone. I love the RAZR line. Moto has a chance to become huge since Google bought them.

  • JB

    $99 for 3 year, $499 for a two year. How is that anything other than a middle finger?

    • BBMer

      The only thing that should matter to Canadians is the Banning of Three year contracts!

      It’s time to align Canada with the rest of the world!!

      Can you name a country; any country where 3 yr contracts are not illegal?
      -ONE yr Warranty and Three yr contracts?? WTF?? where is the logic in that?
      -Custumer: what happens to my $99.99 phone if it breaks in yr 1.1 to 2.9? you can RE-SIGN another 3yr contract..after you paid the difference of the price of the phone.
      -You know what? I will sign on a TWO year contract then!
      -That will be $500 sir, cash or credit??

  • GiO

    Garbage!! Another promised update of JB then will ditch consumers midway. Consumers are better off w. Google phones. Learn your lesson, dont get scammed!

  • jim

    Motorola can kiss my a$$ with their phones and the promise to upgrade them later

    • BBMer

      I’m not getting any phones that are not Nexus or Samsung (Nexus for getting the next versions the fastest) and Samsung for the support they will get and the Custom ROMS….and due to that,the reselling value!

  • Plazmic Flame

    Yeah, I’m with Frank! Whoever gets the RAZR Maxx gets my money! Also, this device was pointless because its identical to the Maxx aside from the battery size.

  • Random Canadian

    Why bother this phone will never see a major version update just like every other “flagship” moto phone.

  • Bob

    I think this is too late for a device with no significant improvement over the Galaxy S3 or the One X.

  • monsterduc1000

    Samsung or HTC Nexus will be my next phone. I got stung by 2 Moto’s crapping out on me, “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”. Never again Moto, never again.

    • BBMer

      Baby Samsung S3 announced on Oct 11!!

  • Rosco

    Hopefully upgrades will be early and often now that they’re owned by Google.

    • monsterduc1000

      Doubt it. Google only bought Moto in order to get their patents so they don’t sued…

      Moto will still be late or non-existent to every update party.

  • Osama

    Motorolla always had issues with batteries no?