Rogers and Fido LTE coverage expanded across Canada, now “reaches nearly 60% of all Canadians”


  • Justin

    Not on in Kingston. Work right beside a tower.

  • Mike d

    56Mb in north west London.. slower downtown

  • John Smith

    Kingston is live. I’m in Kingston and get 20Mbps down.

    • Justin

      Where in Kingston, I’m getting nothing downtown.

    • John Smith

      Division and Taylor Kidd has LTE

    • Porilaisten

      @ Justin – Verify that you have an LTE Sim from Rogers, also, they do have LTE Enabled plans, I’m not sure if they affect the service if you don’t have one though.

  • dylan

    I guess I should thank the iPhone 5 for me finally getting LTE. I wonder if it’s just lucky or great timing that robelus rapidly expands their LTE coverage within a month of the new iPhone release?

    I can’t wait for my Note II with the LTE built in to main chip so battery drain won’t be what it is on most devices so for.

  • AJ

    I thought I saw LTE at the top of my S3 this morning. Its live in Hamilton, you just can’t be in a basement.

  • Paul

    in London… at 730 am checked in northwest london – got only 3g – 8:30 am check in downtown london – got LTE with 25 down and 25 up.

  • TheDrake

    Still no love for Winnipeg 🙁

    • El De Grosso

      My girlfriend asked me to kiss her where it stinks, so I took her to Winnipeg.

    • Bob Bidurski

      Hey Grosso, have you noticed every time you sit in front of a keyboard some a*****e starts typing?

  • Miknitro

    Why so slack Rogers?

  • Xsever

    With 1 bar of LTE service in Windsor, I am getting 7 Mbps down and 3.4 Mbps up.

  • doug

    I’m getting LTE in downtown St. Catharines.

  • Francis

    I was quite shocked to wake up seeing LTE on my phone when I have been used to seeing 3G at home. They even fixed all the dead zones along my commute and have LTE the entire way to work!

    • Chris

      Ahhh!!! Using phone while driving!!!

      lol j/k

  • Troy

    Now if only I could get a 3G signal at all on the main floor of my house in Oshawa.

  • Max

    Still no LTE in Quebec city.
    I tried 2 locations, rebooted the iPhone5, reset network settings, etc..
    Rogers chat told me to visit a Rogers store to troubleshoot further

    • PhilAllmighty

      Got LTE in Qc city since this morning… Don’t know where you are but it’s up in Ste-Foy

    • Alex

      make sure you setup the right APN, only LTE enabled APN could connect LTE. Besides, make sure your plan enabled too.

    • Larry

      Your LTE may be turned off,In order to turn on go to “Settings” press “General” then 5th from top of screen press “Cellular” 2nd down says “Enable LTE” press to “On”.Thats how my Bell iPhone5 works.

  • Mokichii

    between 40 and high 50s download and about 12-20mbps upload in London Ontario. Sony xperia ion.6gig super plan

    • Paul

      Where in London are you getting these speeds?

    • Mokichii

      Cheapside adelaide. Downtown, And near whiteOaks mall. So mostly central London, North to south.

  • I Like Good Food

    Im in Montreal thinking of getting an lte phone. Been off contract for a few months and am waiting to see what the next nexus is like. If its good I’ll get one, if not I’ll get iPhone 5. Which ever is better.

    Montreal isn’t on that list.

    Can someone tell me If they are in the Montreal area or suburbs and if they catch lte? I’m
    I’m mtl obv.

    Thanks in advance!

    • PhilAllmighty

      LTE is up in Montreal since 2 months I think.

    • GrapeApe

      Uhhhh…… Look at the BIG PICTURE at the top of the Screen…. =X~P

    • Ehrand

      Montreal got the LTE coverage since the Samsung Galaxy S2 launch which was like in October 2011 ;p

      I have the galaxy S2 LTE from Rogers and it’s super fast!

    • seb

      when they firt lunched LTE. they did in 4 cities. MTL toronto vancover and somme other city i dont remember but MTL was the first city to get it.

  • Elektrovaporx

    I’m in Victoria (Langford) and my iPhone 5 was switching between LTE (1-2 bars) and 3G last night. Download speeds were around 8 Mbps. Woke up this morning with LTE (3 bars) and download speeds of 21 Mbps, upload speeds of around 8 Mbps. This is fast!

    • gjeff12

      They’ve had a few spots with lte for about a month. By the hospital I got 42 mbps down and 12.5 up. Much better than Vancouver

  • Sunny

    gotten around 40 Mbps in downtown windsor

  • Brian

    Nothing in Saskatoon yet and I’m definitely in the coverage area

    • Bob Bidurski

      Try turning your phone on, stupid!

  • Evan

    I barely get LTE in Hamilton by the 403 & Centennial when I’m at work but the moment I head back up the mountain, it’s gone. My speed test reached 12 Mbps for the brief moment I was on it.

  • cdub

    Nothing in Edmonton. flashed LTE for a second, but back to 4G and about 2mbps.

    • GrapeApe

      If you’re only getting 2Mbs on 4G then you’re either too far away from a tower (LTE strength tends to decay quicker) where your 4G is that slow; or your device is the impediment (make sure it’s actually capable of LTE, it’s not going to pop up on an HTC Magic).

  • steve

    As expected the east endow London seems to be getting the shaft no LTE but unfortunately I’m not surprised by it ….load of bull!!!

  • EvanKr

    What? Seriously? NO plans for Winnipeg? There’s plans for Regina which is a quarter of the size of Winnipeg and in the middle of effing NOWHERE, but still no plans for Winnipeg. COME ON!

    • Brian

      Rogers doesn’t want to put their staff through the horror of being in Winnipeg perhaps

    • EvanKr


      Yeah, after they saw the hell hole that Saskatoon is, they didn’t want to risk it.

  • cdub

    I’m a bit sick of Rogers. They say live in Edmonton and pretend they cover the city. Their map covers about 40% of the city in little spots.

    I’ve been waiting months for this and we still get spotty coverage. Even the HSPA+ is half the speed of Bell.

  • kinwolf

    My GS3 shows the LTE icon this morning(Qc City) but download speed is far from spectacular, 6,6Mbps to 8Mbps for download, and still 500K top for upload(capped?)

    Doesn’t really matter to me though, the 4G speed (4-5Mbps)was more than fine for my daily usage.

  • tric

    55Mbps in London northeast end of the city.

  • tric

    In London…. 54Mbps in the Huron and Adelaide area… 49Mbps Huron and Highbury area…….. 22Mbps downtown..

  • tvirus

    no LTE for Winnipeg!? and MTS got it already!? F*ck you Rogers sincerely from your top sales rep

  • gwydionjhr

    I’ll give props to Fido for at least being super accurate with their coverage maps. I live in a tiny little pocket in the centre of Victoria that is not covered by LTE. Bell on the other hand leaves the impression that every square inch of Vic will get LTE.

  • JellyBeaned

    No love for Sarnia. We hardly get any of the good stuff out here.

  • bradz

    no LTE in ajax on fido with iphone 5 what is this ! come fix this up ! i just get 3g service !

  • abc123

    Okay, so someone remind me why they need the 700Mhz spectrum again?

    • GrapeApe

      Same reason as las time. Rural reach of 700Mhz (versus 1700/2100/2500/2600) and not parsing existing capacity.

      It’s not like anyone else is going to make use of it, especially not Wind who has no intention at all of expanding beyond the profitable metro locations.

    • abc123


      I’m sure they are not finished expanding their LTE. If and when they do, I suspect their LTE will reach 90% of canadians. That leaves approx. 10% in the rural areas.

      Do you really think that it make sense, economically speaking, to pay a billion dollars for prime 700Mhz spectrum to reach the remaining population? Would you pay a billion dollars just for spectrum and no antenna deployments or a billion dollars to build more towers and use existing spectrum?

      the rural area excuse is just that… an excuse to hoard more spectrum and restrict competition.

  • Vlad

    Samsung Galaxy S3 on Fido in Windsor getting 48Mbps. Fido unfortunately did not have any Micro LTE SIM cards for sale in Windsor so I had to resort to buying a full size LTE SIM card and cutting it down… ghetto!

  • jeff

    Its live in Saskatoon avging 17 down but only 1up. Not the fastest but better than HSPA. On OneX with CM10.

  • relevant84

    @Tvirus right, we allll believe you’re the top Rogers sales rep. Maybe in your store. Or mind.

  • John

    I’ve got 4 bars of LTE in Guelph.
    Not sure if it’s permanent or just another test.
    21.15 mbps down and 10.9 up.
    On 4g I’m getting 2 bars for 1.57 down and 0.70 up.

    • Dylan K

      It’s permenant, don’t worry!

  • John

    Just moved a little bit and hit 5 bars.
    25.8 down and 13.59 up.

  • Allan

    Barrie is confirmed as live. LTE running super fast!

  • Dylan K

    Conestoga College in Kitchener, Ontario. Rocking 21.4Mbps DL and 11.8Mbps UL. Freaking ZOOM.

  • Nib

    Only downtown Calgary is covered by rogers but telus has the whole city covered.. pretty embarrassing for a company that prides themself on their network

  • Jason

    Contacted Rogers after this article came out. All the representative could tell me is they have a list of cities where LTE is launching in October and Winnipeg is not on that list.

  • pacalis

    Oh ya, 5 bars, 44 down 9 up in Edmonton.

  • Andrew

    I live right by a dead zone in the east end 🙁 hovering between 4g and LTE all day

  • Lyndon

    Got it in Edmonton depending where you are of course. Outside city limits it is sporadic.

  • gurnblansten

    London – Had it at home and on the bus-ride through UWO, got downtown to office and nada, ZIP back on 4G. Honestly, Rogers is a pain, if you can’t get coverage in the core of a city where major business and the major cross-section of population traverses daily what is the point. The only two majot towers in the city get next to Zero coverage and major users within these spaces. Oh well, walk-about needed to see where it “can” be used and enjoy wi-fi for free wherever possible. hopefully getting to Montréal where the bar should be set higher!

  • Dave

    Winnipeg is too small for LTE??? Bigger than a lot of cities listed as already having LTE.

  • Alex

    Got 25 down/15up this morning at my house in Kitchener, and 15 down/10 up in University of Waterloo. I heard someone got 39down somewhere in K/W

  • pophead

    LTE sucks my left nut.

  • tric

    lte working downtown London for me..

  • Daniel

    The LTE coverage is absolutely horrible .. Did not work in Burlington by 403 and burloak till about it Finally kicked in around the 403/qew junction worked all the way up the top of the mountain by Ancaster then it went away again this is pathetic . You suck Rogers ! 60% is a crock of s**t .

    • techie 01

      Idiot your plan likely doesn’t have it, and you blame Rogers or you need to reboot your device or make sure its on automode Noob!

  • I Like Good Food

    Thanks for the replies guys!

  • billy joe masterson

    Windsor, the complete stink hole on Ontario, has no LTE for me currently. S3, LTE sim, APN, etc..

    If anyone could post a location for where they are getting LTE service that would be freakin’ sweet.

  • billy joe masterson

    @Vlad — where did you get LTE service?

  • Betty Koyle

    Perfect, early for bb10!

  • IciOnParleFrancais

    Uh-oh – it looks like the ads within Speedtest are violating Bill 101. How does Premier Pauline feel about that?

  • T1MB1T


  • Paul

    anyone getting LTE in northwest london? I’m near gainsborough and Coronation and no LTE (even though its on the coverage map). I go 1 block away, and great LTE. Damnit!

  • tric

    I get Lte in the Black acers area just north of Gainsborough 40Mbps when I was their earlier today.


    To Get LTE you have to have:
    1. LTE Sim Card
    2. LTE Data Plan
    3. LTE Device

    good luck guys! 🙂

  • Betty

    No 4G LTE near Masonville London Ontario (you think their would be service near the Apple Store)

  • Mike

    LTE was working for me on my S3 at Masonville Mall in London…

  • Jay

    I tested this yesterday on Hamilton Mountain w/ my iPhone 5 on Fido. I had 5 bars of LTE and was getting 12.5Mbps down and 19.06Mbps up. Not bad.

  • 2dfx

    Been getting LTE in these areas months before Robbers did on Bell…and not paying extra for “LTE plans”.

    Ditch your awful carrier, people.

  • John

    Use an ad blocker or edit your hosts when taking a screen shot…

  • McGoo

    What happened to Rogers LTE coming to Winnipeg by the end of 2012 ???. When did this change ??

  • Steve

    no lte in my area in Kingston Ontario. I live near johns deli and i only get 4g. In the west end by the cat center i get lte. what the frack is going on rogers??