Latest CyanogenMOD 10 nightlies add over-the-air update support

The quest for mainstream acceptance is a difficult one for CyanogenMOD and its open-source peers. Users have to sift through countless forums and lists of instructions to learn how to root and hack their Android phones, often with distratrous results. While the initiation process is getting easier, it’s still not as easy as we’d like.

CyanogenMOD has been great about installing features for existing users that make their lives easier. They had a Do Not Disturb mode long before Apple or Samsung, and integrated quick settings into the notification bar long before HTC. Now, they’re bringing back a feature from CM6, over-the-air updates, with a hardier back-end server to provide the speed and reliability users expect from their ROM downloads.

The menu is available from the Settings/About/CM Updater screen, and while the app won’t push updates to your device, it can be set to check once daily or several times a day, and is granular enough to search only for stable versions, or download nightlies, too.

The feature is available in the latest CM10 nightlies based on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, and you can check compatibility with your device over at get.cm.

Source: CyanogenMOD (Google+)

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