HTC One S now available at Mobilicity for $499.99


  • JustMeAndMe

    You just have to love Mobilicity. If for nothing else then for their phone prices which are always the best.
    Way to go Mobilicity!

    • S2FTW

      Good for Mobolicity, but its hard to compete with the Koodo SG2x prepaid for $300 ouright with $50 pre paid card.

    • Jay

      This article is also a bald face lie.. Mobilicity may sell the phone for $499.99, but that’s only A PENNY less than what Fido sells it for outright, and with Fido you can get Canada-wide calling, without a stupid zone, on one of the best and fastest Canadian networks available.

  • Dalex

    Wow, they have black Micro-Arc Oxidized version? I’m jealous… That device is in the running for most stunning smartphone on the market. Great pick up for anyone on Mobilicity. Too bad we don’t have it in Quebec :(.

  • DarkNite

    Good for Mobilicity, but there are very little reasons for picking them over Wind.

    Mobilicity’s plans are cheaper, and their phones are cheaper when buying outright (no Tab, however). I’ll even give customer service advantage to Mobilicity as well, though how often are you going to call them anyway? Aside from that, what else is there, really?

    Advantage: Wind, but I want both of them to stick around for as long as they can, for the sake of competition.

    • JustMeAndMe

      I agree with you. Too bad that Mobilicity is not increasing their coverage area.
      For now it makes sense to stay with Wind but buy phones from Mobi.

  • Drone

    This phone has Pentaband support right?

  • Android FTW

    The galaxy nexus is still a better deal at $350 IMO.

    • Jim R

      Unfortunately, Google, in its infinite wisdom, does not sell the Galaxy Nexus to us northerners.

  • hoo dat

    Meanwhile, WIND is charging $50 too much for its SIII, $50 too much for 9320, and a whopping $150 too much for its RAZR V! Tony used to brag how they would never make money on their handsets and treat all customers equally. Odd how pre paid customers have to pay for post paid incentives through over priced phones.

  • aregularonhofo

    WHO CARES! Mobilicity is dying and their service is awful, what clown would spend this amount of money to use on their pathetic network and data speeds that are simply a joke…the only azz kissing troll left on supporting these losers is bluenote73 and we all know what Cory N is all about. Regardless what phones are sold we should be promoting Wind Mobile and not the hypocrites at Mobilicity who have proven to be 100% dishonest. All their CEO’s have disgraced our Telco industry and some fools complain about the Big Three. Join Wind and not opportunists using their Subs.

  • Adam

    On Tuesday September 11
    2012, WIND Mobile will launch the HTC One S for $99 on WINDtab with the
    WIND40 plan, $299 on WINDtab with the WIND25 plan or $29 Back to School plan, or $499 outright.

    On Tuesday September 11
    2012, WIND Mobile will launch the Blackberry Bold 9900 in white for $99 on
    WINDtab with the WIND40 plan, $349 on WINDtab with the WIND25 plan or $29 Back to School plan, or
    $549 outright.

    • 6billiondollarman

      Will it be available to existing customers is the question..

  • ActivesiN

    that is a good looking phone

  • Hooligan

    Excellent phone

  • Adrian

    When I was with Mobilicity (up until last month), I ran the One S as my phone of choice. Unfortunately, Mobilicity’s service is oversold (confirmed with tech support) where I live which caused it to lose data and voice services randomly (and for up to an hour at a time).

    A great phone is compromised by a lousy service (for me anyhow). The data speeds will still be slow. I miss my One S since I moved back to Telus on an S III but it’s definitely a good phone for a good price.