HTC One X+ specs leak, suggest modest hardware upgrade plus Jelly Bean on board


  • duw

    >same 1800mAh battery

    did I tell you the story of how some guy’s stuck in downtown Van with a One X-T3 at 40% battery and nowhere near a socket, at 11am? Change that to 10:30am and we have the X+.

    • S2FTW

      OEMs just don’t get it!!
      A succesful phone has to be BALANCED!!
      CPU vs Battery (Quad core with less than 2000mAh??-FAIL)

      Screen vs Battery (4.7″ and less than 2100 mAh?? – Fail)

      CPU vs RAM ( 1GB RAM was OK in 2011, now for a Quad phone it
      should have been 2GB at least)

      Just look at the new Motorolas, with mid-specs and a 2,000mAh battery on a 4″ screen and 3,300 on the 4.7″!!! Get a phone like this and you will have a phone for the day, get an HTC One X and you better get an app that helps you find the closest AC plug!
      Any phone released now onwards with 4″ or bigger and less than 2,000mAh is a FAIL!

  • Gsizzle

    Terrible Battery Life for a quad-core.

  • cybik

    “presumably an updated version of the excellent Android skin the company worked so hard to improve in previous releases”

    I lol’d.

  • mehmeh

    Football is awesome! He’s the one that leaked the ICS RUU for many HTC phones 🙂

  • Dalex

    The bad news in this story is that the current One series of devices will get their JB update in December… What is the hold-up? I don’t really care since JB is available now anyway if you know what you are doing, but its still annoying in the sense that it should not take this long for a simple update. At least push Sense 4.1 to the masses since it fixes the hiccups the device has.

  • sak500

    LOL you can’t even carry a spare battery. Glad i went for S3. Now with leaked JB updates being thrown in every day we have 833mb usable RAM from 773 in ICS. Samsung’s got good devs and support system.

    ONe X+ or one X x2 will all fail..

  • Felix

    My one x lasts me a whole day. Only power saver I do is turn my internet off when I’m not using it. Perfectly happy with battery life

    • kris

      And I would bet you are using the north american version with an s4 which is dual core on 28nm. tegra 3 is quad on 40nm. Tegra 3 is not good for battery life.

  • roman20

    I’ll take JB, but you can keep Sense, and you’ve got yourself a deal HTC.

  • 6billiondollarman

    what they’re doing might not be revolutionary but in comparason to what’s out there, it’s still a pretty good looking phone inside out..

  • Paul

    Guess that means that the original version is going to stay on ICS as Jellybean requires the upgraded processor to run Sense on top of JB?? Lol.

  • bob

    This will be the One X for T-Mobile.
    Canadian AWS carriers could get it too.

  • max

    htc should just update the one x to the latest OS, rather than making another “+” model.

  • poopypants

    Still no SD card slot? I bet if they did that one simple little thing they could keep up with the Samsung G3 in terms of sales… that’s the one dealbreaker I bet a lot of other people like me have with this beautiful phone.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    releasing the same phone with slightly better specs? Apple is already rubbing their j*w hands getting ready for another 1 billion dollars off the law suit

  • Ron Mexico

    ” will receive their Jelly Bean updates in December, likely long after the Galaxy S III has receives its own.” Relevance? Samsung fanboys much?

  • mattprime86

    ^”Jew hands” I’m dying!

    • DickJones

      Probably have your phone decorated with Swastikas.

  • kris

    This is a pointless phone. The previous international model used a 1.5ghz tegra 3, what happened to HTCs one brand and focus on less models. This is such a minor upgrade and for only little clock speed but more thickness and same 1800mah battery and not even 2gb of ram.

  • boojay

    Yet another fail by HTC. These high-end “phablets” are simply TOO wide. This is precisely why they’re failing in the market. They purposely water down their actual phones (ex. Desire X) and keep focusing on the WRONG demographic. I guarantee if they built these specs into an actual phone that’s comfortable in the human hand that their sales will go back up. Alas, it seems they like going extinct.

  • Adrian

    I love HTC’s Sense UI over Samsung’s, however, HTC needs to get it together. A 1GB phone is very much 2011. For a flagship device, it needs to be 2GB. This was the reason I moved from an HTC One S to a Samsung Galaxy S III (instead of the One X). The other issue I have with HTC is their lack of support for the product; Jelly Beal is “coming soon” and then nothing more is said. For a company that’s in serious danger of falling by the way-side, such actions as releasing the One X+ without 2GB of RAM put them at further risk.