Apple opening 26th retail location in Canada this weekend (Apple Store Bayshore Shopping Centre in Ottawa)


  • lukeiphone

    And how is this a news? This is like any other business trying to expand.

    • BB

      I agree, I noticed Mobile syrup has tons of android articles lately and lacking anything with content for apple other then, September 12th iphone 5 speculations or new stores. Its probably a slow day and they need a filler.

  • lefe0102

    At least bayshore has free parking…better then the rideau centre!

    • Wilbour

      Have you seen the “free parking” at Bayshore lately? It’s a mess.

    • lando

      You end up paying for parking with the prices Apple charges.

    • lando

      Hope you don’t get mugged. Sketchy area of town.

  • Jay

    I’m glad we have an Apple Store in the west end of Ottawa now.

  • Wilbour

    I’m holding out for free pants, I have lots of cheaply made t-shirts already

  • JustMeAndMe

    Only good thing about their stores is that they provide employment to Canadians.

    • jPhoneUser

      using the money they ripped off from canadian ?

  • Zzz

    That free limited edition t-shirt will go great with my iphone in the Starbucks across the street… Surely worth spending 10-15 hrs overnight

  • #yoloswag


  • XR999

    Well that explains that “mysterious” store they were building on the first floor and with parking at Bayshore already a mess, this isn’t going to make things easier. Also when Christmas rolls around, hold on to your sanity people, you’re going to need it to shop at Bayshore.

  • tj

    120 billion in cash and counting , and they want to give a loust T shirt for waiting overnight

    Much smaller stores and companies , have door crashers and free gifts and free gift cards etc , when they have a grand opening of a new store. They also give food , face painting , games for kids etc.

    Stop being so cheap Apple and reward the sheeple and fanboys when they lineup

  • Roger

    Should have been in STL or Orleans.

    Bayshore is such a ghetto.

  • Mike

    It will be delayed until 2013

  • Mike

    I would give more details, but mobilesyrup is censoring my posts, and won’t allow me to post the details. This website is garbage, they censor all your posts

  • dillengerescape

    24 months from now: Apple has closed 26 stores due to budget cuts as Apple has lost 4.6 billion last quarter due to no market demand for their products.

  • Mike

    Iphone 5 isn’t coming until summer of 2013, huge delay

  • Mike

    No more Samsung parts for their sh@ty Iphone

  • Mike

    Apple messed up with a bogus lawsuit against Samsung and ultimately ruined the relationship, and samsung pulled out from providing them parts

  • Mike

    @ Roger St Laurent is more of a ghetto than Bayshore. There’s huge problems at st laurent lots of crime happening there. Lots of shoplifters, credit card fraud, assaults, etc. Bayshore is a little more quite and a more family oriented shopping mall. St laurent you can’t go there alone or you could get robbed by criminals. Specially inside the Oc Transpo tunnel at St Laurent.

    • skippypaccino

      @MIKE…LOL WTF you talking about? I’ve been at that mall for years and never had any issues. Its a well maintained lot. I Believe the train yard outlet mall is stealing its attractiveness. St Laurent is just a small mall. Bay-shore is mega mall. lol. Orleans would be the only viable option or build a actual store on the train yard site. lol.

      Why would anyone rush in on the 8th? The next iPhone wont be ouy till after the I hope this time apple lovers look at whats out there before jumping on the next iPhone.
      “BUT itS got 3 cameras it must be better!”

  • Mike

    @ Roger they wouldn’t put a Apple store in Orleans cause they already have a Apple store a rideau centre. They placed an apple Store at bayshore so they can service everyone in the west end. And rideau centre for everyone central and east end.

  • jen viv

    I plan on laughing at anyone lined up outside an apple store before the latest phone release.

    • skippypaccino

      For sure. Lol. The next iPhone wont be out till after the 12th. That’s what you call a moron. Lol.
      ” I would like to buy this Phone?” Mam you already own this phone. Come back in 2 weeks. But but but I waited all night? That’s what makes you AN i Sheep. 🙁 at Least YOU GOT A T-SHIRT.
      Women leaves happy but confused


  • Tim

    Apple will hold a conference on September 12th, to tell all the Isheep, We are very sorry to make you all wait, but because we messed up with a bogus lawsuit against Samsung, so we lost our relationship with samsung and we can longer get parts from them, so we are very sorry to inform you all that the next iphone will be delayed until summer of 2013 so we can have the time to hopefully partner up with a another company we did not piss off, but it will take us some time, cause we pissed off a lot of companies over the years. So bare with us in our time of need and desperation. Take care