HTC One S Review


  • Sean

    A really great device though I would rather see more of a middle ground between the One V and the One X. This is just as high end as the One X and i would really of liked to see a $400~ no contract One model.

  • jellmoo

    I’ve been using the One S for a little while now and it is by far my favourite Android handset to date. The size is perfect, the quality superb, and the phone just zooms. No stutters, no lag, no issues scrolling, just pure smoothness.

    I personally prefer it to the One X which feels a little too big. In addition, I’m a sucker for an amoled screen, so the S just looks better to me.

    Sense 4.0 though, is the real winner. It is elegant, simple, highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. Sense 3.0 looks utterly garish in comparison, while Touchwiz looks downright ugly. A case can be made for stock ICS, but to me, Sense 4.0 is even nicer.

    The GS3 will certainly win the spec battle, but there is something to be said for the awesome user experience that the One S brings, and I see it still being my favourite.

  • got this a week ago and satisfied about the device. only problem is my battery lif. it will last the whole day but i noticed that my Screen Battery usage is always above 70%.. is that normal??

  • Kevin

    An absolutely Sexy phone. Only wish it was closer to 450 than 600. That would be much more realistic as a mid range. Still though, some great features ALMOST justify the cost right now.

  • Bob

    Seems like a really good product, especially if the out-right price isn’t too high.

    Could anyone confirm if this phone would work on Videotron in Qc?

    • bob

      No, it doesn’t support the AWS band.

  • one more thing, i really need to get a case for this phone. i think this phone is slippery and needs a little grip. i saw some photos from xda that fell down just 3 feet and the screen totally cracked. they should have put some hole on this phone so that we can attach a lanyard. i hope there is a good casing for this phone where i can also attach a lanyard. willing to sacrifice the thinness and the design of the phone just to protect this awesome phone.

    • Daniel Bader

      Check out Otterbox Commuter for the One S. We’ll be doing a review on the case soon.

  • ag

    I have it. love it. amazed at the battery life. this phone is must have!

  • TKG26

    To the poster asking about 70% screen usage. yes this is normal. screen usuage will always be the biggest consumer of power.

    My htc desire for today reads 53% display 23% voice calls wifi 4% browser 4% ect ect ect

  • PkaTka

    Great phone!

  • stace

    Is anyone noticing horrible WiFi and network connections. I’m with Bell and it will be four bars then dump to none.

  • Pahech

    I imagine the rear plastic is necessary for the radio.

    Too bad about the lack of NFC though, because I personally think there will be a lot more use for it in the near future.

    Honestly though, the only thing that the One S is worse than the One X is the screen and the lack of NFC. Otherwise, they are virtually the same device. qHD isn’t an issue for most people, but pentile definitely is. A lot of people gets annoyed “seeing” pentile, and the resolution isn’t high enough to mask it compared to the 720p SAMOLED panels on the Galaxy Nexus/upcomming S3.

    I wish there’s also the shutter button on the One series though, because HTC traditionally does that very well.

    This is a fine phone, but not entirely worth the upgrade from the Amaze or Sensation just yet.

    • Daniel Bader

      Yes for the top piece of plastic, but the bottom piece is made of metal on the international version. Not sure why it was changed for the NA model.

  • Brad

    Good review, but I do have one correction: The MSM8260A does support DC-HSPA+, also Telus’ website does list the One S as “Up to 42 Mbps download speeds”

    • Daniel Bader

      Thanks, changed.

  • zoooooom

    does this phone work on wind / mobilicity / videotron?

  • ML

    I believe the One S is indeed pentaband, but that was the US version last I heard. Not sure about the Canadian one.

    The bigger question is whether the One X is pentaband!

  • Richard Y

    Love this phone, perfect size and fells graeat in my hand. I was ok with not having LTE.
    I was planning on purchasing two until I found out that NFC was not included. No point in purchasing a phone that I would be stuck with for the next 3 years without NFC.

    • Broski

      Do people even actually use nfc on their devices around here? I’m not even sure many people know what it is or what it does…

  • me

    @Daniel Bader: Is there any way that you can test this to see if it works with Wind/Mobilicity? (and therefore pentaband) Of course, it is important to know which carrier it originally came from too. Thanks.

  • 2176lukin

    OK, this phone is not a mid-range, it is à high-end device! Look at all the tests results ! So it can’t be 400$. For me, it is the Best device on the market right now. For how long? Who knows!

  • Joelb

    I was dead set on buying the black version of this device. I played around with a One X at best buy and couldn’t get over how gorgeous the screen was. In the end I picked up an unlocked Tegra 3 One X. I felt 16 gb of space just wasn’t enough If I was going to use this device with a lot of media.
    A part of me still wants a black One S with over 16 gb storage.

  • Tomatoes

    Is it just the phones that I play with? Because baht he One X and One S on sense 4.0 sputter and lag like crazy. Mainy in the app drawer but it is still there and extremely annoying. The weather lock screen in sense 4.0 lags occasionally too.

  • zzzZZZZzz

    Had this phone for a few days now. One minor issue I have with the One series is the lack of a menu button. 15min later after rooting, I got a ROM which has a menu button 🙂

    I love taking pictures with it, interface is snappy and I can actually see the screen in direct sun light (coming from HTC Sensation here).

    One X, while it has somewhat better specs, is just too big for me.

  • optimusthethird

    When i first got the news that the NA model one s will only come in grey aluminum, i was underwhelmed.
    But now the colour and design has really grown on me. but i still prefer the black one s over this and the white one x.
    and though i have quite small hands, i find the one x to be quite comfortable and pocketable as well.
    All in all i think the one series is probably htc’s most competitive line in about a year.

  • Miknitro

    I was going to buy the first black One S, I saw.
    Then I seen a white One X, I can’t stand white phones btw and still bought the One X.
    My bud has a One S, it’s nice and all, but clarity over colour won me and still does.
    With that said, the One S battery life because of the Amoled rules over the SLCD in the X with higher resolution.
    So you have a choice, and a win-win either way you go as they both are sweet phones.