RIM will eventually release six BlackBerry 10 smartphones (3 all-touch and 3 physical QWERTY/Touch)


  • Steven

    Will they really?

    • Dre

      They will…in 2025

  • LOL


    • EvanK

      No only is that an idiotic comment and I have NO respect for the people who say it, but you’re not first.

    • Simpson

      Unfortunately for RIM they won’t be around to see all 6 get out the door.

      RIP RIM.

  • Al

    Keyword: “eventually”

  • hi

    There are two phones that will be released, the three touch phones and three qwerty phones are just different chipsets (same phone, just different chipset to work around the world with different carriers), and same goes for the qwerty. In the end there will be one qwerty and one touch phone.

  • Brandon

    Looking forward to the releases. The hardware won’t be ground breaking and I don’t expect to see a major difference with the look and feel. For me, the OS is the main part. Kind of excited to see what’s in store for BB10 and RIM as a whole.

  • Derek

    “similar in design to the iPhone.” … *Lawyers like their lips*

  • Derek


  • imjohnh

    “Eventually,” our Sun will become a red giant, incinerating Mercury, Venus and Earth.

  • Arid

    Really 6? I thought they wanted to cut down on how many models they had cuz consumers were confused…

    They should only focus on 1-2 good models instead of a bunch of mediocre ones like now

    • BB

      Exactly they are still going to produce different models with same os, just different hardware. Example the curve. I can’t wait, I keep having people telling me there old blackberry is crapping out and people tell them to get an iphone, but hopefully some blackberry users have patience and wait for the bb10. I will.

  • sickpuppy

    Just 3 would be enough , One flagship , one lower priced , one full qwerty .
    Keep it simple .

  • CoryB

    More like one motherboard, two input methods, three internal storage capacities, equals six phones.

  • Rick

    Give them a break, they obviously made some mistakes and now they are trying to fix them. No one is perfect!
    I for one will always support them, we need to back our own Canadian companies, look at the Koreans they all have Samsung phones. Let’s show some support

    • BB

      well said.

    • Graham

      I originally thought that way, but now I feel that just because they’re Canadian doesn’t mean that I should support them in spite of their bad design/business decisions. Just because it’s Canadian doesn’t mean it can suck.

  • natasha

    GO #RIMPIRE!!!!

  • Kevin

    Not sure they really need 6 devices.

    1 Slider, 1 Touch and 1 keyboard would be the maximum needed in my opinion.

  • OgtheDim

    6 devices allows for exclusive contracts. (see red Samsung GSIII)

  • Airbus

    Where is the “Is it BB10” guy

  • Rich

    Hopefully it can load some android apps like the Playbook can. As long as it can do that, then I’ll seriously consider a swap as I’m more loyal to apps than anything.

  • SDS

    I for one have always gravitated back to Blackberry. The simplicity of the software and it is the right fit for me. However, the masses that think that they need all the bells and whistles (that they’ll never use) in a device is mind blowing. It all breaks down to who has the coolest device and let’s put down the rest.

    I for one am excited to see what they’ve come up with. Time will tell if they’ve made the right decision to delay BB10 as long as they have.

    Long Live RIM.

  • Kid.Canada

    As soon as the all touch version is out, this iPhone 4 will be on Kijiji!! Hurry up RIM!!

  • LeafsFan77

    6 makes sense.
    2xLTE/UMTS (all-touch & keyboard)
    2xCDMA (all-touch & keyboard)
    2xUMTS only (all-touch & keyboard)

    iPhone has 4 models currently available:
    1xiPhone 3GS (UMTS)
    1xiPhone 4 (UMTS)
    2xiPhone 4S (UMTS & CDMA)

    Personally, They should work with 4 units, not 6 (ditch the UMTS only).

    • Habs_Les Glorieux

      leaves suking balls since 67.
      ha ah ha!!

  • Nathen

    Whats the stock of RIM at now ?

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Is it BB10?
    Did I do it right?
    I know I’m an Apple guy, but I can fit in with the fun and games with the other phone jokes!


    • Porilaisten

      Go throw up

  • OneX Rules

    Get us one new phone with BB10 already, 6 months waiting feels like 6 years and all those old BB phones will be replaced with something else by then. I look forward to BB10 being a slam dunk and resurrecting RIM back into THE GAME, but most will be skeptical even if the next berry will cook your lunch it will be hammered hard by the press…

  • Cell Hell

    Still not loving my Galaxy Nexus. If the new BB10 is better I’ll get one.

  • BMaz

    People, its not that difficult.
    1 All Touch, 1 Slider, 1 Fulltime Keyboard, then you have a ‘Curve’ version and a ‘Bold’ version of each = 6 devices.

  • Fanberry10

    Super excited!!!

  • v

    i love how everyone needs to add there opinion of how many phones and styles rim should release lol no one cares what you think, let rim do there job and you do yours (flipping burgers & collecting bottles) RIM 4 LIFE !

  • kingboo

    This! This is BB10!

  • juneboy


  • Andy

    Am I the only one that saw Ben Johnson in the contact list?

  • craig

    well, my wife, who loves her blackberry but needed an upgrade badly, is sticking with her new Galaxy Nexus. I told her to try it, she did, and she’s hooked.

    Blackberry’s time has come and gone, they had the chance but now, I’m afraid, it’s too late. I was a previous BB owner and I loved mine but it does not compare with ICS. BB10 will be plagued with problems, watch and see … it’s a first version of the software.

    Sorry RIM, there are too many other BETTER choices out there.

  • Dustin

    Nice cover Heins – re removable battery made to appeal to heavy users.. Everyone who’s ever owned a Berry knows their phones require a daily battery pull to make it work decently for another few hours.

    A Blackberry without a removable battery would be a unusable brick.

  • BB

    i also love how all smartphone users have battery issues not just blackberry. Iphone users are always charging and so are android users. All the same if you ask me. The more you do on your phone the less battery life unfortunately.

  • Wahid

    This is amazing. They really need to reschedule the release & bring them out this fall. The way blackberrys function is really outdated, & their software needs tuning to match the competitor. Even Playbook OS 2.0 isn’t that great. Also, Blackberry apps are overpriced as well, they need to aim at a more low cost app market for consumers.

    This isn’t 2007/2008 anymore, there are other devices out there, & those devices do much much more than what Blackberries currently do. We need other reasons to get a blackberry besides Apps.

    Go RIM!

  • AppDriod

    AppDrioders are alarmed!!!

  • steve

    they should really release these during christmas time… after january, nobodys got the cash to spend.

    • BB

      i some what agree with the money not being there for consumers, but corporations will have no problem buying the phones in the new year. I can see the companies getting them to test and the word spreading from there. Also it wouldn’t matter if they got it out this Christmas anyway most users won’t rush into buying it anyway until reviews are out.(solid reviews) As long as they have it out for next Christmas with new updates they should be ok. but thats my opinion.

  • mooyootoo

    I did’t love the BB options avaiable, so I grabbed the only android slider I could find when my old BB bricked (I blame my corporate IT for messing with the BB’s software). Set up my contract though so I’m free to upgrade in Feb – should be time enough to see where BB10 stand. Here’s one android user that wants his BB back. Unstable OS, no thanks. Sure I can root it, but what for? And who actually does that anyway?