Public Mobile launches the Android-powered ZTE N860 for $249


  • Beso

    What a joke $249 for a chinese branded Android phone and Gingerbread OS … uber fail IMO

    PMS (Public Mobile Sucks)

    • SDS

      Hey Beso, you seem to have an opinion about the device, but have never used one. How about you drop what device your using and give it a try before you start to badmouth it.

      BTW, how much is your monthly fee, and how long are you locked in to your current provider…..Just wondering???

  • Beso

    SDS My current monthly fee is $70+tax but I do get a hell load of stuff with that $$$

    Also my phone works everywhere I go .. inside building, basements, malls and it has very tiny dead spots!

    and I will never touch a chinese phone let alone an actual chinese product!

    no offense to the chinese ppl!

    • sds

      You seem like a very educated guy that can use math, but your geography is way off because every phone is built in asia. Yes, even the iphone is built overseas. So when you make comments like that, make sure you’re not making yourself seem stupid.

    • hoo dat

      Beso, crack open that supposidly superior phone of yours and take a look see as to how much of it is made in China. The only difference between ZTE and most phones is that they’re assembled in China as well as made there.

  • Nahuel

    I agree with Beso, I work for Rogers and I see Public Mobile costumers pissed off switching to Rogers almost every day. Plus ZTE its a low price smart phone, you get what you paid for, bad network and low end phones.

    • steven

      I guess thats why Rogers sales results are declining every quarter

  • Mark

    How ironic, a chinese phone that clearly a knockoff of the Korean Samsung Galaxy S, which got its “inspiration” from the Iphone.

    The “me-too” mentality definitely lives on.

    Lawsuits, anyone?

  • puzzled

    What is with every public mobile article that turns the comments into a fanboy club?

    Nobody gave this company a chance and they seem to be doing amazing for their old spectrum and lower end phones.

    • Grover

      Probably employees from other carriers who feel they are doing a great service badmouthing everyone else. But I agree PM posts seem to draw even greater vitriol from those posting.

  • vn33

    I don’t understand why people b*tch about PM and its phones. Public Mobile is not aiming for the people who pays $70/month, who wants the latest and greatest $600 phone, and who absolutely needs their phone reception to be “inside building, basements, malls and it has very tiny dead spots”. We don’t live in an ideal and equal world, and for many people, mobile phone is a luxuty.

    Give Public Mobile a break ! If you have to b*th about them, remember you are not their demographic target. At least they serve the population segment who otherwise would not be able to afford it!

  • joeyc

    Great website but not many smart ppl commenting….what a shame

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    Have any of you actually checked out Public Mobile’s monthly pricing plans? They are outrageously overpriced, even more expensive than Wind and Mobilicity! This is outrageous considering the poor quality of their phones (worst in the world imo) and their already dead and buried rented cdma network.

    • MobileMonkey

      I am outraged by your outrageous overuse of the word outrageous.

  • hoo dat

    Throwing an almost competent phone at a crappy network is not going to cure Public’s data speed woes. The problem lies in the network and you could have an SIII but still be crawling along. Public should stick to what they do best and that’s plans for those who at most would occassionally use data.

    • Grover

      Are you PM user? If so post your speeds and compare them against the competition. If not, then ….

    • hoo dat

      Grover, I had the dubious honour of using PM’s services in Montreal for 10 days after my phone was stolen. The idea was to use the service while I was there and replace my phone once I got back. At no stage was I considering PM as my main carrier for a variety of reasons, not least of which was their coverage area.

      So yeah, I may not have a Speedtest result or what ever to throw at you but I didn’t need to know how slow I was going; freezing pages, constantly buffering videos, pages failing to load and emails taking an age to send gave me all the information I needed.

      PM user? Then prove me wrong. You must have the proof, surely. If not, then…

  • Mr. Reliable

    I actually spoke to a PM rep last year about internet speeds.
    He said that they had compared with an iPhone, and it was about the same speed, more or less 10 seconds per loaded page.

    So yeah, shitty laggy speeds.

    • kris

      The iPhone is a device not a network or speed. How fast a iphone or equally any phone is will be determined by the carriers capable speeds

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    Guys lets get real here, even boost mobile and cricket have better phones than public mobile. 711 speakout even puts public mobile to shame. At least they carry name brands in the mobile market.

    • steven

      Boost sales this phone in the US as prime Android entry level phone at $189

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    If you buya phone of public mobile you are chained to public for the lifespan of the phone. Public phones are not compatible with any other carrier.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    Only a fool would plunk down nearly 300 clams for the public mobile flagship monstrosity that is the zte.

    • MobileMonkey

      Did putting your comments in three separates posts make you feel like you would get your trolling out any better?

  • Threader

    This newest PM Android Phone wil go on a firelsale in no time.

    Like all their other phones this one should be 50% off the bloated introductory MSRP by October.

    No one in their right mind would pay $250 (plus 15% Rape tax) for a PM phone.

  • Nan

    I want to know more for the battery life. I tried to use PM device, but after 1 mount I went back to Bell. The battery wasn’t polymer and I start having a headache from the side I’m using my cellphone. The price plan is good but the network quality is not enough. Anyway whenever they have some good phone with good network I’m ready to pay bigest price for better service. Hope this day will come soon. Bell, Rogers and Telus are creepy companies…PM is good solution. I wish them to give more quality on the market…. Is there someone who checked the new phone?

  • Patrick G

    I have the ZTE n762 from PM for 8 months now and I’m 100% satisfied ! This phone is a great quality and very fun. It is fast and I had a lot of fun rooting it. PM network is very good, it is data unlimited, I send sms to friends in other countries for no additional fee. I pay a very reasonable 40$ per month for all this. That would be at least 100$ I guess anywhere else.

  • Alex PMI

    The new to us n860 from zte is a great phone. Identical to a samsung galaxy with a snapdragon chip and 4 gb internal memory and a free 4 gb extrnal card.

    Speedtest came back with a very respectable 947kbps download and 932 kbps upload.

    PMI has come a long way and is headed on the right track!

  • Sersoft

    After 6 months of being a PM customer, I finally get to throw my crappy ZTE N762 at a wall and then pour gasoline all over it…. as for my ZTE N860, already rooted and running a rom made by Boost users, it works perfectly, tether and everything! 😀

    BTW internet speeds are related to # of users per tower, when i am downtown its around 600kbps at its worst, then I go to the suburb where I live and get the maximum 2400kbps download and 1500kbps upload on speedtest app, no joke. My friend has Bell 4G service 3584kbps and he pays 50$+ for 500mb/month.

    • Alen

      Can you help me root mine Sersoft

    • pew

      Sersoft , myself aswell have not been able to use thhe boost rooting methods, can you send me some info on how you did it? plz!!!

    • Richard

      Sersoft, i have been looking hi and low on how to root this zte n860 from public mobile with no luck can share how you got it done…..thanks alot!!

  • unknow cat

    guys image public mobile with the option to have true acces modem high speed connection at home ulimited.. how bell and videotron going to crash

  • captain raynor

    that would be insane speed and download and same payment each month wow

  • ryan

    i just got the new ZTE N860 today and it is fast!!!! and i got a 100 bucks off and i got unlimited talk,text,3G data,Long distance, plan for 12 months that’s a whole year and only 30 bucks a month Android is way better then apple and public mobile is wicked never ever had a problem always leaving money in my pockets 4 video games and everything else I know people with Rogers or Fido and they are locked into stues
    And they have Internet but can’t use it cause they go over their data and can’t afford it lol never ever have to worry about that with public mobile and spoke people are dumb they love a name and wont to throw money and be poor tell me what an I-phone does that I am not doing? Having a creepy computer talk to me? See i am online typing this long story and don’t have to worry about eating up my data I could do this forever thence public mobile your wicked! !!

  • lphylosoph

    Ive got a rooted zte n860 and its work like a charm!ive got alwais around 1 to 2.75 megabyte second…i got illimited call txt anx data…siren music…35$ each month…b4 my zte i was having and iphone happy whit my zte. Send by zte warp n860 warp cream sandwish roms. Pm rock and for all troll know its maybe less fast…but its also 10000% more honest and valuable

  • lphylosoph

    Big ps…amost everybody ask me if my n860 is a galaxy s3 when they see it how is work and how its look. Boom baby

  • lphylosoph

    Pps…after you root your phone you ca overclook you cpu to 1700 can even run xp on it ( yes real xp but very slow) i do in average 10 gig each month and b4 i was having the n762(bof bof)
    And if you google a litte you can have internet on anyting anywhere 🙂

  • Avro Arrow

    My first Android device was my ZTE N762 from Public Mobile which I’ve had for about 4 months. It’s a great first Android device because it was very cheap ($79) and very easy to use. I think that the N762 was a great device for introducing me to Android but eventually the ARMv6 single-core 600MHz CPU was feeling insufficient, not because it was slow or because it didn’t work, but because it doesn’t support flash (can’t expect much for a $79 So, when Public Mobile had a big promotion on the ZTE N860 Warp, I snapped it up. WOW, I love it. You really can’t beat a superphone for $150! My friend has a Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Bell and he was REALLY impressed with the Warp. Sure, his Galaxy has a 720p display but you can’t really tell one from the other because the screen is only 4.3″ in size! I nicknamed him the “Mobility Snob” because he was like “Don’t get the N762, it looks too cheap, it’s going to be crap!” but after a month of me having it, he had to admit that getting the N762 for $79 was the deal of the century. Now even he is looking at switching to Public Mobile because he’s so impressed with how similar the Warp is to his Galaxy Nexus (I think he’s also sick of paying $60/month under contract…lol). I’m keeping the N762 as a spare just in case something happens to my Warp. Let’s keep this in perspective people, the way any touch-screen phone looks and feels is based on the OS and Android is Android no matter what the stupid brand-name of the phone is. If your sense of self-worth is based on the brand-name of your “made in China” phone (even the iPhone is COMPLETELY made in China), then you should be geting an iPhone, not some “other brand” running Android. (That last crack was for LowPricedFrenchCricketHo. LOL)

  • raza

    hi there,
    i am thinking to have public mobile zte n860 with unlimited date but few questein in mind is it best choice with price,3g data is enough fast service is good or not any one help or any opinion

    • Avro Arrow

      Raza, I have no problems with signal or data speed whatsoever. I’m perfectly happy with my N860.