RIM’s 2013 roadmap reportedly leaks online: London, Nevada, Blackforest, Nashville and Naples


  • Lukeiphone

    So what exactly did they accomplish this year 2012? How not to go bankrupt?

    • Zombie

      “Seems to be some pretty cool stuff happening… we just have to wait another few months”

      -What exactly is happening?
      $99 Playbook and nothing new. RIM has to clear all the OS6 and 7 devices.

      -“Have to wait a few months”?
      July 2012 to February 2013 with $2B is going to be Loog EIGHT MONTHS, not “a few months”!

      RIMM is $7.50 with a Market Cap of $3.86B and NOBODY has bought them yet? why, because all you have to do is wait one more and you will save one Billion dollars; or wait two months and save $2B…or wait for the next Q report and….

    • Dave

      RIM’s 2023 roadmap?
      Somethings that never changes with RIM – BIG MOUTHFUL!

    • Rryborg

      Rim’s roadmap leads to a dead end sign

    • RIM?

      Stock at a new low, time for more BS “leaks” LOL

      Honestly, no one cares at this point, this company is dead, sooooooooo dead! COME! Let us sing, fart, dance, urinate and poop all over RIM’s graviola!

    • Just when you thought

      Just when you thought RIM was dead and was nothing but a rotting corpse………..YOU WERE CORRECT!!!!!!

    • Winchester 2 = iPad Killer

      That Playbook 4G, Winchester 2 is the iPad killer. It really is, no really, it is. HAHAA

    • Spikedlemon

      This is what’s wrong with RIM: failure to execute.

  • Vic

    When your company cant keep an internal document “Stictly Confidential” thats how you know the company is in itself, a joke.

    Sorry I used to be a RIM supporter and still own a Blackberry, but really, this company is just a joke now

    • Jordan

      Come on now… This is the most obviously intentional “leak” I’ve seen in months.

  • Alex

    They forgot the one called “Bankrupt”. Though can’t force myself not to say that London looks promising, can’t wait to see more of this.

  • APR

    I was a RIM supporter as I wanted a Canadian technology giant to prosper and create more employment. However, with their attitude, It has become impossible to root for them any more. I am still carrying a BB Torch supplied by office and it is giving me frustrations all the way. If I have to spend money from my pocket, I will not buy a RIM product any more. No concrete dates, No tangible confidence building measures and only speculative leaks from so called reliable sources. Sorry RIM! I have given up on you!

  • Proud Candadian

    Go get some RIM and get some CAnada!!
    Ya Baby Yaaa!

  • Frank

    I was an avid blackberry user from 2009-2011, but i switched to android (Galaxy S2) and don’t regret it for a minute. Love it. I wish RIM well though, I’d like to see them succeed. But BB10 has to really wow me to make me wanna come back (and others who switched to other platforms). I think that will be their biggest challenge.

  • Jim

    I think RIM should just pack it in. They were great but that time has long since passed.

    They’re like an over-the-hill athlete trying to play a professional sport while other players are in their prime.

  • JDX

    Unless the new phones can compete directly with the new S3, iphone5 and other high end phones, I’m sorry to say but RIM will probably be dead in the water.

    From the updates, it seems like BB10 will have substantial software but it must be near perfect at launch. No ridiculous missing pieces like email. Hardware wise, dual core processors, <5mp cameras, low res screens etc will be mocked. Any less they may as well stop production.

    Good luck RIM.

    • JDX

      I should say dual core based on cortex A9 or less.

  • Matt

    The author doesn’t seem to be very familiar with BlackBerry. The OS2.1 upgrade for the PlayBook will be coming within the next 1-3 months, I say up to 3 because it will most likely be launched with the new upgraded 4G PlayBook. The late Q1 or early Q2 is the PlayBook upgrade to BB10, as is clearly stated on the roadmap. Good luck RIM! They’re a great canadian company that has done much for this country and I hope they pull this transition off!!!

  • TigerRex

    I have been using BBs since God knows when, and have two sitting on the table right in front of me right now. I am not a teenybopper, nor am I an airhead – I am a successful business owner, who gets things done quickly and efficiently.

    To this very day, I haven’t come across anything that would outperform my BB (currently a 9900) when it comes to BUSINESS related activities, and not playing Angry Birds, or texting gossip back and forth.

    I’ve always been a serious cellphone user, and have always used a serious cellphone. Those who know would understand.

    Time is money, ladies and gentlemen.

    • AppleRulz!

      What a nerd!

    • hah

      i think he proved his point….applerulz….business might not be important to you, but good thing you probably have a trust fund to afford all of you products

    • Angus

      You are quite right, but also sadly right. It appears there are far more pleasure users on BB and BBM than business users right now, seems to be their problem as evidenced by all the troubles.

    • GrapeApe

      Yeah it’s still the best at enterprise, but it needs to move it’s timelines forward, delays are killing it, and that’s despite having solid hardware. It’s like Palm, good platform, but stagnation will kill you if others can monopolize on your stagnancy.

      If they had hit the summer target or even early fall, I would’ve said they have a chance, now it’s seriously too little too late when people like myself have a current BB but won’t update until BB10, and even then maybe to Samsung or the WinPhone8 platform as likely better near-term options.

      99000 isn’t terrible, but it is long in the tooth, and the apps are slow compared to the latest powerful android or efficient Windows phones, and iPhone5 is not going to make anything easier either.

  • Bb

    Still looks good to me…. What more can a phone doooo.
    I mean….other then navigate, send email, BBM, text….it’s almost like phones should replace our brains

  • yerallnuts

    Until ‘the rest’ can provide a physical keyboard they will be and remain toys – the Android & Apple devices are a pain to type on. BB makes BUSINESS devices, the rest build TOYS for consumers.

    I read about RIM making buggy devices, yet my Bold hasn’t needed a reset except to initialize apps since I got it a couple of years ago.

    I wish them luck, but the reality is that the press has poisoned the market for the company.

    • AppleRulz!

      Yup you keep telling yourself that, while IPone sells billions of units, and makies trillions of dollars anually!

      Who’s laughing now, doofus?


    • ihurt


      You’re an i***t. A fine example of isheep stupidity and arrogance at it’s peak.

    • JDX

      @AppleRulz! Everyone would probably be laughing at you or pitying you for such a uneducated answer.

  • Tyfux

    RIM makes solid devices. All the execs and managers at PCL use Blackberries. Sad thing is they need sales volume to survive. Business users alone aren’t enough, they need to appeal to the average consumer. Ie big screen, apps, fluidity, etc. Half a*s phones just won’t cut it (latest curves). They need to find a balance between the functionality offered and the correct price point.

    They would be better off reducing the profit margin just to obtain the sales volume.

  • Kevin

    I thought we would see the 4G Playbook in the summer? I would like to get one.

    • kman

      I’ve got a 64gb playbook and I have NO idea why anyone would buy a 4G version. No apps at 4G is just as lame as no apps at 3G. I really like the playbook hardware and os, but the craptastic app situation is a total killer. Its AWFUL.

  • ace

    soooo they delay launch of new products till after christmas… when nobody buys anything… and expect good sales? bad bad bad bad bad marketing…

  • ASH

    you talkin to me?

  • chris

    To be honest, I get lots done on a BB, copying n pasting between facebook and twitter. I *won* an android from this very site, and see how it can DESTROY all ranges of RIM’s devices (most especially OS5/6 ones), but I continue to use the Torch on OS7.

    The company’s got a tarnished reputation and a maligned goal: They’re trying to promote os7 but then bb10’s supposed to come out…yet bb10 is now late so now they have to sell os7’s.

    Guess what? Toying with customers will hurt sales. Best thing to do? Contact every and all OS5/6 users out there and get them on OS7 devices. Work with the evil carriers to get them off their OS5 contract.

    For those getting a new OS7, work out a deal that makes going to bb10 free or…something. You can’t just leak out documents and expect devices to sell themselves.

    • alx886

      You hit the nail right on the head, if you’re up for a hardware upgrade, do you buy a phone that you have potential to upgrade or a phone that is already as far as it can go?

      This is the thing RIM doesn’t understand. Had they released a phone that was compatible with BB10 but ran OS 7 for now, that wouldn’t be too bad, but the bottom line is that the phone you bought yesterady is alrady as good as it’s going to get.

      Free upgrade is out of the question but if they expect BB10 to be out in 6 months let’s say, well, then everyone who buys a 9900 for example can later upgrade to a BB10 device for 100 bucks, just send in your old phone, that’s an incentive, or figure out a way to relase the new hardware and make it upgradable to BB10 that way people know, this is what I got now but in a few months it will get better, but right now there’s no incentive to buy their products, even blackberry fans are in a “wait and see” position and therefor aren’t upgrading, and those that can’t wait end up with an Android or an iPhone. I can’t believe people at RIM can’t see this as clearly as many of us on this site and many sites around the interwebs see it.

  • alx886

    @JDX come on man he’s 12 leave him alone, don’t you remember when you were that age?

    • JDX

      lol if he’s 12 then thats understandable. Sadly.. I’ve seen adults with that mentality and level of education.

  • alx886

    @JDX well I’d like to assume he’s 12 ’cause if we have members of functioning society that act like that we’re in as much trouble as RIM 😉

  • Mark

    So what has rim released this year? Playbook os2 and a BB10 teaser? Step it up. By the time we see the FIRST BB10 phone people will already be bypassing that for the iphoney5s and galaxy s4

    • Peter

      Actually, the iphone 5 will launch in October and the galaxy s4 will be launched 2-3 months after bb 10 devices. I think they are in a bad position.

  • limited inc.

    This was supposed to be 2012. Does rim have a back to the future time machine….Q3 and Q4 = 0$$$ from new products… Yes rim you might be able to live off the title of your loyal customers including the grand I flushed down the toilet supporting bb 7 devices, PlayBook and BES data fees and licensing but now that I have an androids and iOS devices, I see nothing to motivate me to buy anything else from RIM. Your applications on the play brick are also a joke. Yes I do have Berry Rage but wouldn’t you?

  • OgtheDim

    Is this like the strictly confidential stuff that said phones in September?

  • Informer

    We will never see these devices. Rim will be bought out before that happens. Pipe dreams, all of it.

    • Yuvi

      I don’t understandhow is it beettr exactly? will i see my photos beettr on a smaller screen, does dexter seem less scary?my wife has an iPad and it is pretty damn cool.today, what can i do on a blackberry, or a Galaxy (funny i thought that was a UK Ford Van with window) that i can’t do on an iPad.because the difference between reality and possibility will mean folks will never buy, but always wait for the future. and never buy because of reviews that tempt of beettr to come, same old computer megga bytes discussions or megga pixel camera discussions.in the mean time the timid wait. and i have a cool iPad ok my wife does ..you pays yer money and takes yer chance as with everything in life.the difference is that if you want to sell on eBay apple products hold their price all the other stuff drops like a stone in the sea.what is it called? ‘total cost of ownership’?

  • nick

    … cant rim just die already so we can get BBM on real devices and stop hearing about blackberry…

  • aregularonhofo


    • Jewel

      One thing i have to agree with you, honeslty an iPhone or iPad that is not Jailbreak is rllaey lame. Thank God the possibilities when you get jailbreak makes it a better Entertainement phone. But without Jailbreak, other phones like HTC, Samsung, BB etc.. are much fun as well as is the iphone or iPad. And I think the BBerry Pbook will work well. I got an iPhone and planning to buy a tablet and I think it will be either Samsung or Pbook from BB. Cheers

  • Mr. Bill

    Ever since I owned mt Treo 700wx, I always wondered what BB would be like. Especially when MS dropped WM, man that really pissed me an others off. Anyhow I was tempted to buy a BB a couple times, but something always stopped me whether it was common sense or just the feeling of they were never going to catch up to the others.
    Either way, after learning how buggy some are, an their present status, glad I didn’t throw my coin away on them.

    Good luck RIM, I believe you may need it.

  • Darryl

    Let me just say this sucks. Really had my heart set on upgrading to a BB10 this fall. Now it looks like I’ll have to use my upgrade for the SG3 unless something else comes out between now and fall other than the iPhone.
    I have a feeling RIM is really going to miss alot of N.American and European business because of this and with 2 or 3 year contracts the ripples will be felt for awhile.
    I really hope they take all this time to get the battery right. If they can get close to the famous RIM batteries of the past and not like the last generation of devices, that will help. But they really need to get some of the bigger players on side such as Skype and Netflix!
    Hopefully they’ve thought this through and are coming out with an amazing product that’ll be worth the wait!

  • Pahech

    I’d rather they do it right and late than release it early and get it completely wrong. After all, this is their last big chance to recovery, so RIM must get it right or risk fading into complete irrelevance.

    • OgtheDim

      They may do it right in February, but nobody would care by then.

      And they are just as likely to be bought out by then, given the stock price.

  • a4a6

    Put BB10 on the bold 9900 and it will sell fast

    I for one would like this BB10 on my 9900!

  • Angus

    Microsoft is waiting for RIM to be like Palm, and buy it for 1-2 billion because they really want to declare war on Apple, and need more ammunition.

  • Dewey

    This list is nothing but vaporware.