Complete pricing of Rogers 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook


  • ZStraw

    At those prices, I’m not sure how “highly anticipated” this really is. I guess time will tell.

    • RicksE

      BlackBerry Failbook LaTE


    RIM just keeps shooting themselves in the feet.

    • skullan

      @Shaun Lee

      64g vs 32g, minus $50 – agreed.

      poor system, minus $100 – subjective, lots of people consider Apple’s iOS to be a poor system.

      no apps, minus $100 – Again, subjective. The question is whether or not it has the quality apps that people want, not “Laser Ninja 4000 fruit ginsuing complete with malware!”

      10inch with 7inch minus $100 – agreed.

      I agreed with your pricing, I’d say around $300 as well. I just don’t agree with your reasonings for it.

      It should be interesting to see what the teardown costs will be for it.

  • Mitchell

    My questions are: Where is the pre-hype for this device? Other then guys reading tech pages there is no marketing or any real announcement to get people interested in the device.

    Obviously they learned some lessons with the original playbook launch by only having a 32GB model and likely building much smaller quanities but the price still seems to be a little high. At these prices its trying to battle the Ipad again which it wont win even if I enjoy mine.

    What does RIM consider a win with the sales numbers. In the year and a bit the old one was out they only have 1.3 million in sales. Is 400,000 per quarter good for them? 600,000? or in a year if 1.5 million sell is that good?

    Really, In the end I want to see BB10 so I can make a decision when my contract runs out if I stick with Blackberry or move on to another company.

    • Shaun Lee

      the price still seems to be a little high

      ~~ oh dear, this is not “a little”

      it is heavily overpriced!~

      lets compare 64g ipad2 wifi+3g with this:
      64g vs 32g, minus $50.
      poor system, minus $100.
      no apps, minus $100.
      10inch with 7inch minus $100

      so, the reasonable price should be 649-50-100-100-100=300…

  • kman

    That’s a lot of money for a device with hardly any apps out for it. The new nexus 7 inch is way way way better. Hell, my old galaxy tab 7 gets used way more than my 64gb Playbook does.

    Sweet os + no apps = fail
    Sweet os + no apps + 4g = fail

    PS .. any release notes for the new pb update? I’ve installed it but don’t see anything different.


    349$ on 3 yrs !!! 🙂 rogers should take pictures of every person who gets this tablet for this price. and post it in hall of blame .

  • Bobby

    RIM is an i***t.

    • Raid

      Yea you tell that guy!

  • BBA Brian

    first off… stop blaming RIM for this pricing as carriers pick their prices

    second off… HOLY FU*K thats way too expensive. I am a hardcore BB fan and I cannot recommend this tablet in the slightest at that price point. You will have this tablet a minimum of 2 years with the current Rogers upgrade cycle. If you share data thats $10/month over 24 months. That makes the complete cost of this device $600 over 2 years. CRAZY! I can buy wifi playbooks for this cost!!!

    • BBA Brian

      sorry… I can buy 3 WIFI Playbooks for this cost!

  • NienorGT

    The WiFi PlayBook already have trouble to sell and now they are releasing this LTE version without any enhancements other than a small CPU bump? (Unless the new CPU is a Snapdragon S4, which is unlikely due to the RIM and TI partnership)

    • 2dfx

      It’s not a Snapdragon sadly, it’s an OMAP 4470.

    • Jesiie

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  • Nomes

    I am a RIM supporter as well and want them to succeed. But the pricing is high.

    I understand the carrier set the no term, but RIM could have pressured them to have it lower. I am not going into the unreasonable it should be 300 off contract.

    But here is a far price. Since we have 3 yr terms :(.
    449 – No term
    379 – 1 yr term
    249 – 2 yr term
    149 – 3 yr term

    • BBA Brian

      very good pricing structure.

  • No BBM

    This is a cellular device so why isn’t BBM baked in? If it had bbm that would be a strong selling point, a year late with no BBM = Epic Fail Time. What’s the point.

  • EmperumanV

    I rather get the Note 10.1 with mobile network, even though its pricier since its not out officially.

  • juneboy

    rip rim

  • Sean

    I don’t think its highly anticipated at all with those prices.

  • Sean

    Is it just me or does it look like the penned in the L on the LTE? They could have just re typed that lol. I just found that funny, stupid Rogers

  • trolling187

    not sure if serious

  • Tenpines

    Untill they come out with a 64g with a micro data card slot – not interested – have a hotspot – in no rush for this model – why not a 164g or larger

  • Jon

    I like it. Price point the is fine.

  • unreal

    You guys like to complaint a lot.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE MSRP $650, $100 more than the rumor LTE Playbook price.

    HTC Flyer 4G MSRP $650.

    Galaxy Tab 4G LTE 10.2 MSRP $630.

    Droid 10.1 LTE $630.

    Apple iPad 4G $730.

    LTE Playbook rumor price $550. It looks like a competitive pricing to me, unless $550 is greater than $650, $630 and $730.

    Wait and see the contract pricing.

    lol, someone compares the Wi-Fi version with the LTE. Obviously, he doesn’t care about the LTE and faster CPU, so he should just stick with his cheap Wi-Fi, as he can not afford the LTE.