Sony Xperia “Mint” surfaces online, packs 4.3-inch display, 1.5GHz dual-core processor and 13MP camera


  • Sir

    It’ll still have Sony’s software and build quality, which is too bad. Could have been a decent phone.

    • Abe

      Sonys software and build quality is actually one of the better ones in the Android world…i take it you never owned a Sony phone before.Sonys problem is that they come too late with there phones.

  • bulletwithbatwings

    I really wanted the GX/hayabusa. What is this 4.3 inch screen garbage we’re getting instead? 4.6 is a bare minimum nowadays. The worst part is that aside form the small screen, the specs are really good with the standout 13mp camera. WHen will Sony get it together and learn to fully compete??

    • Rio

      Lol 4.6 bare minimum? You like big phones, doesnt mean the rest of the world like the them too.

    • bulletwithbatwings

      Actually, I take my comment back. Engadget showed a side by side comparison between the Mint and a GSIII and they estimate it’s closer to 4.5 inches whiich looked good enough. It’s definitely the better looking phone.

    • EvanKr

      Look at Apple, 3.5″ display and they sell hundreds of millions.

  • Patrick

    Sony is still pushing out new phones with Android 2.3! They should stop putting a new phone in the market every month and work to make a phone up to date!

    • Patrick

      Oups, did not read all the article… Tehy did do that. lol

  • Dalex

    4.3 inch display is a nice sweet spot for many people, but the bottom part where the ‘Xperia’ is is too large and seems wasteful. Pictures of it next to the S3 make it look almost as big with a smaller display which makes no sense. Still the specs at least seem to bring Sony up to par… That is if they release soon and not 6 months from now like they usually do.

  • eh0K

    Hmm, the pics with the SGSIII on the source link make it look bigger than 4.3 inches…either way, I hope they put an S4 chip in an Acro S and bring it to this side of the pond, nothing like a phone you can take in the shower!

  • mad1982

    nice features

  • highfive

    WoW! I like this phone. No. I don’t like this phone.

  • Ron Mexico

    It’s actually a nice phone, launched this month it would do well, 2 months from now not so much. Too late.

  • Tomatoes

    Very disappointed. I was hoping they would have used the screen they used for the HTC One X and I was hoping it would use the S4 pro like rumored and run jelly bean. Then I might have traded in my S3 for it.

    It also doesn’t look as nice as the Xperia S. fail

  • Rob

    This phone would be competing with high end phones that are out now, but since the phone hasn’t even been announced yet and usually it takes Sony at least 6 months to bring out their phones AFTER they announce them, it would be a long time till it’s out and by then this phone would be to little to late for it’s debut.