BlackBerry 10 will come with picture editor features, similar experience to Instagram (Video)


  • Harold

    More smoke and mirrors. Nice try r-i-m
    Time is up. R-i-p

    • Pollop

      Just die already rim. You’re delaying your enivitable death

    • Yukalitis

      Be scared apple and google. Be very scared…

    • Brain

      This is an Article about somewhing showed in May 1-3 (BBworld) that will (could) be included in a phone that MIGHT come out by the end of March 2013, and comes with an “Artist” rendition.

      Wow! Talk about collecting POSSIBILITIES!
      I think I will just GO TO THE STORE, and BUY an Android or iOS that does that NOW!

      You can’t blame RIM for doing “vapourware” “Rumours” and “LEAKS”, after all that and a NEW Playbook with LTE radio for $500 (LOL) is all they have for the next eight months!

    • Brain

      With the Olympics in mind I give RIM a:
      Ten- for Effort
      ZERO- for Execution ( The device won’t EXIST until 2013)

      They get the “Sad Puppy-eyes” medal though.
      (It’s made our of APPLE jelly)

    • BB

      Its funny RIM shows the product working..I was at developer conference and saw it first hand. When apple does a rumor all they show is there logo and an article at least RIM has evidence. @Brain just be quiet you like hearing yourself talk. RIM is the founder of smartphones and they will be back in a big way. Apple will be in hot water 2013-2015 and RIM and Samsung will take over. PS the phone exists watch the video… many iphone5 are in developers hands right now….at least bb10 models are in the streets being worked on.

    • Sdtrmg

      Anyone who thinks rim is dead, is stupid at best, if you had 80 million people paying you close to $10 a month each, im sure you laugh at these dumb statments. I’ll sell both my android, iPhone 4s, n old bb 7 to have the new blackberry. I’m a die hard bb user, as are many others, ontop of the peopl who jumped ship to android. I loved n still do love everything bb from bbm to them being the most secure phones ever!

  • Harold

    Speaking of DUMB….r-i-m and dumb are synonymous

  • mike

    First. Not an instagrammer but I’m glad RIM is taking into account the demands of the common consumer. Goodluck to BB10 can’t wait.

    • Bobblehead

      I think the demands are to use INSTAGRAM, not a RIM-only service. Instragram is social and people want to connect their friends regardless of device. This is old-world thinking.

    • Jarvis

      @ Bobblehead

      And how do you know that these features on BB10 won’t connect to social networks and have social features?

  • Pollop

    Who cares?! Rim is dead

  • Pollop


    • Dan S

      If you don’t care then why the f*** are u here posting on RIM articles… Get a life TROLL!

    • slinky

      u mad dan? someone bang your wife?

  • Collin

    Im sorry but BB10 looks f*****g awful, it’s ugly and the interface is at least 2 years behind android..

  • Yukalitis


  • Travis

    RIM instagram like feature pushed back until late 2013…..wait for it.

  • Sterling

    My God you RIM haters are effing pathetic!! This is a step in the right direction and BB10 will be great.

    Who needs an app like instagram when the OS will have the features built right into it.

    My god get a life all RIM haters!! Go suck on Apples teat some more

  • Jason

    These are exactly the type of features that large enterprise clients have been waiting for…. ummm…. wait a minute?

    • Matt for Blackberry

      I’m pretty sure large enterprise clients already have everything they’re looking for. Every other device is superfluous in nature. I’ve used every device personally but a windows phone and I can honestly say I have NEVER seen a phone that integrates and connects better than a Blackberry.(9780, 9900, 9810)

      Everything else is an extra (google goggles, games, stuff like that). If they open up data compressing software, improve processors and revamp the operating system to function at the lighting fast speed the industry demands then they’ll be fine…..

      oh wait! THAT’S WHAT THEY’RE DOING!!!

  • Abu

    I wish RIM lots of success on BB10, we should support our companies. Im sure there new phones will sell well.

  • Informer

    Enough with the gimmicks give us something real like long battery life.

    • Brain

      …Or something that we can touch!!

      How about RIM printing the “Leaks” and “Rumours” so that we have something we can touch from them, and something we can buy from them ??

  • optimus

    Mobilesyrup should start moderating comments. These trolls are getting annoying.

    • Brain

      It’s not Trolling!
      Just because they mentioned a feature that could be included in an OS that might come out by the end of Q1 2013( in a BB site)doesn’t meant that it will be included/relevant then.

      E I G H T M O N T H S are a loong time in the industry!
      Articles like this generate same or more traffic than real articles, qhich generate revenue, so as long as they are not personal offensive/hatred. Syrup won’t start moderating. Plus Syrup is a great site, but it’s two people.

      So be objective and tell us what has RIM done recently to accelerate BB10 or WHY they are releasing anothe PB with LTE at $400 and think that people will buy them?

      RIM is the “Kardashians” of the industry, sad but true; I wish it was the Justin Bieber 🙂

    • BB

      What has RIM done says small Brain. Well they have changed the sdk’s to help developers, they are introducing more built in apps that consumers will not have to pay for, working with html/webworks,they are bringing more functionality to BES for apple/samsung and existing bb users. They upgraded the tablets os to make it better and will release another shortly. They have also made a device that can be for work and personal while being secure. I can keep going, but I guess the real question is @brain what haven’t they done except bring a buggy product out prematurely?????

  • DenDen

    They just need to market BB10 aggressively and they have a chance to gain a foothold to stop the bleeding. As soon as that is evident, I will be long RIMM

    • Brain

      How do you market something that does NOT Exists…for another EIGHT months??

      = With Leaks and Rumours!!

      But how much linger can they do that for??
      SG3 Out now, taking a bite at RIM
      iphone 4 in October (production starts in China next week)
      Windows 8 ACCELERATED release and now its coming out in October (Good luck releasing within 30 dyas of the iphone)
      Google phones in November

      ALL those things you can TOUCH and BUY at the store, how much relevance do you think RIM rumours and leaks will have??
      Maybe in January when the slow season starts.

  • Louis

    well its similar but not the exact instagram…..

  • MP

    Many of these posts are so annoying to read…I just have a couple things to anyone saying RIM is dead and to those who are doubting whether BB10 will even be released…

    1) Apple took 3 years to develop iOS in secret, RIM has developed a brand new OS in what…2 years in the publics eye! That is MUCH harder to do, yet they are getting a much more powerful OS out in 2 years compared to 3 years for iOS.

    2) For those saying RIM may or may not even release BB10, well they are releasing it, and an “artists rendition”? This video SHOWS the functionality that is in BB10, and no there is no picture in the video, but thats because its a Dev Alpha Device and RIM did not want to release everything to show competitors, Developers love this stuff, and RIM is giving it to them, this is not meant for consumers…it will be meant for consumers when they start promoting it and marketing it. For now, everything they show will be unfinished, and also everything they release on the Dev Alpha will not be completed products as to keep a form of secrecy on what they are truly working on.

    • Mr. Aro

      saying bb is getting a much more powerful os with bb10 than ios or android currently are…i don’t think that is founded in any truth at all.

      also, bb didn’t develop it in 2 years…theyv’e been in the smart phone business for much longer than that. And i realize bb10 is different than their previous os…yes…but do you honestly think they didn’t reuse anything? like their distribution network, like they didn’t already have all the staff hired, like they didn’t already have all the hardware programming done…

      bb10 is very cosmetic…they are not rethinking how cell phone technology works from the inside.

      to get into the smartphone business, develop and release a phone in 3 years –secret or not– is pretty awesome.

      to develop a major new version of your os in 2 years is not some kind of miracle…but then it really depends on WHAT the os does. I saw it…it has some interesting ideas but it’s not some kind of voodoo magic that you’ve never seen before.

      and it’s not even out yet…how can you rate the value of something that isn’t even out yet? If bb10 is riddled with bugs and is received terribly then 2 years was a long time to wait for crap. if bb10 comes out and it’s so amazing that everyone throws their old phones out immediately and gets bb10..then 2 years was like a miracle.

      But until that happens and we know you cannot defend RIM by stating bb10 is going to be a success or just how awesome it really is.

  • Art Vandelay

    it really surprises me that there are still so many diehard RIM supporters (perhaps shareholders??) out there who blindly believe that RIM still has a chance to make it.

    • KC

      Well I for one would like to hear you explain exactly why you think they don’t have a chance to make it.

      They have enough money in the bank to last another year at the least, they have the OS they have the hardware, they have 78 million current users, the OS is built on a Micro Kernel that is considered the best in the world and YOU use things powered by QNX everyday, so there’s plenty of opertunities to leverage that strenth. The new CMO is a gu resposible for signing some of the largest deals in the world in the wireless industy. They are lining up their ducks, and if they execute well, they definately have a shot

  • Mr. Aro

    I notice there are a lot of BB fans here. When you grow up on something it’s hard not to be a fan of it…it’s just so familiar.

    That being said, I’m not too sure Blackberry is going to be able to catch up with the already crowded market. The hard thing in the new smartphone era is that you need people to write apps for your phone.

    Right now iOS gets priority since it makes the most money. Android is second and either Blackberry or Windows 8 are third/fourth…but a distant third/fourth.

    When BB10 comes out that’s the starting point for all app development. If RIM is going to pull this off, not only are they going to have to program it at levels competitive to Google and Apple…two ‘fairly large’ software developers with extensive financial backup.

    To put this another way, RIM is going to have an uphill battle for 5 years at least while they are forced to prove again and again that they have a competitive product and somehow convince all these developers to make a third or fouth app for their deveice…and even convince people that they should develop for blackberry first not ios or android.

    The whole reason Bill Gates put a mortgage on his house to get DOS is because he knew the early bird gets the developers. And once people make some really classic apps for your device suddenly that ADDS value to your device.

    Unless Blackberry has a secret weapon (and copying Instagram is not what I would call a secret weapon), I don’t really see how they can win this battle.

    The notion that they are the ‘most secure’ is out dated. The idea that BBM is awesome is also out-dated since it isn’t hard to get unlimited sms, or even the data and hardware required to run google talk, skype, imessage, etc on your phone through the data also for ‘free’ (in a 1gb data plan the amount of data you would use by sending a text message through skype is negligible).

    The problem for Blackberry is that they are no longer the only smartphone company. Capacitive touch screens kind of threw them on their a*s and this BB10 is really their first real attempt at doing an OS where touch screens were not an afterthought…but iOS and Android have already done this for years. Imagine starting a highly competitive race 3 years after your competition.

    Honestly, unless BB has some kind of secret weapon like genetically modified super programmers, I think they’re going to die in the consumer market. The question is really just …how long will they hang on for?

    Anyway, I don’t know too much about the inner workings of Blackberry. I have heard they have a bunch of government and industrial contracts. I’m not sure how those contracts are worded…I don’t know if they provide some kind of security services that Google, Apple or Microsoft couldn’t also offer. But if that is all true and it is a stable part of their business they could keep wasting money trying to get back into consumer smart phones for a while yet.

    But personally, I think the diversity and competition are nice but I honestly think it is unlikely save some miracle.