BlackBerry 10 will come with picture editor features, similar experience to Instagram (Video)

At BlackBerry World 2012 RIM quickly showed off a few camera features that will be included into the upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS. Attendees were pretty excited about the “back in time” option that allows you to immediately edit a portion of the picture by sourcing similar images in your album. It was later revealed that RIM licensed the camera app technology from Scalado.

New details have popped up online that indicates RIM will be bringing Instagram like features to the BB 10 OS. This alone is good news as Instagram is not yet available on BlackBerry, only on iPhone and Android. In BB10 RIM will be include a photo editor app that allows you to do the standard things you’d expect: crop, enhance, remove red eye, but also included into the mix are a bunch of customized filters and styles – such as a 60’s style, sketch, smooth face, cartoon and aged.

What’s cool about these options are that you can simply choose the filter and swipe up to implement it into your picture. This continues to “flow” experience that CEO Thorsten Heins spoke of. You can check out the video of the early build of this in action below.

Source: CrackBerry
Via: N4BB