Rdio for Android update brings better search results, more attractive UI


  • haxor99

    Only 9.99 a month! What a deal!

  • Sean

    I only used Rdio because when you get a Telus phone you get 6 free months and in the 6 months i have had it it has had a lot of UI changes to it… they cant seem to stick with one

  • Bug

    My rdio app will stop playing music and i have to stop the service and the app to restart the playback. Sometime even if i have the music offline, i will stop playing when i lose internet connection. Hope they fixed these in this build

    GNexus 4.1.1

  • Shaggyskunk

    Why on earth would anyone pay $9.99 per month, when you can get exfm & TuneIn for free, on top of that both are far better!