Official statement from TELUS on the now “suspended” HTC Desire HD ICS upgrade


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  • Hub

    These phone vendors don’t make you want to buy another one of the same brand after. This phone is very close to the Nexus One that Google already abandonned a while ago for some reason.

    • Sean

      The Nexus One didn’t get ICS because the phone had like 100mb of storage on it and they were unable to fit ICS on the device

    • Mike

      Do you want to install Windows 7 on your 386?

  • Joseph

    I really hope it gets it… I don’t see why it wouldnt.

  • Andy

    *waits for custom ICS rom to be released and the device run flawlessly*

    • The Other Dave

      It’s called Ice Cold Sandwich and it’s available through xda-developers forums.

  • George

    let’s play the blame game until customer forgets what happen

    • Ron Mexico

      Or buys the updated version 😉

  • Mischa

    Do you want to know why the more powerful htc desire HD can’t run ics and my little xperia Ray can …

    I’ll give you a hint it is large fluffy and starts with a s and ends with a ense

    Your right it is sense you win the prize

    Why can’t htc just give users sense 4 it runs on the htc one v and the desire c both of which have slower processors and equal or less ram

    • Ron Mexico

      Want Sense 4? Buy a new device. All OEM’s are the same, release 1 major update, then you have to buy a new device for the next version.

      Nexus or bust

  • lirodon

    Uhh no, the HTC Desire was based off the Nexus One. This is the Desire HD – same lineage, but quite different.

  • Krom

    AND THAT folks is why you should always buy ORIGINAL Google Nexus branded phones !

    Oh well. my 2+ yr old Nexus S as my Samsung Galaxy Nexus are both already on Jelly Bean ! and loving it.

  • Peacenik

    I am glad I don’t have to deal with this stuff with my iPhome.

  • Collin

    That phone sucks anyways, go spend a few hundred on the google store and get yourself a galaxy nexus running jellybean!!!

    Fastest phone for that price range!

  • muhamad

    HTC should think what customer want..HTC desire hd is a great smartphone but it cant upgrade to ics..what the sad..i really hope that desire hd should able to upgrade to ics..please make us happy HTC..we support HTC technology..