Samsung Galaxy S III Canadian launch delayed, now happening on June 27th


  • Jebus


    • Bilbo

      this little slip up will cost them. BB 10 will swoop in and steal marketshare from this phone!

  • Mike D

    uggg another week!!

  • 69iner


  • OgtheDim

    Just in time for the long weekend.

  • Mike D

    They should ship the units they already have.. i’m only number 11 on rogers waiting list.

    • johentie

      haha im #12 and 13 ; >

    • Claude

      I’m number 7 on Rogers…still waiting for

    • JD

      Damn, I’m #2

    • TadMorose

      I’m #5 🙂

  • patrick

    FML!!!!! I’m the first person in canada to pre-order the GS3…i’m #1 on the list!!! FFFFFFFFFMMMMMMMMMMMLLLLLLLLL!!!!!
    haha im such a nerd!!

    • Arkham

      You know you’re just #1 for the particular model you ordered, right? There are technically 4 #1s for the Rogers phones.

      This sucks. I was hoping to get mine before I went on vacation for a week on the 24th. #!%*!

  • Derek

    Glad to see they are making sure to meet initial demand. I get tired of apple’s premature releases so that they can intentionally bottleneck their supply for every product they release. Anyone else noticed that trend?

  • johentie

    WTF!!! i sold my phones and using a piece of crap phone..


    • omar

      i was gonna do it, glad i didnt.

  • johentie

    and would you look at that.. everyone blames rim for missed targets..

    • pacalis


      LOL as though RIM has ever missed a target because of too much demand.

    • Johentie

      Im pretty sure it wasn’t due to demand that the dealys are happening…

      how come the US isn’t delayed?

      don;t u think they anticipated REALLY high demand based on the sales and preorders of the S2?

      and if u’ve been around for a while.. BB’s used to sell like hotcakes.. u know how many stores i had to visit to get my blackberries back even in the 8900/9700 days??

      u do foreget that RIM was #1 at one point.. maybe not as much as 9million pre orders..

      but SAmsung definitely dropped the ball if it was due to demand cause how do you not make enough to fulfill the demand?

      i call BS….

  • tehPr0fess0r

    what the hell does global demand have to do with it? The NA version is a different phone… damn it i just want my new phone

  • caribouroader

    I”m guessing that all available North American units are being diverted to the much larger US market for a June 20th launch there.

    • Chris

      Nope. Not the American’s fault this time. We have a completely different (Quad Core vs Duo) model than the states…..

  • WC

    Ship the ones you have and let the others wait. I already paid for my pre-order dammit and I’ve been eating dirt to save up for that massive $700 price tag!!!

  • LiightSkiinBoii

    hm a week im number 3 good thing i dodnt sell my gs2 just yet

  • Homey

    Well this is just not good news. A Samsung rep earlier this week at the gsiiisecrettor told me it may be delayed due to the US June 20/21st arrival date. I think they are trying to satisy US demand possibly. Another week is BS!

  • BabaBooey

    I know you’re not supposed to shoot the messenger, but if this were old times, I would. Instead, I am going to punch my workmate beside me who has no idea what a smartphone is. I need to take this frustration out and then some! How could you Samsung? We have had such an intimate relationship for the past 2 years 🙁 <- Frown Face IRL

  • T

    I just read the same thing over at gsmarena and Apple the one to be blamed. It looks like Apple playing the “patent” card

  • alexrobot

    Heard this from a Videotron rep on Wednesday, it sucks. Also instead of a dummy model, Future Shop has syrofoam cut into a foam shape… creative!

    • OgtheDim

      People steal the dummy models.

      Sad but true.

  • daniel

    I doubt that’s the reason its being dealyed- head over to the Android Forums website and you’ll see people who have the international version post nothing but bugs and issues. I was going to phone until I read all the problems (unfortunately there’s a lot).

  • Xenodice

    So glad I whent with my HTC One S. Ive been seeing alot of horror stories with the int version, cant imagine what we will see with a stripped down NA ver… so disapointed sammy,

  • Dany

    I’m number #49 on rogers…crap!

  • Michael

    Hopefully they’ll be some special Canada Day sale! 🙂

  • BabaBooey

    I am number 40 on Rogers for the waiting list. Which means after all the US sales from July 20-27th, I am actually number 3,012,101 !!!

  • pacalis

    I am bummed – hope to have mine before I travel on the 2nd.

    Any possibility that Samsung is taking the wrap for useless roll outs by Rogers and Telus and just deciding to ship to AT&T instead?

    • wirelesswonder

      Yeah me to, I leave for over a month on the 29th so really cutting it close here now.

  • Noah Fang

    hmmmmmm, another week -_- I just cannot stand with my iPhone any more……

    At least, put some demo phone onto the shelves… So, I can play with it a bit before rushing into it !!!

  • Dustin

    I think the Canadian stores oversold their pre-orders (or Samsung underestimated the pre-orders) and worked with Samsung to delay the launch by a week as a result. I bet it’s better business to irritate everyone by delaying a week than to not meet all the pre-orders. It would destroy everyone’s confidence in pre-ordering.

  • Michael

    Still gettin’ that review on the 20th right?

  • Muchski

    Arg… I am disappoint! Really was looking forward to June 20! Now if I don’t get one June 27 I will go crazy!

  • wirelesswonder

    I wonder if it has anything to do with the trouble they had with the blue one a when they released in Europe.

  • Nrgyzr

    Im crying irl

  • Broski

    It’s a conspiracy, they did this intentionally to ramp up anticipation for this product and further the media hype.

  • Don

    I’m still torn between this or the Galaxy Note. Thoughts?

    • AbdulQ

      Same. Spec-wise, SGS3 takes it i think, but the Note isn’t so far behind – a lot of people have had issues with the stock rom getting sluggish. And the 5.4″ screen is really all about personal preference. A lot of people are saying the Note 2 is going to be coming out by the end of the year, since i currently have an SGS2, I’m assuming i wont get much out of selling it then, So I’ve decided to sell it now and get the SGS3. When the Note 2 comes out – I intend on trading it in.

  • Hmm

    I know so many people who are sick and tired of Samsung they’re going with the iPhone even with the crazy route Apple is taking with only have a puny 4 inch screen and getting rid of google maps. They’ve had had issues with the SG 1, and SG 2 they’ve lost all faith in Samsung. If they do go with Android again (which is unlikely since Android has an experiemental feel to it: let’s see if this works) it will be HTC because of the great support, UI experience, and software that isn’t buggy or crippled like Samsung. BTW, Samsung has stripped ICS 4 and is robbing us of Quad Core in North America. Clearly, I dont think they like us here.

  • Jay Jay

    I am waiting for my phone from ROGERS as well, cant wait to get my hands on this. Based on what i see in this forum ROGERS is the network for LTE devices

    • Garyth Evans

      rogers is not the lte market. all three carriers work good. I just left rogers due to poor customer service and i****s they seem to hire, poor management and a lot of reception issues with lte and 3g.

      I was with them for 20 years, I am now with telus and reception is just better period. lower frequency of dropped calls and better lte on my gs2 lte.

  • Don

    @hmm, we’re not getting robbed of the Quad Core, the carriers WANT LTE devices, and the Exynos chips aren’t compatible.

    The Dual Core A15 S4 is no slouch, and outperforms the Tegra 3.

    The GS3 is better than HTC One X because of a Micro SD slot, removable battery, Touchwiz is actually better than Sense, and Samsung has added some more features over HTC.

    HTC One X has a better build quality, and better screen, nothing else.

    • amandacreme

      The one x does not have a better screen. The gs3 has higher contrast, better color reproduction, and clarity even though its pentile. Much better screen then one x.

    • Jeff

      You know, I was a huge One X advocate for the screen until I saw it myself. I simply can’t go back to the lack of colour saturation of LCD – I’ve been on Super AMOLED too long.

      The One X screen is better if you want clarity, the Samsung screen is better if you want colour saturation.

  • AbdulQ

    Does anyone know if the US is delayed too? I was actually looking forward to having the SGS3 during my trip to the states the weekend after it was supposed to be released. If they aren’t getting it delayed, I guess I could pick it up there.

  • KTang

    I find it hilarious how nobody mentions that the SIII was delayed because of Apple. They’re trying to ban the sales of the phone over here.

    Check out GSM Arena’s article, it’s ridiculous.

    • S2556

      I found no such article talking about canada

  • Gort911

    Yeah my guess is that they’ve diverted Canada’s allotment to the U.S. to sell as many as possible before a possible importation ban due to the Apple litigation.

    Sucks for us though.

  • mike

    Wait till the 2 generation Note comes out.
    That’s #1 on my list.

  • frodo


    No, it doesn’t; colours are over-exaggerated on the AMOLED as well as having the ugly bluish tint to it.

    There’s no more “natural” a screen than the SLCD2 on the One X.

    It also uses less power for browsing since white colors kill the AMOLED screens.

    • TheInformantsMom


  • rob

    thank god another week before I have to see this ugly POS

    • robs dad

      Abortion. Should have. Enough said.

  • kevin

    Well, now the pre-order wait list will get smaller. Those who are at 100 will be at 30. Screw it, I don’t have LTE in my area so I’ll just get the international version.

  • Porilaisten


  • Nic

    This isn’t true they using this as a cover up, they are trying to work out bugs so they had to push back release date.

  • Gotta get the bestest soonest

    …still waiting…. hype…delays… announcements… development of lust….still waiting… finally a Canadian release date… delayed… new release date… hopeful again. The ANTICIPATION is KILLING me. This shouldn’t be happening with a mobile phone. Bravo Samsung and Apple for hooking the drooling masses.

  • Mike D

    Well the phones are not being Diverted to the U.S. go check out the xda forums US costumers are starting to be told they have been moved back a week as well.

  • joe

    for people saying the whole apple is delaying the launch.. you do realise that this only applies south of the border…

    also the whole robbed of quad core thing… the same happened with the one x.. and why do you need 4 on a phone anyways… I would rather have 2 and lte speeds…

  • Evil p

    Damn, read all those comments… First world problem…

  • mary

    need galaxy

  • Jon

    Im waiting a few months then buying outright from t-mobile in the states. Cheaper plus it not only does aws but 1900mhz making it compatible on the big three as well.

  • Max

    And Virgin doesn’t even let their current clients pre-order the GS3…

    Customer service told me I’d just have to go pick one up in a store on release date. Can’t wait to see how that goes >_>