Kobo Vox now has access to Google Play Store


  • Jay

    Google Play is a nice addition. It will be nice to get apps from one source instead of going to several sites for them.

    • Mighty Thor

      Who would waste their money on this garbage?

  • Tom

    Great news. I remember your review of the Vox – that was quite the thrashing you gave it! Is it worth buying now?

  • Matt

    Nice. I just wish the Vox was a bit cheaper. As it stands there are much cheaper Android tablets with better hardware. All one needs to do is download the Kobo app and essentially you have the same thing only better.

  • Ryan

    This makes it a little more tempting, but knowing that there is a $200 Nexus tablet coming soon, if I decide I want an Android I’d probably go for that over this still.

  • hoo dat

    A tablet does not a good e-reader make; back lit screens are useless for long term reading and have been shown to actually interfere with sleep patterns.

    I don’t know whether the Vox is a good tablet or not but if you’re going to buy an e-reader then buy an e-reader.