TELUS Xperia ray users reporting upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich now available


  • Hilman

    WTF, my TELUS Galaxy Nexus is still on 4.0.1?????

  • Mystic09

    Same. Contacted Telus and they were all like “well once we get the update from google and samsung we’ll pass it along to you”
    Then they told me to look at the schedule for my update time… galaxy nexus isn’t on that schedule.


    • Hilman

      Brutal, I just tweeted Samsung and Samsung mobile. One of the reasons I bought a Nexus device was to get the quickest and most recent updates to my phone, guess that policy has changed lol.

  • Sean

    My Rogers GNex was stuck on 4.0.1 as well so I switched it to Yakju build. Seriously we shouldn’t have to do that but it is super easy and no rooting required. Search google for Yakju Android 4.0.4 and make the switch.

    Issue is that Telus, Bell, Rogers etc…. actually apply the update after making their own tweeks which means you have to wait for the carrier to approve and push it out. Bunch of crap for a Nexus device but the Yakju build is direct from Google and you will then always get the updates first as it should be. I’ve been on Yakju build 4.0.4 for a long time now. It’s worth it. Cut the carriers out and go direct Google.

  • Abe

    Yet another fail by Rogers… None of their devices have been updated to ICS yet. We’re still waiting on a date to be announced. And to top it all off, they dont even seem to care 🙁

  • Kevin

    Not a Telus guy, but kudos to them and Bell. Rogers, you’re certainly the first to be seriously disappointing.

  • QueBall

    I upgraded my Ray this morning.

    Easy upgrade, no problems to report at this time.

  • Smee

    To clarify the above statements…Rogers / Telus / Bell / whoever, have no control at all over software updates for the Galaxy Nexus in Canada. It’s all on Samsung itself. (yakjuux)

    Now we just need the ICS upgrade for the Xperia Arc…

    Good news for Ray owners though.

    • Xperia Arc – ICS

      Are you gonna upgrade when it is time? I’ve read bad things about ICS dragging our Arc’s performance.

  • Sam

    Upgraded my Ray to ICS as well… a bit slow but got rid of a lot of apps. The Ray is definitely an awesome slim small phone!! Took a while for Telus to do this, but they eventually did, compared to Rogers, Bell am most definitely happier.

  • Mischa Price

    for my bridge for mac softaware it tells me that there is an upfate starts the update then says to disconect and switch to media transfer mode which isn’t suppored for mac so i can’t get past that step
    then i went to the only pc in the house which has administrator paswords on it so now i have to wait
    but hey what is another hour to add on to the 3 months from late march and 7 months since ics was released

  • ssarkar

    Can any of the Ray owners talk about performance with ICS? I have an Arc myself and it’s already slow enough with 2.3.4.

    What launchers do the other Arc owners here use? Launcher Pro for me seems to refresh the home screen any time I go to it.

    • Mischa Price

      it is noticably slowwer but it is ok i mean it is smooth enoughf i havn’t found as much lag freezing just not smooth

    • Haythem

      Launcher Pro is slow on every phone and it has too many issues. The dev seems to have abandoned it. I switched to Apex launcher for ICS and Go launcher for Gingerbread on my phones. Major improvement.

  • Ryan Peterson

    I just downloaded the Sony PC Companion and updated my phone right away. Took less than 10 minutes. It’s booting up now.