Videotron goes live with Galaxy S III pre-orders, prices it at $599.95 outright


  • Dalex

    So their plans are on par with Robelus (worse in some aspects even). Their version of the GS3 won’t have LTE and be the least supported version of the phone. Their bundles also suck compared to Bell (and I’m no fan of Bell) so even if you want to tie in your other services with them, its not a plus…

    • BB10 Still Later This Year?

      The BB9900 costs $629.00 on Telus with no term.

      Interesting…is 9900 better than the Galaxy S3?

  • ExcessDan

    i’m gonna get ****ed at telus on june 20th 🙁

  • Obstacle-Man

    I hope wind does something like this. If they want to attract post paid customers this is the aggressive approach they will need to take.

  • salem

    So this tells me that all other providers are greedy pricks for asking $650 for none contract price.

    • OgtheDim

      Without knowing the wholesale cost to providers, we have no clue how much they should charge.

  • sam_1421

    Contacted two sales reps today, they both told be the device will finally launch on June 27th…

  • Alpha

    I hope all those who pre-ordered at Expansys or similar for $800 will get a refund of the difference…

  • crimsona

    Expansys isn’t even selling the same thing. Quad core Exynos with 1 GB RAM unlocked vs Dual core S4 with 2 GB RAM locked.

  • JT

    Is everyone on crazy juice? $600 for a phone is ok? $600 for a phone that only works to its capability IF you also sign up for a minimum $50/month plan (although more likely $80 after taxes and fees)? $600 for a phone that becomes obsolete within a year and probably stops working within 2-3 yrs?
    Both my cousin and friend bought an unlocked Galaxy S (I and II) and both their phones have already stopped working.

    • kad

      amen to that

      yess they are on the crazy juice!

    • little johnny

      No they are not crazy, but yet again I have to come on and explain that while this might be a lot of money for some, for others it is not. Why does everyone on this site assume no one can afford $80 a month. With this logic no one would buy luxury items at all.

    • Bob

      The phone is $600 but you only pay $100. Also I am not sure why people go over the whole $80 / month price. For $80 with that provider, you get almost everything Unlimited.

      I made my plan recently and it ends up costing me $55 total. Add to this rebates for owning other services (about $4/m) and a $10 rebate promo. I just got myself the best phone on the market for $100 + $40 a month. This is a pretty strong deal.

  • 3DoubleD

    I’m hoping Wind annouces their pricing and availability soon. Might try to grab a SGS III T999 from T-Mobile when I’m in NYC on the 22nd. T-Mobile hasn’t announced pricing, but AT&T is selling their I747 outright for $549.99. Hopefully T-Mobile follows suite. If Wind sells the T999 for $599.99 though, the difference after buying a SIM card would be small enough that I’d just buy it from them (and on a tab).

    Come on WIND!

  • jon

    JT, iPhone 4S is a lot more than $600 and this is at least on par if not better.

  • sicsicpuppy

    geez you guyz had to wait a bit , price for the SIII will go around $550 soon

    • 3DoubleD

      Hard to believe when the Galaxy Nexus is still selling for $574.99 at Rogers, $599.99 at Wind, and $649.99 at Telus. This phone has been out for over 6 months! Meanwhile, you can get it for $400 if you live in the US. We are getting fleeced on phone prices in Canada. Especially if you consider you can get a high end 10″ tablet for LESS. Cell phone margins are ridiculously huge (as MS has pointed out in previous articles) and it doesn’t look like it’s changing anytime soon.

  • Jonathan B.

    Just to point it out if you want to pay it 99,95, you only have to pay the 49,95 monthly for 12 months. After that, you can lower your package to 39,95$. So it’s really a decent package.