TELUS users reporting the Samsung Galaxy S II X upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich is now available to download


  • Dipol

    Wow even they have upgrades before Rogers Galaxy S2 LTE!

    • SAM


    • Nightcrawler

      Another MISS from Robbers !!!

  • Dave

    And Rogers is still sitting on their collective thumbs…

  • cody

    dealing with Kies is so stupid.

    • andrew

      Use Odin

  • David Geller

    I upgrade my gs2 to ice cream sandwich and then i ate it! Mmm, delicious!

    • Edin Sehovic

      anyone want to explain HOW they used KIES to download… mine doesn’t work..

  • darc

    Where’s the love Rogers?!

    Where’s the love!?

  • Steve

    Do you have to connect your phone to your computer to update it or can you do it over Wi-Fi?

    • CD

      Steps for upgrading:

      1. Download the Kies desktop software for your PC. It will also ask you to DL the drivers you need, or do it automatically.
      2. Plug in your S2X via USB.
      3. Back up your device.
      4. It should automatically ask you if you want to DL the latest firmware update.
      5. Say yes.

      6. Profit.

  • KeithTalent

    Damn, torn on this. I’m flying out of town tonight and a bit scared to upgrade in case something goes awry and my phone is messed for the trip, but I also really want the upgrade as I’ve been waiting for ages. Decisions, decisions…

    • Puck

      Damn, I know the feeling. I’m backing up everything on my S2X just in case before I update. Have a good flight!

  • Jojo

    I wish Samsung will bring ICS to their first flagship – SGS1(Vibrant&Captivate). They are still amazing phone and with ICS, I can keep this phone for another year or so.

    Common Sammy, don’t let your 1’st babies down!

  • Vishal Sheth

    the Galaxy Note is also receiving the upgrade to ICS.

    • SAM


    • cody

      Already got it on my international note 🙂 TELUS version will have it “early July”

  • PE Messier

    Downloading as we speak!

  • taz b.

    Can someone please post how to get the update, I’m connected to KIES via USB right now dont see any updates?

  • Kurt

    Woot! Upgrading right now, for the past few days I’ve considered rooting it, but I’m scared to brick it.

    • rik

      how exactly are you doing this ?

  • PE Messier

    Out of curiosity, why is it 4.0.3 and not 4.0.4? BTW update went smooth!

  • sam

    4.0.4 is a minor update that was mainly for the gnex having a battery drain bug, with that being said I was under the impression that the update would be 4.0.4 as the s2 lte and note with similiar internals has gotten 4.0.4 leaks but with the delays they could have potentially ran into a bug they weren’t able to resolve and reverted back to 4.0.3

  • taz b.

    4.0.3 is a minor update geared toward the nexus battery issues

  • Eddie

    How do you upgrade. Please help

  • Matt

    Good news…. Firmware upgrade failed on my S2 X, lets hope the emergency recovery fixes it.

    • Mike

      Mine too. I hope my phone isn’t bricked now.

    • Sean

      This happened to me too and I can’t get recovery mode to work. Were you able to solve this?

  • menashe

    Won’t work with Kies for Mac… works without a hitch with Kies for Windows… wonder why…

    • Josh

      Because MAC sucks.

  • Josh

    It’s available for me on Kies for Windows.

  • Jerry

    Hopefully it’s better then the 9100 version. My battery life has been horrible since updating. ICS has some new features but it really isn’t that different from Gingerbread.

  • NexusMan

    Just upgraded… I’ve noticed that sliding on the notification bar (right or left) doesn’t change the brightness anymore? Is that normal or… did something weird happen?

  • Bob

    Does the battery really need to be fully recharged prior to upgrade? What is a safe level?

    • Shushwap

      Just plug the phone in to the pc…

  • Mark

    Downloaded — Installed — Love it!!!

    I’m very happy to see TELUS release ICS for the SII-X before the official date. Definately worth the wait.

    • Jhay

      any suggestions Mark? didn’t get any notification.

  • Jhay

    any suggestions, plugged in and no update!

  • Jay

    kies wont even detect that my phone is connected…. blah I wish there was another way to update Samsung phones

    • AC

      I had an issue like like this with my Galaxy S. My problem was that I was using Kies downloaded from the US Samsung page. Maybe try to get it from the Canadian site, if that’s not where you did.

  • Stoneraven

    Updated Kies and then updated phone. Told me battery wasn’t fully charged and would not proceed. After I charged it to full, the update went smooth and only took a few minutes to complete. Now to get everything organised again, hehe. That might take a while. Going to have to play with it for a while to check out everything.

  • haris

    ok so im confusedd whats goin on i pluged it in and said theres a firmware update i press firware upgrade it says do not unplug downloading it downloads and everything n then goes away in like 1 min n then it says firmware upgrade again

  • Stoneraven

    sounds like the key to the update is to have Kies updated first before you connect the phone. I did mine via the USB plug, not WiFi. Maybe that also makes a difference.

  • East Coast Keith

    I had upgraded Kies earlier im the week. With a fully charged phone it did not take long. I am wondering if amyone got the upgraded messaging app or is it still the same one as on Gingerbread? I still have the Gingerbread app. Any suggestions on how to upgrade it?

  • Mike

    Rogers customer, with Galaxy S2 LTE…. I’m happy for Telus, but cannot believe Bell and Telus both have the ICS upgrade now, and Rogers does not even have a date for release.

    Rogers just locked me in again for a contract when I picked up this GS2, but not my wife. She is up in Aug, wants the Galaxy 3, and oh yes Rogers, she will be looking to Bell. So tired of the games, runaround, and 2nd rate service for the huge bill I pay yr after yr. Time someone else took our money.


    Enjoying the update also…kind of wish the aesthetics were more on par of that of the nexus ICS though (Blue clock in upper right taskbar, actual new ICS main icons for phone contacts etc). Little minor things i know, but would be nice to have the whole look.

  • Jay

    @ALFIE you can get those by getting another launcher like Go Launcher or Launcher Pro and using an ICS theme though.

    Also I was able to get the damn thing to install. My god Kies is a finicky sob.

  • will

    this update process has been a living hell for me.

    kies didn’t recognize my sg2x on all three pc’s and mac i have in my place.
    i just found the ROM download and flashed it via ODIN.

    this is my first and last samsung purchase ever.

  • koolbreeze

    it installed this app called app house by Telus… anyone try it out?

    • neil

      I tried it out, just a link to Google Play. It is pretty cool though

    • DLange

      Yes, it’s terrible. Only a small subset of “feature” apps, most of which will charge your Telus account if you use them. Worse, the app is given permission, upon its automated install, to do everything on your phone from sending and receiving SMS messages, to accessing data/network/phone, and your personal information.

      Also, the app does not appear to actually be owned by Telus. The email contact goes to a gmail account, and my guess is there is some small “partner” company managing the thing… and collecting the data from the phone.

      And if you decline the legal agreement (which also gives them the right to bill your account based on your actions in the app) the thing still stays installed anyway… and even tries to update itself! There is no way to remove it without jailbreaking the phone.

      Someone at Telus needs to get fired for this.

  • Eddie

    My phone has been stuck at the “do not turn off target” for a while now. I hope this does not brick my phone.

  • zek

    Can’t take screenshots anymore after the update. That supposed to happen?

    • Tim

      Mine has been sitting at 85% for an hour now. Getting concerned.

  • zek

    Pardon that post. Quick search shows screen capture is now Vol Down and Power Button.
    Sorry about that.

  • Adel

    disappointed in the UI

  • ROB

    Well I have been feeling out ICS for a while and it took some time to break in, but now everything is working fine. I had a small problem and I had to go into recovery but now everything is ok. Only thing I needed to change was my preferred homescreen layout.

    Everything looks and feels good!

  • ryan g

    Since i upgraded to ics, i cannot read my emails on my Exchange account. Everything shows up blank. Please fix!!

  • ChochiWpg

    I installed the new Telus TLLE4 Radio/Modem and then flashed the 4.0.3 ICS ROM. Everything went smooth, I really enjoy ICS. Only issue that has come up is the compass is wonky and inverted. North is South and East is West. It’s already been reported to Telus however. I have reverted back to Gingerbread for the time being until this problem is resolved. Peace.

  • Sal

    I have a question guys, if I ulock my Rogers S2 LTE and use a telus SIM card, can I get this upgrade?

    • ChochiWpg

      Unfortunately you cannot. The Rogers LTE version of the Galaxy S 2 is the SGH-i727R, it has completely different hardware then the Telus Galaxy S 2 X SGH-T989D version.

      Samsung Kies would recognize the phone as SGH-i727R and not the SGH-T989D model. Hope this helps.

  • Eddie

    and now my phone is bricked. EF!!!!

    • SilentBob

      Mine too. First and last time I use Kies. And no I’m not new to firmware updates. I’ve been running various forms of cyanogen for years on my old milestone. Just figured I’d go by the book on this update as the phone is only a few months old (its my wifes too, now I’m in crap with her).

      Oh well, off to the local dealer tomorrow or monday.

    • SilentBob

      Fixed with ODIN 1.85 and a nice copy of the original Telus ROM found online. Once I can DL the ICS rom I’ll flash it the same way.

  • Apple

    Sucks being with Rogers…i’m getting nothing from them interms of upgrade schedule. Guess i’ll be going with Bell/Telus when my contract is up in a couple of years.

  • Oc3LoT

    How are you guys upgrading via Kies? I downloaded the software from the CA site, but when I connect my phone, I don’t see a firmware upgrade and when I go to Firmware Upgrade and Initialization within ‘Tools’, I get an error saying ‘SGH-T989D does not support initializing.’

  • Jeff

    do you have to backup apps to?

    i didnt see an option to backup apps on Kies

  • Chris

    I just got my update via Kies Air, worked like a charm!!

    Although it added bloatware and stuff I dont want. Also removed all of my apps from my desktop. Oh well, so far so good!!

  • CD

    Successful update. One disappointing thing is the lack of ICS folders for homescreen apps. Otherwise seems to work fine.

  • Adam

    Anybody with a rooted gingerbread SII-X been able to update to ICS using kies? Not interested in a custom ROM at this point.

  • Chalm

    Works great! I had expected better battery improvements, but ICS smoothness is definitely there. Also: encryption is awesome, now I can save my work stuff to my phone without being too worried about losing it.

  • John

    Im rooted, doubt the update works properly without unrooting.

    Gonna have to find a different way.

  • Mast3rbug

    Wow! Now after the update, I does soething, I don’t know what, but for the first time, my phone is hot like a hell… I can almost burn my finger at the top center of the screen… Others with this new problem too? Also, with quadrant benchmark, My score passed from 2200 to 3700. What an improvement!

    • westcoastjos

      Probably just warm from being on awhile and the processor working on the upgrade.

      I just upgraded to AOKP last night instead of the official release and my phone was pretty hot as well, since I was doing NANDROID backups etc. Either way, these phones will get hot when the processor is working overtime.

  • nick

    just did the upgrade through the Samsung Canada Website. So far so good, looks good. Just follow CD steps which is listed, it works.

    It was worth the wait.

  • nick

    update worked, had to connect the phone to PC after downloading Kies.

  • mattprime86

    Anyone have a rooted phone and have success with this?

  • Bill

    For those who are having difficulty getting kies to recognize your phone, turn it off, then pull the battery out and put it back in. My computer would not recognize my phone after i updated Kies, until i used the ‘ol Blackberry reset method.

    After i did this and charged my phone fully, the update was flawless. Hope this helps.

  • Jay

    Is it just me our did the update remove the double tap the home button to start voice commands option. I kinda miss it. Used it all the time while driving so i wouldn’t have to search for the app icon.

  • Adam

    For the voice command, it is now double tap of the search button.

  • ashek

    Un rooted my phone, went back to stock, kies is still unable to process the update, any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • Alex

    Did the upgrade but now I can’t take screenshots like before! Anyone knows how to do it?!

  • ashek

    Un rooted, wiped, updated kies on a different lapotp, and updated, not going to do a complete restore from Titanium backup, as its not rooted, and not all the previous apps are recognized by ICS. To get a vanilla flavor install apex launcher, try the free version before paying for it.

  • gerry 11

    @ Alex
    For screen shot press volume down and power button at same time.

  • Andrew

    I’m in a loop, Kies sees the phone connected by USB cable, asks if it should download the upgrade, I say yes, it does “Downloading firmware upgrade components”, gets to 100%, then the phone disappears from Connected Devices, it says “please connect a device”, I wait, it connects to the phone, starts downloading the firmware, etc., etc. Eventually the phone locks itself, so the next time Kies loops around to find the device, it reports it’s there but locked (I assume that’s because the screen lock is on).

    Kies is current, I just downloaded it for the first time (Windows 7).

    Is there something else I can try?


    • Mercy

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  • Andrew

    Sorry, forgot to say when I first starting doing this earlier today, when Kies saw the phone, Medscape (or WebMD) launched. I uninstalled both those and it doesn’t happen any more.


  • Andrew h

    just did the update. can’t tilt to make YouTube movies full screen

    • Grant Q

      For YouTube to rotate to full-screen, you need to have auto-rotation enabled.

  • deepseadinko

    Well this update is total bullshit! I cannot do it for the life of me! I have KIES Air running on both cell & computer but cannot find any way of backing it up! Cell is connected via USB too.

  • Lindsey

    How do you back up your phone?

  • Alex

    I recommend installing apex launcher. The grand user interface on telus ice cream sandwich looks very similar to gingerbread and it’s almost useless to upgrade. If you like to get the better slick look download apex launcher from the market how you’re able to customize the interface to look like a real ice cream sandwich. I think it’s definitely worth the upgrade and my system is better on battery now and it’s 30 percent smoother the voice to text feature is much better and there are tons of other features available now.

  • Nick

    I updated , been using this sunce Friday. Looks nice, but allot if lag, freezes and messaging notifications don’t work with chomp. Battery life is the same, signal still sucks, not much of an upgrade for me.

  • Jake

    Am I the only one getting the error “Operation Timed Out” ?

  • Pierre Boisvert

    Did they fix the GPS?

  • Chalm

    I’m getting pretty terrible battery life. Was pushing 24h on the old version, now I’m lucky to get 18h. Android OS and Android System are running constantly. I was holding out for the ICS update, but it might be time to root.

  • Ahad

    I upgraded my SII x to ICS. The issue I found is the notification bar at the top of phone shows the time an hour less than the actual system time which is correct on the lock screen. It is so weird.
    Is there anyone that faced the same experience? and what is the solution?

  • Brian

    I’m hoping Rogers dies a fast death just like RIM, if you screw with your customers enough,, we will all leave you
    Where the hell is ICS ROGERS!!!!!!!!!

  • Dirtslinger

    I had my galaxy s2 x updated in about 20 minutes. Wasn’t a problem at all. Kies is a finicky program though. The first time I downloaded it I had nothing but problems with kies but I had to reinstall everything on my pc because I upgraded to a SSD. I had absolutley no problems with it when I downloaded this time. I was concerned about updating my phone through Kies but was relieved when it installed without a single problem.

  • Mike

    Anyone have any issues with auto rotate after updating to ics? My screen no longer rotates despite having the feature turned on. Calibrate didn’t help either.

  • Ismael

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  • RYAN

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I CAN NOT BELIEVE that samsung hasn’t updated Kies for Mac OS X Mountain lion. Come on, its been over a month now! I cant get the flippen ICS update for Android. Is there no other way to get the update on GS2 X???

  • Bruce

    Upgraded my Telus Galaxy S2X to ICS last week through Kies. I am now having email issues with my POP account. The phone is deleting emails after they are 7 days old. I like to keep some of my business emails in my phone for up to a couple of months. I need to refer back to them when I am on the road. I have tried to “refresh”, and strangely enough, old emails that have been deleted from the server re-appear. I have called Samsung, and they say to call Telus. Telus says that they are aware of the issue, and that there should be a patch coming from Samsung. Still nothing from them, and I am frustrated. Anyone else having this issue? I have also noticed that my battery life really sucks since the update.