Google Chrome for Android updated with bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Canucks4Life

    no flash 🙁

    • boojay

      Agreed, no flash means I can’t make the switch no matter how sleek and fast they make it. Too many sites I visit utilize flash so it’s a requirement for me.

  • AChari

    Flash will never come Canucks4Life – and probably for good reason. If you want flash, I’d recommend getting the “Flashify” app which at least makes it a bit less cumbersome.

    I was excited when Chrome finally came to tablets/phones but I am disappointed with stability. It crashed all the time on my new stock Transformer Prime. So I am glad they are letting this remain in beta where it needs to be.

    • Canucks4Life

      Yeah thought I would try it out and see…think I’ll stick with stock browser and Dolphin HD for now.

  • David

    I don’t imagine it’ll get flash support, since Adobe is no longer developing for the mobile market.

  • Awkward Turtle

    why cant they just merge chrome and the stock browser? functionality and flash of the stock, with the aesthetics and bonuses of chrome.

    • Mark

      I’m pretty sure Google has already stated that Chrome will be merged with the stock browser AND that Chrome will not get flash. Android 4.X is the end of the line for Flash. After ICS we’ll need a 3rd party solution.

  • Megahertz

    I’ll stick with Opera for now.

  • Brandon Atkinson

    just installed chrome for android, looks nice, seems to load well, better organised than the stock galaxy nexus browser… still have to press the back button several times to get the damn thing to close to the home screen… how hard is it to write in an exit button graphic and assign a close program function to it?

  • Anthony E.

    Brandon, why don’t you just press the home button? Back should never be the primary way of going Home. I don’t use chrome on Android because when I tried it a couple months back, I thought the stock browser was better (especially UI-wise) but, try opening up the tab viewer and then closing all tabs. That will close the browser completely (in stock browser it does anyway.)

    • Brandon Atkinson

      actually that should work, kind of a two step kill the tabs, it doesn’t kill the browser, then hit the back button to kill the browser…

  • mike

    Dolphin is a far greater, full featured Browser IMO.

  • Farhan

    There is a new version Of Dolphin HD browser its more better than before chrome is nothing in front of Dolphin now Try it out guyz its now avail on tha market..