TELUS launching the HTC One V on June 8th


  • namtab

    Now all we need is the One X 🙂

    • FrontalAttack

      Telus Does it again! (or tries)

      Virgin and Koodo have the HTC One V for $175 and Telus gives it a price of $290??

      Thankfully this is not an EXclusive, so you can buy it wherever is cheaper! Take that you Telus: Phone Hoarder!
      In the new 2012 when every operator gets the same phones, you better get competitive.

      P.S Why not pass all the sub $400 phones to Koodo and you keep the high end ones??

  • felix

    Decent price! I figure I’ll pick one up. I don’t wanna buy a high end phone just yet. Wanna see what bb10 is like before I buy an expensive phone

    • ToniCipriani

      $29.99 for a phone on a 3-year when Bell is charging $0 and it’s flanker brand is $175 is not a good price.

  • ToniCipriani

    Just friggin buy it now on Koodo and use it on Telus…

    • Nick

      well, is it unlocked from koodo? Or do i ahve to go through that whole ordeal


    $290!!!!! Isn’t is 225 on Koodo off sale? Seeing as there is no Koodo branding on the phone is it possible Telus SIMs would work w/o an unlock.

    • ToniCipriani

      It does…

  • Albert

    There’s no reason to buy it from Telus. Koodo has it for $175 until July 5th. Just pop your Telus SIM in.