Google Maps “next dimension” includes revamp to Earth apps for Android and iOS, brings offline mode to Android (Video)


  • TestMe


    • Zen

      I find it interisting that google all of a sudden decided to hold this meeting 😛

      Their 3D mapping technique looks very farmiliar to what C3 what doing with their maps a couple years ago.

      Google just wanted to hold this conference before Monday so if Apple was to release their version C3’s maps it would look like Google did it ‘first’

    • tricks

      Well, I find just amazing what Google has just done.

      Apple believed to propose the most high tech maps of the world. Google just do the same (maybe better, we’ll see) in few week and will publish it before Apple.

  • jonny

    offline maps will be great for when you are traveling and dont want to use data.

    i just hope my Nexus S has enough room to hold it. 16Gb is not a lot if you need to download a few gigs of maps, your music, some movies, and all your pictures.

  • Jake

    It feels like I can’t live my life without Google now. That gmail is almost like my lifeline… It better be free FOREVER!!!

  • sam

    good news for when I go to the states and shut off my data

  • TheBoze

    “…it plans to completely revamp…” ???

    So they teased everyone before the announcement and they didn’t actually release anything? what a letdown.

  • aregularonhofo

    Now GOOGLE will be able to follow your every move…no thanks. If security issues weren’t enough with their Browser/GMail this only makes Windows look better and more safe. Go Nokia/MS.

  • MB

    Great for the offline maps!

    And if you go to Google Maps on your computer, you can activate MapsGL, seems more effective than the previous maps…the 3D buildings are a bit useless to me though…

  • ace

    now apple has to replan its strategy … lol good is jumping ahead of them, way to innovate googs… put apple behind you in the dust.