Bell HTC One V Review (Video)


  • whut?

    3.5inch or 3.7?

    • Shubra Dongsukapathumar

      I’m not impressed, I will be staying with my Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220. It has superior reliability and performance and above all its SECURE.

    • Ding Chavez


      Is this the much awaiting BB10 phone?!

      If not, do you know when BB10 phones will be available?

      Let me know!


      – Ding Chavez

  • Justin Credible

    Excellent review, thanks!

  • Nicestuff

    “Beats Audio feels very gimmicky”
    Just like the rest of their Beats line-up?

  • ag

    wow, the 2012 legend!

  • Sean

    For the price of the phone its pretty awesome. Assuming bell and telus do not need a data plan it should make a killing.

    Anyone know if they need a data plan if not might pick one up for my mom

    • Eluder

      Looks like you need a data plan as I priced it out on; I guess Bell doesn’t have smartphone lite like Rogers does. 🙁

    • daveloft

      You never need a data plan it’s just a question of how much it will be without one.

      With a $30+ voice plan the price is $60 on a three year contract. Even if you select the $45 fab 10 plan with 100MB of data it will still be $60.

      But with a voice and data plan at $50+ it will be $0.

    • Al

      I talked to Bell, it does not require a data plan but you have to pay $59 for the phone instead of $0.

    • Eric

      Telus offer it whitout Data plan.
      29.99$ on 3 years.

  • havy

    Love the long battery life!

    How does it compare to Nexus S?

    Wish this worked on Mobilicity/Wind frequency.

  • jellmoo

    Doesn’t quite manage to dethrone the 710 for the best value for your buck smartphone award, but this is a very nice entry to mid level device.

    It’s nice to see HTC actually making a lower tiered device look good and add a level of quality that usually isn’t present. I still think that the One S is the crown jewel of the line, but the X definitely has a good value going for it.

    • daveloft

      I think the Galaxy W for $200 from Virgin Mobile is definitely the best value in the Canadian market. But if you want good build quality HTC One V is definitely better than the 710.

    • jellmoo

      @daveloft : At $200 that would be a pretty sweet deal. It doesn’t seem to be on the Virgin website though. Is it an in store deal only?

      Build wise there is no doubt, the One V is a well put together handset, with the entire One series showing some top quality design work.

    • phil

      Lumia 710 is nice but its missing a front facing cam.

      One V is pretty good too… but I think a dual core should have been a minimum requirement.

      One S is really attractive… but it’s missing NFC, I don’t expect lower end phones to have NFC yet… but the ONE S should have had one since it’s a snapdragon S4!!

      there’s always something missing… sigh

  • Steve

    Everyone always says this thing is reminiscent of the legend when the hero came out first.

  • Atrix

    chin is fail

  • Seriously

    I really want to upgrade from my Legend to this phone but what’s with the storage on this phone? It says 4GB with only 1 GB is available for apps? I don’t need a ton of space but 1 GB is a bit tight.

    They should have given this phone 8GB.

  • thepeddle

    This just reiterates the question why the Original Galaxy S line cannot get ICS. It has a 1g ghz processor 512mb of Ram the same screen res and a great GPU. Its insane. It also has a front facing camera which the One V doesn’t have and the same camera specs. The phone is 2 years old, same specs and better in some cases, but now discontinued and will never see an Official ICS update. It makes ZERO sense. There is no logical explanation why the Galaxy S cannot handle ICS.

    • Vito

      That’s one of the big drawbacks of getting an Android phone. The newest phones always have great hardware, but unless you buy a Nexus device (even if you do in come cases) good luck getting updates.. Apple and (believe it or not) Microsoft are much better in this regard.

      Most Android users are forced to reimage their phones with 3rd party ROMs to have the latest and greatest version of the OS.

  • TheywillbepisSes

    Why are you so pissed that they used the multitasking button as a menu button? Its great idea in my opinion and most apps will be updated to support the new menu button arrangement in android 4.0

    • Vito

      He was rightly complaining that the “menu” button is of more use than the multitasking button. Google is encouraging devs to phase out use of a hardware menu button, but it’s a chicken and egg thing.

  • Vito

    You really should standardize your battery tests. I bet if you ran the same “leave it on and don’t touch it” test with the One X you’d get th same result – yet you complained about it’s battery life. I noted the battery use screenshot in your One X had extensive screen on time…

  • chef

    You don’t always need the latest And greatest to truly enjoy your device. Most people don’t even know that smartphones even receive updates so it doesn’t really matter.

    And please Stay on topic and refrain from triple-posting, thank you very much.

    • ruddias

      He put 3 different comments about 3 different things relating to 3 different people. How is having conversations and addressing comments and issues the horrible “triple posting” you speak of?

    • Vito

      I’m sorry for quadruple posting 😉

      My point is – I assume you post was directed at me – that you shouldn’t buy *any* Android phone expecting timely software upgrades…

      A) It wasn’t directed to people who don’t know their smartphone is upgradable, it was directed to my fellow readers of this site.

      B) I’m pretty sure readers all know phones are upgradable and I was also sure (until now) not one of them ever read a post about ICS and thought – “that looks o-k, but this Ginerbread on my Xperia is truly great!”

      Furthermore, I know they say ignorance is bliss, but come on… Are you “truly” enjoying a device with Froyo? Would you enjoy it more with ICS (or Gingerbread)? I’ll leave that with you.

  • Jesse

    This phone is living proof that ICS can be run on any device.

  • Jayson F

    Is it just me, or is this a rebadged nexus one without the track ball?

  • Scott Turner

    the reason the galaxy s 1 phone won’t get it primarily due to the low internal storage of the phone! 2 Gigs of internal ROM is not enough since ICS takes 1 GIG and Touchwise takes almost the same amount so no usable space for apps!

  • Brad

    I’m still surprised they aren’t putting this onto Virgin, It seems like a phone that would probably sell really well there on their tab or as a Prepaid phone.

  • r011

    Monster is the biggest load of bull sauce in the audio market… Too bad, its a really nice phone…

  • urim shatri

    i have htc one v ,, but i can not manage to do chek in in facebook location ,, and i can not get apps from play store it says this apps are not for your country please help me …

  • James

    Hi all,

    I currently have the HTC Legend… is this phone worth “upgrading” to? I would get it free with the new Bell 3-yr plan, or I could just keep my current Legend.


  • Mellowie

    Thinking of picking it up on Koodo. My g/f is getting fed up with her LG…chat? Idk some cheap Android phone that was always meant as a bandaid solution.

  • Alain

    My self, my wife and my daughter each got an HTC one V. Mine worked fine for one month and died. Needed to send it for repair; still waiting. Koodo gave me a LG loaner than so fare work perfectly.
    My wife one; the screen britghness got crazy after three weeks; Koodo replaced it.
    My daughter’s one; turn ON and OFF by it self; she need to exchange it today.
    I was sold to HTC for three years with my Touch Dual. But to be honest; I like the One V; but with the reliability rate we have right now. I feel stuck with a nice unreliable phone.

  • David

    I live in a semi-rural area and just had to disconnect the HTC One V and go back to the old CDMA Samsung because they don’t have adequate signal coverage in my area. Drop out city. When I was in town with high signal strength the thing worked well – except with my large fingers I found myself hitting the backspace button a lot when texting .

    Kudo’s to Koodo because they reversed the tab points I spent on the new phone so I essentially got it for free and that was their idea (no histrionics from me required) one day soon I expect they will upgrade the tower services out here and I will be able to use it.