TELUS to release the Nokia Lumia 610


  • Sean

    Its a 480×800 scrren and they should sell it from between 150-200 and make it a prepaid device the likes that you get at bestbuy and such

    • dan

      you are aware that every WP7 phone has 480*800, right?

      PPI isn’t the be all / end all measurement of quality in a screen.

    • Lumia800

      1- How on earth Telus convinced Nokia to give them another phone to sell, after they kill the Lumia 800 putting it at $530??

      2-The Bell Samsung W (Exhibit 4G) with ICS selling for $199 has:
      1GHz vs 800 for Lumia
      512RAM vs 256
      1500mAh vs 1300 (WTF??)
      lighter 116g vs 132g.

      3-This phone better be at $150-$180 or will be Dead on Arrival.

    • Theywillbepissed

      This thing has to be going to Koodo, if not, then they might as well just axe that subcarrier and add a couple low cost plans to Telus mobility

  • kyle

    It had better be cheaper than the 710 because it has 1/2 processing power. Then again it has NFC which the 710 doesn’t.

  • Mr. Reliable

    About damn time. They really needed an entry level device to complement the 800. Without it, sales will never be that good.

  • Ron

    I think a device like this should be $150 max. It has a fairly crappy processor and only 256 MB of ram so a lot of the applications won’t run properly. The Lumia 710 is a much better option IMO.

  • casey

    @dan: I believe Sean was merely correcting the article, which mentions 400×800 rather than 480×800. Not bashing the PPI that remains firmly average even with the recent appearance of 720P phones.

    This needs to be cheaper than the 710 to make a dent – I hope it is, because it’s swankier lookin’.

    • Sean

      Thank you yes i meant to correct the article. My view is it’s great to see “low” end devices with WVGA screens as even now a days many low end android ones cone with HVGA displays

  • Alex Perrier

    Surprise, surprise. Some apps i use are limited in functionality with 256 MB of RAM. Paying over $175 for this is a rip off. 710 sets the bar. Great smartphone to put at $0 two year, or Tab at Koodo! 🙂

    • Lumia800

      Telus has the refurb Samsung Nexus S $0 on 2yr any plan.

      This phone should be $0-$50 1yr plan. Let’s admit it, this is an entry phone for June 2012. The LG optimus one selling for $80 prepaid has ICS, 512 RAM and 1500mAh, unlock code is $3.

      LG optimus Chat $150 (LOL)
      Xperia Ray $380 (double-double LOL)

      But we are using common sense for pricing this phone Telus uses their “future is friendly-common sense”

  • EvanKr

    This has got to be at LEAST $50 cheaper than the 710, probably around $175. Otherwise, the 710 or a last gen WP device would be a better option.

  • stylinred

    its a great looking device

    shame they gave it too little Ram the 610 cant do Skype; Nokia was trying to get it to work but cancelled it saying it was just too laggy

  • PF

    BELL?! Why aren’t you carrying any Windows phones! 🙁

    • JB

      Why would they? Let the other carriers fight for the 2% market-share, see IF the platform ever takes off, then jump in if there is incentive to do so.

      Could be that they don’t have any vendor relations with Nokia, or that the other carriers were willing to pay more for exclusive or whatever.

    • stylinred

      bell probably still has a bad taste in their mouths from the n97 i dont think they carried a nokia phone since

    • Maxime Tremblay

      And how the market share is supposed to get better if carriers don’t offer them ?

      You got a wrong logical there. Think the other way.

    • Alex Perrier

      i expect Koodo and maybe Telus to offer several choices at $150, hopefully free with a two-year contract or Koodo Tab:
      • Android (LG Optimus Chic or One, Samsung Galaxy Ace, etc.)
      • BlackBerry (Curve 9300 on its way out, Curve 9320 on its way in)
      • Feature phones (flip, QWERTY, etc. likely at lower cost)
      • Windows Phone (this Nokia Lumia 610)

      Even with the 256 MB limiting the amount of apps, the 610 still makes for a decent phone. Apps can also disable functionality that requires more RAM, so good programmers will keep that in mind by still providing the essential functionality for lower-end phones.