ASUS set to debut dual-booting Android/Windows 8 tablet (Teaser Video)


  • Megahertz

    Wonder if they need permission from Windows to do something like this?? Android is Open Source so they wouldn’t need permission from Google at all.

    What a clever way to boost Windows 8 sales!! lol



  • espink

    If this thing ever makes it to market. I would buy a tablet. *drool

  • dinmab

    now MSFT will claim they have X number of win 8 tablets 😛

  • digit

    @Megahertz You dont need permission now to install windows on any PC or Tablet (intel)… why would there be for ARM based tablets?

    • theMediaman

      Since Windows on ARM is new, they’ve added a requirement that the boot loader must be locked, and the user can’t tamper with the Windows install. x86 doesn’t have that requirement, but since Android now works on x86 the ASUS tablet might be based on that tech instead of ARM

    • digit

      So.. l=just like anytime you install linux in dual boot, let android be the default bootloader??

  • YUP

    ANUS sucks. don’t buy their cheap garbage made in china ping pong

    • Mike

      Where was your tablet made?

  • Android+WP7

    Now all you have to do is put iOS on there and… oh yeah, that OS is on a tight leash. Too bad it’s not an open platform. Oh well, this Tablet has all kinds of ‘win’ already.

  • astudent

    shut up and take my money!!!!!!

  • Azrael010

    Asus as usual, coming up with awesome stuff.

    Others companies could learn from them, sometimes you gotta take risks.

  • tbv420

    uhm @YUP, what consumer electronics AREN’T built in China?

  • lirodon

    I think this is no different than shipping one of those Linux-based “instant web” things on a laptop. But given the secure boot requirements, I wonder…

    Also I just bet this is an x86 tablet too.

  • Megahertz

    @digit you don’t need permission but you will need to pay MS royalty for using Windows 8 or end up being sued! You think you can use a MS OS for free??

  • J

    damit, i was thinking of getting the asus tf300, but decided to maybe wait for the google/asus nexus 7, but now i might feel compelled to wait for this dual boot tab. I hope more details will arrive soon enough for me to make an informed decision on my first tab.

  • Jesse

    If the hardware is right, I’m selling my iPad.

  • Van-Snipes

    Asus you are so awesome. Thanks for being innovative and different. I <3 ASUS

  • Cody

    I would buy this, for sure.

  • texturejunkie

    Me and my money (im)patiently await such a device

  • Anya

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