Samsung releases Galaxy S III kernel source for international version


  • Tom

    So the i9300 supports UMTS 850/900/1900/2100 MHz.

    I guess that means it would be compatible with our incumbent carriers, but not the new entrants (no 1700).

    Kinda’ odd that the international version would include 850/1900 given that those frequencies are pretty much only used in North America.

  • NoBBM

    And this is exacly why you should buy the INTERNATIONAL version…. if you can.
    The NA version will include the big 3 plus AT&T, so hopefully there are a few developers within that community.
    It’s better than having a Rogers or a Telus only version but still…

  • PkaTka

    I am not a big fan of custom roms anyway. I’d rather take the 2gbs of ram.

  • purdy44

    If they got Cyanogenmod running on a North American Galaxy S Captivate, I’m sure they’ll have it -and the other big roms – running on the GS3 in no time. I’m not sure about you guys, but I personally like to run stock for the first year before rooting. Gives em time to iron out some kinks.

  • sak500

    Love the phone since i got it on 24th may. Can’t wait for some overclocking on this