Update: Bell and Virgin Samsung Galaxy S III no-contract pricing starts at $599.95


  • ace

    Now i am definitely waiting for the Pure Google Nexus devices coming november 5th. If they can match these specs as well as the improve on the HTC one X and bring the price to a reasonable level. I will upgrade.

  • optimus3

    And Telus’s prices are $70 more and locked…
    Especially considering telus has slightly less customers than bell and way less than rogers!
    but their promotion plans are sometime half good compared to the other two.
    Anyways, good for bell. And sorry for making this very long…

  • Mark

    Telus advertise as the Galaxy Headquarters. This should be false if they can’t lower their prices. I think they’ll offer a cheaper price for a three-year contract within the next few weeks, but no-term will still be ridiculous.

  • vengefulspirit99

    Bell is earning money off of me in a month

  • XER

    I will never pay for any locked device from any of these carriers. For $600 and $700, you are buying a locked device? Yeah right… I am buying this online and I can avoid any taxes before telling the seller making a false claim of the value of the good

    • anona

      Most Samsung Android phones can be unlocked for free, like the S1 and S2 could.

    • WC

      The good folks over at xda will no doubt have this unlocked in a day or so with an easy peasy process for dummies like us.

    • S2556

      I’m buying outright what is the best place online?

  • S2556

    I am going to be buying outright. I am on Telus but they have their outright price jacked up. Could I go to Bell and buy it, get them to unlock it, then activate it on telus?
    or is there better options?? thanks!

    • Shawn

      That’s what I did when I bought a Rogers HTC One X. Bought an unlock code and had it running on Telus a few hours after purchase.

  • Jongie

    Praying to god this pricing doesn’t go up…

    • Pat

      Don’t worry, prices only go down.

  • boojay

    Why would I pay $600 for a tablet when I can get one for $300 or less?

    • nick

      since when is this a tablet?

  • Kiri


  • Stonedtree

    Bell or Telus? which one should I go with?

    • ThePriceIsRight

      Since YOU are asking that question, you should go with the Telus one, is the most expesive phone, so it means that its better. YOU should get it with Telus.

  • manchild

    Has anyone seen the evo 4g lte in America? Its everything the one x should’ve been.

    • Amanda

      It’s practically the same phone with different physical design and a stand.

  • Chri

    Don’t forget that the EVO 4G LTE has a micro-SD slot, larger battery and dedicated camera button.

  • Samesies

    @Boojay the S III isn’t a tablet, it’s a phone.

  • Glen G

    Does this suggest that there will be no 1,2, and 3 year contract pricing?

    • ThePriceIsRight

      That’s right!
      The CRTC just announced that as of June 14th, contracts can go as far as 5 years (60 months) long in Canada in order to align them with the most popular mortgage-products. They will have fixed or variable interest rates that will allow you to make your phone cheaper if you follow forums like this.

  • Pat

    People who want to buy outright should order an international version. It is cheaper, and you buy your own sim and SD memory card. I see that they sell the micro SD card at a very good price here!

    • Laurent

      Any suggestions on where to buy online?

  • cass_m

    I’d check out expansys.ca

  • Derrick

    I tried calling into bell today to see about upgrading, they haven’t got it in their system yet.

  • matt dizzle

    I change my phone every 2-3 months and pay full price and sell my old phone. Galaxy S2 to Note and S3 on June 20th. What I can tell you from experience about unlocked phones is the don’t always work as good on all networks. I have the Rogers note unlocked using bell. LTE works fine and phone is great, but it crashes every couple days, and has errors often enough. Never happened with S2 locked on bell. Point is I will buy bell locked S3 even though I could order quad core intl version now, but I want the best phone experience.