Here are the official specs of the Samsung Galaxy S III: Qualcomm Snapdragon S4, LTE-capable and 2GB RAM


  • leobg


    • Harris

      What’s the point of having 2GBs of ram?

      It just sounds like people want more specs and specs…

    • Nope

      @Harris: RAM is what keeps the phone running fast and efficient. The more RAM a device has, the faster and smoother it will operate.

    • SDCard

      Why not just save the difference and get a
      $30 32GB-Class 10 Card?? getting 48GB in total?

      Does anybody know the speed of internal memory vs a Class 10 SD card??

      I Have a Galaxy S2 and you can’t tell the difference between internal and extenal mem with Class 10.

    • bob

      I think Snapdragon S4 + 2GB RAM + LTE is a better combination for most people than Exynos 4 Quad + 1GB + HSPA.

      But the SGH-iT999 suck. It better be cheaper.

    • Nick

      @SDCARD: an SD card does not do the same thing as RAM at all. Think of RAM as the size of your plate and the SD card as the pot of food 3 rooms over.







    • Timmins

      Will RIM be ok?

    • PkaTka3

      am I the only one who doesn’t run photoshop on a phone? What’s the point of 2gb of ram if you’ll NEVER use it. I can’t think of any application that would use this much of ram

  • Deli

    Holy Crap!!! But still wants my international flavour. Can’t beat Exynos.

  • TouchMyBox

    I am satisfied with my Galaxy Nexus… I am satisfied with my Galaxy Nexus… I am satisfied with my Galaxy Nexus…

    It’s not working. 🙁

    • JC Fung

      Well, try this…

      I’m satisfy with my Galaxy Nexus that costs me $399 + tax @ Google Play without any contract renewals or extensions… if I were to get GSIII now, I will be paying $226 to buy out my current contract + (probably) $149 for a 3-year term pricing + another 3 years of contract.

      See? You’ll have to put it in monetary terms. 🙂 (Of course, I’ll get the GSIII in an heartbeat if money is no object.)

  • Ivan

    So WIND/Mobilicity it will have the hardware for it but LTE will be disabled? Hopefully that version will be cheaper and you can just flash the LTE radio on it.
    Seems ridiculous to cripple it on purpose. Just make it support all bands and LTE in one radio since the hardware can already do it.

  • TouchMyBox

    Considering that it’s all one chip, it is very likely that a radio flash would enable LTE support.

    Whether it will have the proper antenna configuration to get decent LTE signal or not, I could not tell you.

    • UserCo

      Not entirely true. The baseband processor may be the same but the RF is probably not optimized for LTE bands in the SGH-iT999 model. Otherwise, Samsung could just release one model and change the firmware depending on the requirements of the carrier.

    • bob

      Userco is right. These are two different models.
      The 747 supports HSPA on bands 850/900/1900/2100 and LTE on 700/1700
      The 999 only supports HSPA, on bands which have not been announced but must include 1700.

      It’s like the original Galaxy S. The T-Mobile version doesn’t support the same frequencies as the Robellus versions. And you can’t fix that with software.

  • Jordi

    2GB of RAM? Oh hell yes!
    LTE over Quad-core for the tiny bit of coverage in this country? God damn it.

    • Brendon

      Its cross compatible with the HSPA+ network,
      When you’re not in an area with LTE you will drop down to HSPA+

    • Jordi

      Well obviously.
      But I live in BC where LTE is only available in a small section of Vancouver. I would rather have Quad-core then an LTE radio I wont use.

  • SN

    Does this mean that the Canadian S3 won’t have the ability to shoot photos while taking a video? If I remember correctly, that feature was tied to the Exynos due to the need for higher processing power. Can somebody verify this?

    • Word

      SN – Not 100% sure, but the Canadian One X can take photos while shooting video and it has the Snapdragon S4 as well, so I can’t imagine the S3 wouldn’t support this.

    • SN

      Word – That is be because the HTC One X has a dedicated ImageChip; it has the dual-core S4 plus an extra processor just for handling the camera. I don’t think the S3 has anything like this, so I’m still quite unsure if the Canadian S3 will be able to shoot photos while taking a video.

    • yaali21

      the HTC one S has a S4 and it can do pics while taking video

  • Jer

    Why does it only support 32GB MicroSD when the 64GB have been out for so long? Wtf…

    • Jimbo

      Pretty sure it will support 64gb anyways

  • S2556

    THAT IS AWESOME NEWS! I was hoping they would go with the 2gb. I am now officially 100% sold!!!!!

  • Jarrrr

    So Canada won’t get Exynos QUAD CORE? NOOOOOOO…

  • John z

    I wonder if Fido will carry this… Honestly Rogers needs to let Fido carry at least this Galaxy s device..

  • everythingsablur

    TELUS has opened up preorders for both the 16 GB and 32 GB versions, so 32 GB is coming (roughly) at release.

    That plus a 32 GB microSD and I’m golden for all of my stuck-on-an-airplane or subway media consuming needs.

    • Eluder

      Rogers has their reservation system up and running for both colours and sizes as well…

    • ctrl-z

      Doesn’t signing up for the pre-order lock you into a crappy plan and 3 year term? I’ll take my chances with loyalty and retention.

    • On the front line

      Thank you TELUS..Thank you TELUS… It is really nice to launch a major product like this at the same time Bell and Rogers are. Nice to see you are showing Sammy some love. xoxo.. or maybe Sammy is showing you the love? Either way, we peeps in the store are one happy bunch. 10 people have already hit our store asking for the phone..giddyup !!

  • WC

    You know what as much as I really want that quad core, I would gladly take the S4 compromise for the 2GB of RAM!!!

    RAM is so underrated these days in the operation of electronics when it’s significantly important to the running of programs and the OS itself.

    Gimme NAO!!!!

  • Courtney

    They misquoted. A per the site, not the news site:
    Memory 16/ 32GB User memory (64GB available soon) + microSD slot (up to 64GB)

  • EvanK

    Excellent, I thought that only the Japanese model was going to see this!

  • Dan Boersma

    WTF NO QUAD CORE !!!!!!!!!!

    i want my quad 2gb ram,lol…..hmm iimport from overseas perhaps, lol

    • Nope

      @Dan Boersma: The international version may have quad-core but only has 1 GB of RAM. The Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Krait Dual-core processor in the Samsung Galaxy S3 with the 2GB of RAM will operate just as good as the Exynos 4412 Quad-core processor will in day-to-day use, especially since the NA version has LTE capabilities and the international version doesn’t.

    • SDCard

      Apparently 2Gb RAM are not that much faster than 1 since there are not tha many apps developed to use that much RAM, and since it has to be used all the time it uses up a lot of battery.

      This might be true, but I’m sure that in 3 months or so the developers will come up with tweaks and scripts to optimize SD card reading speeds, RAM management and battery life…as it has been with any past Samsung/Google flagship.
      The advantage is that with the huge numbers of this phone, any issues will be quickly patched eithet by official means. “or other”.
      You can’t go wrong with this phone!

  • Caldera

    How much benefit will 2GB RAM give? Significant? Not so much? Does it consume more power?

    At least I’ll get Jelly Bean 4.1 on my Nexus about six months before the SGS 3 will!

    Yeah, I know, I’m rationalizing a bit, but there are advantages to owning a Nexus!

    • bob

      2GB RAM won’t help you in benchmarks. However, it will improve the experience if you want to run multiple apps at the same time. Who still want to browse the Internet on a PC with only 1GB RAM these days? It’s not enough if you want multiple open tabs.
      As for the power consumption it should not be significant. The dual core S4 probably consume less than the quad core exynos anyway.

  • Dizz

    Put me in the “LTE is barely anywhere, so give me the quad-core Exynos!” camp. Damn. 2GB Ram makes it A LITTLE easier to swallow though.

    The other thing is that it’ll be a b*tch to find good ROMS. Not being able to use ROMs from the international version will be super annoying!

  • excessdan

    there you have it, now the quad core complainers can stfu. lol, nope!

  • Justin

    Soo upset that the new s3 isnt quad core why take that away this is supose to be there flagship and now they take that away from the canadian release i def will not be buying this phone now, and to top it all off its a freakin snapdragon processor soooo stupid.

    • Nope

      @Justin: The Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Krait processor is one of the fastest dual-core processors on the market thus far. Pair that up with LTE, when it becomes available in other areas, and 2GB of RAM, and it will perform is if there was an Exynos quad-core processor in it. The Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that you’re thinking of is the S3 which, yes, it doesn’t operate as well as the Exynos processor.

  • Philip

    Ummm I hope that everyone who owns a Galaxy Nexus (including myself) is a bit upset right now. Let’s face it, this is what the Galaxy Nexus SHOULD have been.

  • TouchMyBox

    Since the transistors are smaller and hence more can be fit onto a single chip, the extra 1 GB of ram in this phone should come at no power cost over existing phones with 1 GB of ram.

  • Scott

    So I am assuming the rogers pre sales version is the LTE version?

  • Deli

    Why are people voting down Exynos? Weird. The amount of ROMs available on the international versions DOMINATE the North American models. I am learning the lesson right now. And of course, Jelly Bean update will be first on Int’l models. Another +

  • B-Squared

    I’ll be watching to see how long the 2100 mAh power-plant lasts if the phone is used moderately to heavily. Will it be a Battery Vampire?

  • 3DoubleD

    Snapdragon S4 single thread performance is MUCH better than Exynos. Most apps are single or dual threaded, so a dual core S4 beats a quad core Exynos in regular day to day tasks.

    Video games are primarily written for the lowest common denominator and quad core won’t be mainstream for a very long time. Only in compuational benchmarks and a few outlier apps will the S4 have inferior performance to quad core Exynos, and even then, the difference isn’t significant.

    The only thing I worry about is ROMs, but since the US should get the S4 version with LTE, there should be enough development.

    • Jordi

      If I sign up with a 3 year contract, I want my phone to be as future proof as possible

  • northstar17

    This being something of a side model will limit its community ROM potential. I guess USA models will be the same, so it may be similar to Galaxy S situation (Captivate, Vibrant, etc) where the international model was the big seller and the North American versions got a bit less urgency in terms of ROM updates.

    Is this a concern considering JellyBean 4.1 may drop in 1-2 months?

  • Harris

    I figured out why people want 2GBs of ram.

    It’s running Android. It actually lagged when they took a picture using this phone. Check it out yourself, Engadget’s first review of the phone a month ago.

    Still don’t believe me? Thumbs down more.

    • Dan

      My Galaxy S2 on last year’s Exynos doesn’t lag. Stop spouting nonsense. This phone will run circles around anything else out there and to be released (including the outdated as soon it launches Iphone 5).

      The only problem with this phone is that it looks like crap.

    • Nope

      @Harris: Sorry Harris, but you’re wrong. Check the reviews on YouTube. There is almost no shutter-lag with this phone. Check it out for yourself. If you claim that you see shutter-lag, your eyes are playing tricks on you.

  • Lwi Hoo Paw

    In regards to being able to work cross-over, e.g. Rogers/Bell/Telus & Wind/Mobilcity – I am sure someone at XDA Developers – will have the Radio Firmware flashable. If I remember correctly – the ODIN (Samsung’s priority software) for flashing ROMs comes in 3 parts – 1st: The Firmware (OS); 2nd – Kernal (hardware controlling) & 3rd – modem files – a.k.a – radios.

    If samsung is using the same dual-core chipset and just disabling the “radios”, I am sure it can be “re-enabled” … sweet! can’t wait.

    • bob

      I bet it won’t work. Just like flashing an european radio on a canadian Galaxy S didn’t enable the 900 MHz band.

  • WC

    @people who are complaning about no Exynos quad.

    Desktop PCs have had quadcore processors for years now and yet there’s barely any software that can take full advantage of the four cores. This level of mobile growth is in its nascent stages comparatively and yet we clamour for a quad core processor that no apps or games on our phones will use whereas more RAM will be far more useful. I suspect we won’t even really need quad core processors for another 2-3 years at least as dual cores will be a median standard.

    We seem to want a Falcon Northwest PC to run Spider Solitaire…….

  • monsterduc1000

    This Phone looks awesome, but I am willing to wait for the next Nexus (or multiple Nexus phones?) to get everything I want. Hopefully quad core with the new a15 processor tech (not last years slower a9 which the international version is running), no bloatware from the provider, all the other goodies like lte, hd screen, etc. etc. and lots of custom roms!

  • Henaway

    NICE! More RAM is always better. Still … S3, or wait for the PadFone from Asus. I’m torn. The S3 is a beast, the PadFone gives me a tablet format without trying to sync multiple devices.

    Of course … S3 = June 20th, PadFone = ??? Hmmmmmmmmm …

  • vn33

    S III looks like a great phone, would love to have it … but sticking to my plan of getting the “previous great-phone”, would we see a price drop on the Galaxy Note then ?

  • Unhappy UK User

    WHAT THE F@CK???!!!

  • chris

    You forget that Nexus devices are not known nor designed for high specifications. They are only built to show off the software running on them. Just saying this now so you don’t become disappointed later.

  • Jarrrr

    Qualcomm S4 only looks good on useless synthetic benchmarks while Samsung Exynos is faster in real world use.

    Also, Qualcomm S4 has such a bad GPU compared to the Exynos, ugh…

    • Luis

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  • bhagi108

    This is so confusing!… which one again will work on t-mobile US? … don;t care for 4G, just need 3G

  • IAK

    LTE, well, spare batteries ahoy!

  • jaydee

    Is the 32GB version really going to be delayed? I assumed that since the reservation site allowed me to reserve the 32GB version it would be available at the same time as the 16GB version. I don’t need the extra 32GB bad enough to wait months longer. :/

  • Nope

    Wow, so many misinformed people on here about dual-core vs quad-core. The processor of a phone doesn’t determine the speed of the phone. The processor just gives the phone the ability to multitask and render graphics. It’s the RAM that we need to be concerned about here people. The RAM is what determines the user experience on a phone. In benchmarks, yes, the Exynos Quad-core processor is superior but not by much. However, in real-world situations, the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Krait dual-core processor with 2GB of RAM will perform just as good as the Exynos quad-core. If you don’t believe me, go research it for yourself.

  • EmperumanV

    Does anyone know if the Wolfson DAC audio chip will be on the S4 LTE version?

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  • Admiral Chiu

    So hold on a sec… if I get the i747 from Bell/Telus/Rogers and unlock it, can I still use it in Wind/Mobilicity alike, or vice versa?

    • kris

      possible since the radio on the soc is capable of it- im hoping so- i have 15months left with telus would love to buy the phone outright then use it on wind or whomever when my contracts up.

    • Bob

      No, it won’t work.

  • admiralchiu

    So wait a sec, if I get the i747 from Bell/Rogers/Telus and unlock it, can I still use it on Wind/Mobilicity, or vice versa?

  • alex

    “Snapdragon S4 single thread performance is MUCH better than Exynos”
    Nope. I have the s2 with the dual core exynos and on both single and double threads rips apart the s4 snapdragon in nearly every benchmark. The quad core exynos used the more advanced architecture making it faster per core as well as adding more cores. Also reported battery life on the international s3 is considered stellar (nearly 2 days) whereas the s4 chip with LTE is not very battery friendly.

    ROMS are also significant. If, as nearly every phone in the past, the US carriers carry minor alterations to the international model (ie 4 versions of the s3 in the US) then there will be near zero ROM development for the US (or canada) phones.

    2gb RAM is great for future-proofing but not all that useful now.

    • Nope

      @alex: Benchmarking has almost new credibility when using a phone for day-to-day uses. However, I do agree with you on the other stuff you said, especially the development community. That is a very good thing to think about for people like me who are flashaholics. I’m going to have to think about whether having LTE capabilities for the future is more important or having the ability to change the software whenever I want. Thanks for reminding me of all of that.

    • Bob

      you got it wrong.
      The S4 is a new architecture. The quad-core exynos is the name old cortex A9, with 200 more MHz.
      2GB RAM is useful now. Quad core is future proofing.

    • Nope

      @Bob: Yea you’re absolutely right, which is why I will most likely purchase the North American version at the end of the day. I didn’t what I put above until after I submitted my comment. Even though it is the North American version, there still will be SOME support in terms of custom ROMs for it. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE right now and there are some ROMs out there for it, although nowhere is much as the international version of the Galaxy S2, which is no big deal, as long as there are at least a couple of custom ROMs out there. However, I may not need the custom ROMs for the Galaxy S3 because ICS already has all of the features that I use in a ROM. We will just have to see when it launches on the 20th of next month.

  • Milsap

    Will the Wind Mobile version work on Rogers/Bell/Telus network?

  • Transonic

    As someone that sells the devices for a living I can tell you that it being an Android device it will lag no matter how much ram you want to try and pack in to it. Everyone e here is hating on the iPhone because they think its specs won’t match this, when in reality the iPhone 4S has a smoother and cleaner interface compared to the reviews of the SGS3 and has no shutter lag like this or any other Android phone has. But its OK. You guys can go on thinking specs mean everything when. The iPhone continues to outsell every other handset out there.

    • ss290

      Shouldn’t you be making cold calls to sell more of those iCrap for commission to pay your bills rather than trolling around here? Or is the fierce competition weighing you down?

    • Transonic

      Ss290, I make more money in a week than you make in a month. Trust me, cold calls aren’t the way to do it. I doubt you could even be a salesperson with your obvious lack of knowledge and sheer stupidity.


  • jaydee

    I have no clue when LTE will be available in my city so the LTE radio is completely useless. So, I get an inferior processor along with a radio that I won’t be able to use for at least a year or more (if at all).

  • gjeff12

    Do you need a special sim card and/or plan to use LTE? It would be cool if I could use the LTE when I go to Vancouver even if it’s useless here.

  • wlee

    memory is the King! 2GB will be great!

  • Patrick

    Love the specs 🙂

  • Kent

    just a thought, can LTE be disabled if you live in a non-LTE area, in order to save battery life ?

  • Kent

    …I thought that Telus would have chosen the S3 variant with support for 42Mbps DC-HSPA+., like they did with SG SII X.

    So I assume that the SGH-i747 version will support LTE and up to 21 HSPA+ (and not 42), correct ?

  • no 9860

    Wind / Mobi model should be quad core like the gsm europeaN model to make up for the lack of LTE. Flashing the baseband is a good way to brick your phone.

    I like my ONE X and Sense 4 doesn’t need 2gb ram to run smoothly like touch giz.

  • no 9860

    Kent yes LTE can be switched off well if can be on the One X 🙂 😉 LTE is a big power suck anyway and I keep it off even though I have LTE its too spotty to leave it on all the time. The H+ network is fantastic in most situations and calls are much clearer than on LTE right now.

  • dizzle

    since its coming on wind/mobilicity the big 3 can suck 3 big dongs each for 3 yrs without cancellation option. hope they deep throat and die on it.

    thanks wind/mobi for this

  • Lawlerballer

    All aboard the no firmware support train!
    No Exynos, no real GS3

  • Deli

    B-Squared. Check out the article of HOX vs GS3. That will give you an idea on battery life.

  • All I do is Wind

    So that probably means that the phone is Pentaband, you can use one phone on any carrier but if you buy it from Wind/Mobilicity or Videotron LTE just won’t be enabled when you use it on the Big 3’s network… or am I wrong on this?

  • nagi

    Hmm, think I’ll stick with my Atrix 4G (ICS) again..

  • Andrich

    Also coming with Gorilla Glass 2.

  • McG

    Sweet, lets hope the wireless radio is better than the one in my Nexus S on Wind. If I can get anything over 1.4Mbps reliably, I’ll be happy.

  • B

    HAHAHAHAHAHA f*** you iPhone!!!!!!!

    GS3 here you come.

  • C

    D: I NEEDS IT!
    And Samsung just took a dump on Apple 😛

    Mine keeps crashing because I have too many apps open and RAM gets full :c

    I wonder how expensive it’ll be….