Sony confirms Xperia Play will not receive Android 4.0 upgrade



    good job sony dont waste your money on this cheap land



  • Cody

    Typical, first promises one of the first to get ICS, then axes it 8 months later.

  • theMediaman

    They advertised it as they were going to upgrade to 4.0. If I bought one, I know I’d be after Sony to refund at least a portion of the phone.

  • xperiaplayowner

    Well, I won’t ever be buying another Sony android phone again. The xperia play is more than capable of running ICS in regards to hardware, they’re just too lazy to work on getting the game pad working properly.

    Also, this is hardly a playstation phone, so few playstation games for it. Such a waste.

  • joke

    What an absolute farce never again, publicised in September 2011 that it will get it. I WISH DEATH UPON SONY MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS

    • Ray

      Take it easy, Mohammed!

  • Harris

    Oh Android.

  • ComputerAbuser


    • Donald

      Das S3 kostet aber auch 699 € und ich zum Beispiel hole mir es nicht, da es kein LTE hat, keine 2 GB RAM hat (hat nur ein Handy dzeerit, und ich benf6tige halt 2 GB RAM) und da es nicht wasserdicht ist. Mein S2 musst ich halt schonmal wegem Wasserschaden am Mikro einschicken, da es regnete und desshalb warte ich auf das S4, was dies alles? hoffentlich haben wird! PS: Zu deiner Frage Updates gehen fcber das Handy direkt per Softwareupdate oder per Kies, was man am PC installieren muss.

  • metoo

    Go Android!!!

  • BaconTelevision

    Sony released a beta ICS build. I’m sure the very resourceful devs over at XDA will be able to finish the job. The R800 was my 6th android device. I’ve learned that stock roms, although they are stable, are not the end-all-be-all.

    • metoo

      You are completely right BT. I know when my mom is looking for her next phone, I am going to bookmark XDA on her laptop so she can always stay up to date on the ROM situation.

  • AhCup


  • sean

    They probably will release a Xperia Play 2 and tell everyone months later that it can’t handle Jelly Bean 5.0 . Sony sucks anyways

  • Phil R

    then release an update for 2.3.7 or something!!!!! Simple as that, sony!! My brother’s gonna be pissed!

    (Hihihihi!! I have the pro!!! Poor brother!)

  • ECBomb

    A Sony Nexus will hopefully put an end to Sony’s (or Sony Ericsson from before) horrid up to date software reputation. Awesome designs that Samsung can’t match. Google, please, just please give Sony a chance to make a fantastic looking Nexus phone!

  • Acco

    People seem to forget 2 things about this device:

    1) It has 512MB RAM.
    2) It was designed to play games.

    ICS increases the memory usage + processor usage by the base OS, which isn’t a problem in itself for a vanilla AOSP based ROM. But combine it with the Sony UI and trying to play games and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

    I’d bet you that most people that bought a Play bought it to play games. Ruining that for the large population that did is just a bad idea.

    What I think Sony should consider doing is helping 3rd party devs finish the ICS beta ROM up so that people have an optional upgrade path.

    • TheCyberKnight

      These are excuses, not explanations.

      512MB is sufficient for most mobile OS and Android requires more to operate smoothly.
      Consequently, Sony chose to avoid any experience degradation and it certainly is convenient for them since they can focus on the next phone instead of investing on a less than profitable ICS port.

      So typical.

    • Acco

      I don’t think it’s an excuse. I think it is a legitimate concern, as the Neo/Ray will get the upgrade, but both weren’t positioned as a gaming devices. On my Nexus S + ICS, I’m currently running with about 150MB after a fresh boot. Over time, that figure will go to about 80MB free, and it’ll feel sluggish compared to my GNex. Now, I’m sure that’s not the case for all users, but if I’m experiencing it, then one can only imagine what Timescape + ICS will do to the free RAM and processor usage of the device… likely making games perform spectacularly badly on a device meant to play games.

      Before you raise phones like the One V… I’ll counter with this point:
      The HTC One V likely includes the custom memory management system used on the X/S that changes default android behaviour – I’d prefer that stuff like that wasn’t tinkered with, even if for the benefit of battery life/performance, which is why it runs ICS and Sense 4 so well.

    • Acco

      And besides, Sony is far better than the competition about upgrading their phones to ICS. Look at

      Samsung. First gen Galaxy phones won’t get ICS, despite having very similar internals compared to the Neo/Ray or even Nexus S.

      Motorola won’t update the XT860 to ICS, despite having a dual core processor… or in the states, the Droid X2 owners are SOL too.

      HTC is refusing to update any phones with 512MB RAM to ICS as mentioned recently.

      LG… well, who knows what the hell they’re doing.

  • AhCup

    My guess is the DRM in this phone for Playstation game is the real reason which make Sony don’t want to upgrade the Play. The DRM part break as of right now if you unlock it’s bootloader. Very disapointed Play owner here. Lucky I also own a Nexus S which I’m very happy with.

  • Scazzz

    ICS opens up hardware acceleration for the OS, and the Play has that in spades. Technically there are NO bottlenecks the play should have in running ICS. Its other issues with the OS that are causing problems. Porting over the game system and onboard apps and getting everything the phone offers working well under ICS.

    There are much less capable phones getting ICS. Its not a hardware issue, and the beta proved that too.

  • androidForLife

    Getting really tired of playing ‘Update Roulette’ every time I buy a new device. Between selling new phones that aren’t even running close to the newest OS and waiting on baited breathe every time an update comes out to see if I am lucky enough to qualify, it is getting old fast.

  • Andy

    Undoubtedly Sony has realized that it is not worth their time developing for the Android OS. Android is unstable, insecure and hopelessly out of date. Maybe Sony will get lucky and get a licensing deal with Microsoft.

  • Darryl

    I remember going through this with my Sony Xperia X10i. I was so pissed waiting for updates that came almost a year later if at all. I remember all the online petitions. I swore then I would never buy another sony phone.
    I am now a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Nexus running ICS goodness. No muss no fuss.
    Vote with your dollars people!

  • Bajey

    This decision is better than providing a crappy update.