Facebook looking to purchase Opera Software and release its own branded browser?


  • heylisten

    Interesting, I wonder how facebook would ruin it.

  • Jimmy

    Opera on mobile is not bad, but I don’t want facebook ads spammed all over the browser. Maybe Chrome will do much better on mobile.

  • espink

    Nooo. I love my opera mini. I use the desktop version from time to time and its a great broweser. I don’t want facebook to mess it up.

    • EvanK

      That’s a shame, because if Facebook gets a hold of it, they’ll spam it with integration to “make your life easier”, but will just ruin everything that’s great about Opera (speed, simplicity, features, etc).

  • guy fawkes

    Opera is Norwegian.

  • Henaway

    I’m sure they’d manage to code it in such a way that you couldn’t use something like AdBlock to kill their ads. Sooooooooooooooo I’ll stick with other browsers with AdBlock enabled. I was barely aware that Facebook HAD ads until I read some articles talking about it.

    • ns.dev

      I’m sure they’ll build in some version of AdBlock to remove Google/Other’s ads… or just replace them with FB ads.

    • AWSguy

      Joke is on them, I use hosts file to block ads.

  • StEC

    Ummm there already is the Facebook browser it’s called Rockmelt and it’s actually a very good browser why don’t they just officially purchase the company behind Rockmelt since the hard work is already done!?

    • ns.dev

      Few reasons why not. Rockmelt is based on Chrome, the enemy. It is not cross-platform so loss of revenue from hipsters/mobile. It also has connections with other networks, networks that do not serve FBs best interest.

  • Stuntman

    So Facebook isn’t satisfied with us using their crappy Facebook app. Now they want to take an awesome app and make it crappy as well.

  • Alex Perrier

    DON’T let them buy your browser and assets, Opera!

    Opera Software bought FastMail.FM not too long ago, so they should look at getting revenue that way instead of selling out. Maybe provide their own cloud services.

    Additionally, Opera provides valuable compression services, its own social networking platform, and even Opera Unite home server options. This is contrary to Facebook’s Walmart-style Internet destination. They have a little bit of everything, but not the best in any one area.

    Facebook should just (at the very most) license a FB-branded version of Opera, but WITHOUT buying out Opera or shoving FB down everyone’s throat. i’m already concerned with Google’s Chrome browser and its privacy problem, and don’t want to surf the web with anything like that.

    • OgtheDim

      We expect Facebook to be moral?!?!

      Ummm…the people who want you to tell them everything about you so they can sell it?


      Doesn’t surprise me. Problem for FB is they have no decent track history of doing anything other then their original idea well…see their app.

  • 7-Down

    Google said Chrome will be released to everyone that are not on ICS devices, maybe it will be announced at Google I/O with the iOS app. I’m a heavy Chrome user, especially the Omnibox is a killer feature that keeps me attach to Chrome, and of course, the speed. But, I do have Opera installed on both my Galaxy Nexus and desktop, it’ll be sad to see it go into the hands of Facebook.

  • Dan

    No! No! No! The last thing I need is more privacy breaches because of Facebook. Everything they touch turns into crap.

  • Anthony E.

    Normally I’d say this makes no sense, but they did just go and overpay for instagram, then release their own photo playing-around-with app, so who knows.

    I don’t use Opera and have no interest in ever trying it out, so who cares if Facebook ruins it.

  • Matt

    Opera? Wouldn’t buying Rockmelt make more sense? It’s already pretty much a Facebook browser as it is.

  • haxor99

    I hate you facebook…

  • haxor99

    I h8 u facebook!

  • andy c

    so facebook is turning into google now

    email? check
    photo sharing? check
    phone? attempted
    browser? soon to be check

  • 5Gs

    Facebook IPO = $31.59 Down from their original price which was set to be $38


  • davidA

    It will be a sad day for my Fastmail account (if Facebook take over) as I will likely cancel it, after more than 10 years 🙁

  • TheywillbepisSes

    Sweet! Now i’ll be able to see which of my “friends” are taking a s**t from anywhere in my browser! Oh the the joys of this new connected world

  • Matt

    Please no. I love Opera too much.

  • d3v14n7


    Facebook, stay away from Opera, you’ve ruined everything else, don’t ruin this too…

  • Jason

    Don’t touch my Opera! I use it because it’s the best email integrated browser out there and Facebook will just ruin it!