Cottagers: Bell rolling out Muskoka LTE coverage

Bell has been working hard on transforming the Muskoka landscape by disguising the standard and hideous looking cellphone towers as beautiful trees. What they haven’t been communicating is that they’ve been actively testing their LTE network in the area. Effective May 17th, Bell will once again expand their HSPA+ and LTE coverage, this time taking care of all the Summer vacationers in the Muskoka region.

First, by July 1st, Bell will be improving the HSPA+ coverage to 42Mbps. Now, according to an internal doc we received it states that LTE download speeds will reach “up to 75 Mbps,” unfortunately we don’t have a coverage map yet, but a link on the Bell site will go live tomorrow (Bell.ca/muskoka). However, what we do have for you is the future rollout schedule. Apparently by July 1st the LTE coverage “will expand to include over 90% of the shorelines on the largest lakes, over a dozen resorts and golf clubs, and several key communities.” Here’s what you can expect:

Lakes: Lake Muskoka, Lake Joseph, Lake Rosseau, Lake of Bays, Six Mile Lake, Honey Harbour

Communities: Gravenhurst, Port Carling, Rosseau, Milford Bay, Minett, Port Sandfield, Honey Harbour, Baysville, Dorset

Resorts & Golf Clubs: Taboo, Rocky Crest, Touchstone, Delawana Inn, Windermere House, Severn Lodge, Bigwin Island, Lake Joseph Club, Muskoka Lakes Golf & Country Club, Port Carling Golf & Country Club, Muskoka Bay Club, Muskoka Woodland Golf, The Rock

Bell’s LTE coverage currently reaches over 7 million Canadians and with this addition it’ll give it a slight boost. Muskoka will join other LTE area such as Guelph, Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Quebec, Calgary and Edmonton.

Update: Here’s your Muskoka coverage map:

Summer is already looking good: Sun, golf, beers, LTE.

(Thanks tipster!)

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