HTC One S now available in Canada


  • Koolbreeze

    So in other words, it’s a galaxy S 2

    • Economy

      The BB9900 does everything this phone does and is also available. If you are considering this phone, take a look at the 9900, support the Canadian economy!

    • UrOption

      Yep, The phone is very close to the Samsung S2 from Bell that goes for $320 -$360 on Kijiji Unlocked, the S2 is more “square” and the One S is “longer” I personally like the Samsung better, plus it has support for another year! ( they sold 3 million of them)
      Buying a phone is like buying a car, you have to look at cost of ownership and the quality of the service, otherwise you will be changing your phone sooner than you think, making it more expensive.

      EXPERIMENT: Close your eyes and try to imagine yourself with the SAME PHONE, for 36 months or T H R E E Y E A R S….
      Can you do it?? Just thinking about it hurts, warranty for one year only?? 80% of the phones break in year 1-2, so you are still $250 in the hole AND need to buy another phone?
      -Every place keeps touting their $100 phone on a 3 yr contract as if you could just go to the store and get it, but the reality is that most of the people are in contract, and can’t get the said offer!, ridiculous!

      Just go to any phone booth and the first thing they ask you is: ” How much do you have left in your contract” and then they “invite you to pay what’s left and then join them in ANOTHER 36 month contract with a mediocre plan.

      Just get your own phone and stay month by month jumping from operator to operator, and get them to compete for your business; that what they don’t want us to do.

  • Tom

    Can we stop the One S circlejerk and get even the faintest update on the One V?

    • Ian

      What update do you want? It’s already out on Bell, no news elsewhere. You want someone to make stories up for you or something?

  • Jay Jay

    Finally 😉

  • sickens

    @Ian lol. That’s what they do in the iPhone world!

  • Cody

    We’re not going to support something because its Canadian made and lacks innovation. Maybe bbx will change that, but as for right now Android gets my Money.

  • Kyle

    Anybody noticed that it’s only available in the ugly blue/grey. Bell and Telus’s website don’t have a choose color option for the black/red.

    • Tom

      Go play with one. I originally wanted the black, but I liked the grey after I held it. You wouldn’t get as slim a look with the black because of the lack of contrast between the screen and housing.

  • sarim

    Dual core… why do we always end up with the crappy versions of phones

    • Tom

      This phone doesn’t have a quad-core alternative…

  • OKAY

    Quad-core? Thats what a PC is for

    • nightpot

      That’s what my imported Tegra 3 One X is for.

  • Kardi

    Decent no-term price!
    I’m impressed Telus (just a little bit) 🙂

  • armrob

    Dual core or quad core, every android phone suffers from lag and a tons of software bugs. They need to fix that first.
    any basic windows phone running on a single core runs 10 times smoother than any top of the line android phone.
    They need to stop pretending its all about specs and fix the danm code.
    And 599$ for this phone? Really ? subpar display, no LTE and of course the bugs we are waiting for htc to fix. Really ?

    • well

      Did you eat your wheaties before trolling?
      you clearly are basing your opinion on an htc cha cha or something, if you ever even used an android phone. You are the enlightened one if you are boasting a mobile OS with the lowest market A commodore amiga can power a homescreen with 2 colors and squares.

  • GDub

    I would love it if Canadians could just pick the phone they want and then use whichever carrier they want. And if they want to sign a 2 or 3 year contract, they get a subsidy on the contract. I think I’ll have to write my MP a letter. The Canadian carrier’s are interfearing with the free market with the exclusive agreements. Fight the Power 😀

  • monsterduc1000

    While the one x and s look to be great phones, I would love to see the new Evo and Incredible make it to Canada. They both house the new insanely fast Krait processor but they both have expandable storage!

    • do they have any plans releasing it here in canada??

  • Boojay

    Sexiest phone currently on the, hands down! Makes everything else look like poop.

    • Boojay

      On the “market”

  • Simon

    Fido has it for $550 “without a fido agreement”. It’s on their front webpage when you clikc on the HTC phone (in the ticker).

  • ….

    booo fido!! why 150 and others are just 99?? please give us a good reason!!

  • OKAY

    If you know someone who works for Telus, no term price is $485

  • marc

    Just called Fido and found out a very interesting thing: you can take it on a 2 yr contract, voice only plan and pay 400 outright. It is then a 100$ rebate per year, which is higner than the 200$ rebate for 3 yrs of Virgin (for voice only plans on smartphones like the Nexus).

  • haxor99

    Telus website says
    Network 4G HSPA 850/1900/900/1800

    Speeds Up to 42 Mbps download speeds (expected average is 7-14 Mbps) and up to 5.76 mbps upload speeds.

    Isn’t HSPA+ only up to 21 Mbps?

    • monsterduc1000

      @haxor99, Telus has a dual band (or something like that) hspa+ network which can theoretically reach 42mbps.

  • steve

    Woooooot!! Picking mine up today!

  • COB

    I just got back from buying mine at Bell. It’s nice so far.

  • wewewi

    I got my international 32gb Tegra3 One X for 599$ at NCIX

    • MC

      Congratulations. But how exactly is that relevant to this thread about the One S?

  • any news why fido is charging $150 for this unit while others are only 99??

  • Rodsky11

    If the HTC One X is supposed to be the flagship and the One S the second in command then why is the One S more expensive off contract?

  • Alex Perrier

    Syrup seriously needs to fix its comments system.

  • anona


    The Virgin Mobile One S Demo models are turning off an NOT turning back on! It’s a Hardware problem. It’s only been a day and they are already sending them in for servicing!

    • anona

      It’s also happening to Bell and Telus models too.

    • jitg

      The issue is not with the phone but the charging cord attached to the security devices they attach to (underpowered). The easy fix is to charge/connect it via the charger it came with…