SaskTel to release the “LTE Ready” Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE


  • OneVersionForCanada

    Sorry, for hijacking the article. But where is the “RIM stock drops to the lowest since 2003”- article??
    Sometimes I think that Syrup is too biased towards RIM.

    They should mention in the article the MAIN THING:
    An entire RIM event and they didn’t have a DATE ON BB10!
    Back to the article
    The SGIIHDLTE -Seriously??
    They should make an Acronym to abbreviate this Acronym!!
    Is a great phone but with the Galaxy Nexus selling for $430 all those phones should/ will?? drop in price soon to the $400s while the S3 and the iphone 5 will be the only phones at $600+

    Flagships- $600+
    Mid range $400
    Entry level- $250-$300 (fierce competition!)
    BB 9900- $350
    BB 9360,9780 et al $300 and under

  • RickyBobby

    And MTS falls even further behind the times! Good for Sasktel !

    • Kelly

      Yeah, MTS just isn’t competitive unless you want BlackBerry or iPhone, and you don’t plan to be outside of the province much.