Samsung Canada puts up Galaxy S III Register for Updates page, says you’ll “be the first to discover a new Galaxy”


  • Sean

    Give all the Canadian carriers the same version of the phone even if it a variant just make them all the same like the Note was.

  • Mac

    I was really hoping for a pentaband radio 🙁

  • Dycke Pound

    I want it now!

  • Guy Fawkes

    Galaxy S3 … Underwhelming. Especially on the design front.

    • Einstein

      I somewhat disagree with you about the design. It looks fresh and clean. They are also going with the whole “human friendly” theme, so a “soft” design like this reflects that perfectly.

      I don’t mind the way it look at all, but I will reserve my final judgement until I actuall hold the phone in my hand, and play with it for a bit.

  • gjeff12

    I want to get this, but if I have to wait until mid June or later I might just find something else.

  • Kevin

    The design is killing me….Before you dislike this. I really think design wise, the lg optimus 4x hd and the one x both surpass this by a wide margin. Yes, I know, LG has had bad reputation in the past, but the 4x is really looking promising. I would end up buying the htc though. just cause of their polycarbonate body. But the removable battery on the 4x and sd card support on both the s3 and 4x hd are both luring. Who knows..can’t someone just freaking release a good phone with everything??? GOD…

    • TurboCat

      LG Optimus 4x has a boring, overused, brick-like design. There is not way it is better than the Galaxy. I’ll give you One X, though – that phone is sexy, and packs quite a punch!

  • Jordan

    Is “register for the Samsung mailing list” really worthy of a news update? The Galaxy S3 looks great but almost the entire front page is full of S3 news and this one in particular has zero new information. I almost thought I was at for a minute there.

  • WhoCares


  • Dalex

    So not only is this phone severely underwhelming, we have to wait months to get it? Ummm… no? I thought the rumour was that it was supposed to be like the Iphone launches, 2 weeks after the announcement… Lame? That HTC One X is really starting to sound tempting.

  • iamkennypowers

    ewwww. blackberry 9900 is wayyyy better

  • ced2334

    Probably come out in june maybe. Hopefully wont take longer to get to canada.

  • RyanOver

    if after the 90 days of exclusivity of the One X from rogers bell don’t get the international version of the One X, or the EVO 4G LTE(for the sd card slot) I’m going for the galaxy S3(if the noth american version is a quad-core exynos)
    BTW Bell was the only carrier in north america to offer the international version of the Galaxy S2(with the exynos dua-core)

    • Stonedtree

      NA version is Snapdragon S4. wich still benchmarks in some cases beter than both availible quadcore chips availible. and it is easier on a battery. Also the quad core chips arnt compatible with LTE so you would have to use HSPA and have shitty streaming.

  • mandeep

    i am waiting for galaxy s3 but i am disagree with his round shape is not looking good s

  • josh

    i dont think there is enough for the S3 to make me get rid of my S2.

  • RP

    Anyone know how much this will cost outright?

  • maikel

    I’m amazed how many people are batching the GS3 design when they have not even touch this phone. As a person that was at the unpacked event and had a chance to hold this devise in my hands I have to say this phone feels like a natural fit and not as awkward to hold as a variant of rectangular shape and metal case we will not mention in case they sue me.
    All I have to say is don’t batch the design until you hold it in your hands. After that feel free!

  • Ryan

    I’m still waiting for my email from Rogers about the release date for the Galaxy SII, and iPhone 4S. Any day now I expect to get those emails. Why do they even bother putting up these mailing list sign ups if they don’t use them?

    • Ryan

      And yes, I know this is Samsung, not Rogers, but I’m not holding my breath.